Season 1 Episode 17

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Janis Hawk joined the FBI out of a sense of duty and patriotism, wanting to serve her country. During training, her and Demetri completed the Quantico obstacle course, the "Yellow Brick Road," where she learned she could handle impossible problems. Two Years Before the Blackout At a bar an attractive woman approaches Janis. She introduces herself as Lita and spends a lot of time asking Janis what she does. Janis finally asks what Lita does for a living, and Lita explains that she's a recruiter and she's looking for talented people like Janis. When Janis notes she's already with the FBI, Lita says that she doesn't have to quit, and in fact her employers want Janis to take on an additional job. The Present The FBI team and Vogel go over the papers that Mark recovered from Dyson Frost, and Mark tells them about Frost's prediction, "The lady you see every day will save you." Vogel points out that Alda escaped and immediately killed Frost, but Mark focuses on the case and the fact that Alda's information ended up saving Demetri's life. Janis figures the papers are the key but Vogel dismisses Frost as a lunatic. Mark disagrees and the two of them argue until Stan breaks them up. Janis checks the blueprints and photos while Vreede follows up the lead on Raven River that Frost mentioned, figuring it ties in with the dead savant. Mark warns that they're getting close since the opposition is willing to kill them. As Olivia leaves the house for work, she finds Gabriel McDow waiting for her in the living room. He screams at her, talking about how Olivia was wearing a purple beret at a pixie concert, and that a woman got mad after he spilled a drink on her. Gabriel mentions that his handler, Barry, lost his job after taking him to the pixie concert. As Gabriel rambles, Olivia realizes he's talking about her friend Scott's wedding at the Vineyard. She warns Gabriel that she's going to call Mark, and Gabriel tells her that she's supposed to be married to Lloyd, and that he's there to make sure she is. Olivia runs to the door to call for Agent Crowley, and Gabriel tells her not to buy coffee from the man who looks like Mr. Clean and then leaves. Janis goes to the fertility clinic and her doctor warns that the baby's condition isn't good. She recommends Janis to a perinatologist for an ultrasound. Olivia drives to work and discovers that there's been a car accident outside the hospital. A teenager lost control while texting, and hit a coffee kiosk owned by a bald man in white clothing... just like the advertising character, Mr. Clean. Two Years Before the Blackout When Janis takes her new job, she is sent to a pet store and identifies herself to the owner, Carline. Carline sets Janis up with fish so that she has a reason to keep coming to the store, and tells Janis to simply do her job and do it well, and win her coworkers' trust. The Present Janis analyzes Frost's photos of deep-sea divers and dates the chemicals to somewhere around 1917. She also tells Mark that Alda Herzog's fingerprints are on the photos, meaning that she met Frost in the past. Further analysis shows that the photos have traces of particulate matter placing them at some point in the Kunar province of Afghanistan, meaning that Frost was there with them. At a bar in Kandahar, Afghanistan, a disguised Aaron meets Stan's local contact, Malik. Suspicious, Aaron refuses to go with him. Malik points out that a local man has spotted Aaron despite his disguise and is calling in people to either abduct or kill him. Janis takes Frost's blueprints to an antiquities professor, Carl Corey. He identifies the mechanism as an antikythera, a bronze artifact similar to one discovered in the Mediterranean Sea in 1901. The Greeks created the device thousands of years ago and used it to determine when solar eclipses would occur. The antikythera that Frost had has some other function, and Corey isn't sure what. He agrees to analyze the blueprints and inform Janis when he has some answers. Janis reports to Carline that Corey has the originals and Mark has a copy on his board. Carline tells her to get them both back, and refuses to answer any questions about the antikythera's significance. That night, Janis breaks into Corey's office and gets the original blueprints, and then plants a device to knock out the power and destroy his computer files. At home, Olivia goes through her college scrapbook. She finds a photo taken at Scott's wedding and realizes that a much younger Gabriel is in the background, working as a waiter. Olivia finds another photo where she was at a concert and finds Gabriel in the background of that photo as well. Janis breaks into FBI headquarters and sneaks into Mark's office to steal the copy on the board. Mark comes in and asks what she's doing, and Janis lies, saying that Corey lost the original blueprints. She claims that she didn't check them into Evidence and give Corey a copy because she was heading out for a doctor's appointment. When Mark wonders how she got into his office, Janis claims that he gave her the passcode when he went to Washington with Stan. Mark accepts her story and warns that she needs to stop screwing up, and takes the blueprints back. Olivia goes to Vreede with the scrapbook photos, and he informs her that he's turned up several Raven River locations in his investigation. The most relevant one appears to be a psych hospital in Arizona that has been shut down for the last 20 years after a controversy concerning experimental schizophrenia treatments. When Olivia realizes that it did research in autism, she suggests that the doctors also did work with savants. Aaron and Malik get out of the bar and Aaron explains that he's trying to find his daughter. Malik warns that Afghanistan is a large and disorganized place, and finding her will be difficult. Aaron explains that he plans to find Kahmir Dejan, the doctor who befriended Tracy when she was injured. He sketches a drawing he saw in his flashforward and Malik identifies it as the sign of the Eyes on the Mountain, a private relief organization. He agrees to take Aaron into the mountains so they can find the group and locate Kahmir through them. Janis' perinatologist, Dr. Verman, warns Janis that she needs to take better care of herself and avoid stress if she wants her baby to remain healthy. When Janis returns to the office, she discovers that Corey is there with Mark. Corey informs them that he has misplaced the blueprints and lost the computer files. However, he assures them that he took photos of the blueprints with his cell phone and has been studying them. Corey has determined that the antikythera calculates several dates, and the first one is the day of the Blackout. The Day of the Blackout Janis is at her desk providing backup to Mark and Demetri, who are in pursuit of Alda Herzog. As she takes some photos to Analysis, she suddenly passes out along with everyone else. In her flashforward, Janis sees the sonograph technician warning her to reduce her physical activity, and asks if Janis wants to know the sex of the baby. In her vision, Janis finds the question odd. When she wakes up, Janis discovers that Los Angeles is in chaos along with the rest of the world. She goes to see Carline, angry that they didn't warn her of the scope of the experiment. Carline refuses to answer her questions and Janis threatens to quit. Her handler warns that there's no way out, even if Carline wanted to let her go. When Janis demands to see Carline's superiors, Carline warns her that there is no one she can appeal to. The Present Olivia and Vreede visit the abandoned Raven River Psychiatric Hospital. They split up and Olivia finds some papers, but Gabriel steps out of the shadows and tells her that she's always there, and she won't find what she's looking for. After Corey's report, Mark asks Janis why she's been distracted and been disappearing occasionally. She tells him that she's pregnant and that her concern for the baby distracted her for a while, but now she's okay. Mark assures her that he still trusts her, and then ponders Frost's last words. He realizes that they refer to the white queen chess piece that he left at the warehouse in Pigeon. Mark breaks it open and finds one of the QED rings inside. As Malik drives Aaron into the mountains, Malik refuses to discuss his flashforward. He explains that when he blacked out while driving, his wife and daughter died in the subsequent crash. Now he doesn't care about the future. They find a roadblock manned by people who Malik doesn't recognize from among the various factions. They open fire without warning, killing Malik. Aaron takes refuge behind the truck but is pinned down and unable to effectively return fire. Mortar fire suddenly takes out his attackers as more Afghan locals move down from the hills. They take Aaron captive and then their leader arrives: Kahmir, who recognizes Aaron. At the abandoned hospital, Gabriel shows Olivia and Vreede the room where he was the subject of numerous experiments. He explains that Frost and the others induced flashforward in him and other savants, had them memorize everything they saw in their future glimpses, and then write them down when they woke up. Once Frost was done with the experiment, he gave orders to kill all the savants. Vreede assures Gabriel that Frost is dead and he has nothing to fear. Gabriel explains that in all of his flashforwards, he saw Olivia married to Lloyd after they met each other at Harvard. He needs to turn her around so that she's with Lloyd, and insists that her existence is necessary to solve the puzzle. The FBI brings in Simon and Lloyd to analyze the ring. Checking the surveillance photos of the Detroit stadium, Mark confirms that the ring is the same one that Suspect Zero is wearing. Simon confirms that the ring contains a Quantum Entanglement Device, which will give the wearer protection against blackouts and flashforwards. The conspirators used the accelerator program to boost their signal, which projected mankind's consciousness as a whole into the future. The ring allows the wearer to keep his consciousness anchored in the current space-time. Mark realizes that the men in his vision are coming for the ring, not him, and that they can use that knowledge to their advantage. Two Years Before the Blackout Before meeting with Lita, Janis is summoned to a private meeting with Marshall Vogel. He tells her that he's with the CIA and that analysis has determined that she's a potential target for enemy recruitment. They are sure that Janis won't betray her country, but they want Janis to pretend she would so that the enemy will recruit her and take her into their confidence. Vogel warns that the unknown enemy is preparing some major event, and they need Janis to infiltrate the organization. However, he warns her that as a double agent, she will have to do everything the enemy asks for her, all so she can keep their trust and learn what she has to learn. The Present Janis makes her report to Carline. Carline tells her to get the ring and reminds her that she's failed twice, when she lost Mark before he made contact with Frost, and when she failed to recover the blueprints. Janis has no choice but to agree, and Carline gives her one more order... to kill Mark Benford.