Season 1 Episode 17

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on ABC

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  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road injects a much needed dose of background information and subsequently delivers a slew of satisfying 'oh, I see' moments, that although overdue, are excellently explained and most importantly, quite believable.

    Ever since Janice is revealed as the second FBI mole, I have been having trouble accepting her as a villain. One of my favorite characters, her behavior has always seemed to contradict the idea that she is a traitor. Her clearly genuine desire to fulfill her flashforward, does not implicate her as a character motivated by murderous ideology. This latest episode addresses these conflicts, comprehensively explaining how and why she is working for the mysterious organization that appear to be behind the infamous blackout. -

    -Pretty much every unanswered question I had surrounding her early days as an FBI agent and the foundation of her relationships to other prominent characters, are dealt with and by the end, I felt thoroughly satisfied with the explanation. It's not an incredibly original series of events, but it makes sense and works well in the context of the show, linking up with another previously disjointed character, Marshall Vogel, whose presence, up until now, had seemed a little unnecessary.

    Read my full review here: http://playeraffinity.com/tv-reviews/Flashforward-Goodbye-Yellow-Brick-Road.html
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