Season 1 Episode 15

Let No Man Put Asunder

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2010 on ABC

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  • Poor Demetri, the guy's seems to be in for a rough ride

    According to Demetri, Mark's a legend, and clearly so. The guy sees new leads when others see dead ends, and all that detective work in the last episode is just proof that guy is good at what he does. Many times you think why did that guy do that, and not that but I for one seem to be able relate to Mark's character really well. I mean sure he's a bit stubborn yet I have found few flaws with his character; good work on the writer's part.

    Demetri catches a break and learns the name of the city he supposedly will be shot by Mark but his efforts in trying to track down Mark's missing gun so far leads to a dead end. Mark however tells Demetri that the surest way to survive March 15th is to get married and leave town until it's all over, and the poor guy tries to do just that, unfortunately Mr. Frost seems to have other plans for him.

    On another note, Jericho, the company that has kidnapped Aaron's daughter comes under suspicion which leads to an interesting exchange between Aaron and Mark's boss, Stan. It will be interesting how they writers are going to tie this in with the whole blackout thing. On a smaller note, Olivia and Lloyd share some cozy time… I guess that was to be expected.

    This was more a Demetri centric episode, showing his first day at the bureau, and his early relationship with Zoe. I guess this one was meant to give us breather before they drop another "Queen sacrifice" like episode on us, and man I can't wait.