Season 1 Episode 1

No More Good Days

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

FBI Agent Mark Benford emerges from his SUV and sees the devastation of Los Angeles around him.

Four hours earlier, Mark gets up and prepares to leave for the day. He kisses his wife Olivia and daughter Charlie goodbye and leaves for a stakeout. As Olivia prepares to leave for her job as a surgeon at the hospital, she tries to call her co-worker Bryce Varley. Bryce doesn't answer. Olivia greets her babysitter, Nicole Kirby, and leaves for work.

Bryce is down by the shore. He goes out on the pier and watches the surfers come in on the waves. He then pulls out a gun and prepares to kill himself.

Mark goes to his AA meeting and listens as his sponsor, Aaron Stark, talks about how he became an alcoholic after his daughter Tracy, a soldier, died in Afghanistan. Afterward, Mark tells Aaron to try to put his life together and at least go out on a date with his wife Amanda, who works as a nurse at the hospital.

At the Benford house, Nicole's boyfriend comes over and they make out on the couch while Charlie sleeps in her room.

Mark and his partner, Demetri Noh, are following a known terrorist to see if he meets with his cell leader. As they wait, Demetri talks about his girlfriend Zoe and the plans they're making for their wedding. He asks Mark what song he danced to at his wedding.

Aaron, a water and power company worker, goes to work and climbs up a pole to start his duties.

Olivia and Amanda begin an operation at the hospital.

Mark and Demetri spot their target meeting with two more terrorists, including the local leader, Alda Hertzog. The three terrorists drive away and the FBI agents follow them but are quickly spotted. Mark drives after them while Demetri calls for backup.

Bryce puts the gun beneath his chin and prepares to pull the trigger.

Mark is closing in on the terrorists when suddenly he has a vision. He's in his office, drinking from a flask and working on a board covered with names, arrows, places, and newspaper clippings. Two men dressed in black commando uniforms break into his office and Matt hides as they close in on him.

Mark snaps out of the vision and emerges from his SUV. Cars on the interstate have crashed all around him and people are screaming in pain and terror.

Bryce wakes up on the pier the gun lying beside him.

Olivia and the surgical staff wake up to discover that their patient died while they were unconscious.

Nicole wakes up sprawled atop her boyfriend, who passed out at the same time.

Aaron recovers consciousness to find himself hanging upside from the telephone pole.

Mark and Demetri try to deal with the emergencies but are overwhelmed as cars go up in flames and tankers explode. Mark climbs up on the bridge and discovers that the disasters are city-wide. The crowd gathers to compare notes and they realized that everyone in the vicinity passed out at the same time, for the same amount of time.

A stunned Bryan sees that some of the surfers have drowned and others are calling for help. He goes to aid them.

Nicole goes to check on Charlie. The girl says she had a bad idea and warns that there are "no more good days."

Mark and Demetri find Alda and the two Arabic terrorists and take them captive. Alda denies having anything to do with the event and says she dreamed of horses. As more people ask the agents for help, one man informs them that according to the radio, the same event happened in cities across the U.S. Mark and Demetri try to call Olivia and Zoe without success. Mark and Demetri split up to find them and Mark makes his way past looters and an escaped kangaroo. At an electric store, televisions are broadcasting news reports indicating that the same event happened everywhere in the world.

Olivia finally has time to call Mark and tells him that she's checked with Nicole and their daughter is okay. She explains what happened at the hospital and goes to tend to an injured child, Ryan Simcoe. Ryan calls her by name despite the fact they just brought him in and Olivia has never seen him before. She manages to stabilize the boy.

Mark gets back to FBI headquarters and talks to Stan Wedeck, the head of the division. Wedeck calls a meeting and they confirm that everyone was unconscious for approximately two minutes. Hundreds of planes crashed when the pilots blacked out, and Air Force 2 was lost with all hands. Mark tells everyone that he had what seemed to be a dream during the event, but it was far too real to simply be a dream of a hallucination. The other agents confirm that they had similar experiences, and that each of them had a dream of something that happened to them on April 29, 2010 at 10 p.m.

Demetri interrogates Alda, who insists that her terrorist cell had nothing to do with the event. Mark, Demetri, and Agent Gogh compare notes. Gough reveals that in his vision, he was in London meeting with Inspector Fiona Banks, the FBI liaison at Scotland Yard. As they talked, a bird crashed into Banks' window. They call Banks, who confirms that she had the exact same vision.

Reporters gather information about the event. Doctors check the EKG reading of patients undergoing treatment during the event and discover that they were all having "waking moments" during the event. One of the reporters talks about a mosaic and Mark remembers that there was a note on his board referring to a "Mosiac" investigation. Demetri finally tells him that during the event, he didn't get any glimpse of the future. Another agent, Janis Hawk, informs them that in her vision she was having a sonogram. However, she doesn't have a boyfriend and she isn't currently pregnant. Wedeck was on the toilet in his vision, reading a newspaper. Janis suggests that they create a website to compile all of the incoming information about the event. Mark realizes that in the vision that was what he was doing. Wedeck puts Mark, Demetri, and Janis on the investigation.

Mark starts to put together the board that will become the board in his vision. He remembers seeing the name "Gibbons" and a report about a blue hand in Baltimore. As Mark thinks back to the men coming into the office, he remembers that he was wearing a child's friendship bracelet and one of the men had three stars tattooed on his arm. Demetri is concerned about his own lack of a vision, and wonders if it means that in the future he dies.

Mark goes home and talks to Nicole. She wonders if God sent the visions as a punishment.

Olivia checks on Ryan and confirms that he's recovering. They need to talk to his parents but Ryan's mother died during the event and they've been unable to contact his father, Lloyd Simcoe. Bryce finally gets to the hospital and tells Olivia that in his vision, he saw himself alive and well despite his attempt at suicide. Olivia admits that in her vision, she saw herself with another man.

Mark and Aaron meet and Mark tells his sponsor that in his vision he was drinking again. Aaron insists that they have no way of knowing that their visions will happen. However, he admits that he's hoping for his vision to come true. The glimpse he saw of the future in his flashforward revealed his daughter Tracy, alive.

Olivia gets home and they tuck Charlie in for the night. Mark asks her about the song they danced to at their wedding. Matt tells her what he saw in his vision, including the fact he was drinking. When he asks her what she saw, Olivia refuses to talk about it at first but finally remembers that she was with another man, one that she felt comfortable with even though she has no idea who he is. Mark insists that what they saw was possible futures, and they aren't guaranteed to happen.

Lloyd Simcoe arrives at the hospital to visit Ryan. He's the man from Olivia's vision.

Mark goes out in the yard to think about what Olivia told him. Charlie comes out and gives him a homemade friendship bracelet. Mark hugs her tightly.

Demetri finishes talking to Zoe on the phone and Janis calls him over. She's been running Internet searches of webcams that were on when the flashforward occurred. Janis has confirmed that the blackout lasted exactly two minutes and seventeen seconds. More importantly, she's found a webcam at a stadium in Detroit that reveals that one man was conscious when everyone else blacked out.
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