Season 1 Episode 1

No More Good Days

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on ABC

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  • One of the

    This is one of the best pilots i have ever seen,setting up one of the best shows ever, its ridicilous that this show got cancelled and crap like the crawling.... i mean the walking dead gets show had everything.
  • Quality TV Show

    I watched the show for the first time, and I am really impressed with the story line, the charachters and the effects. Its all very thought provoking, and edge of your seat stuff. A great start to the series.
  • Good. Not Great

    I was really really excited to see this show when i saw previews of it so i cant help but feel abit disopointed.

    This was a pretty good pilot with some great action sequences and a cliffhanger that leaves you begging for more.

    But my issue with this pilot was the Chracters who just didnt seem all that intresting or exciting the things the chracters did after the blackut was incredible boring everybody just went back to work and are leading man coundent even be arsed to go back home to see his daughter after this global event but fortunatly the baby siter didnt need to check if her family were ok so she just styed a babysat.

    A good idea but not exacuted that well.
  • Looks good!

    So I guess since LOST was in it's final season, mystery shows kept popping up everywhere. People needed something to fill in the gap that was once filled with polar bears, time travel, hatches and confusion. So along came FlashForward, a show among many that tried to re-fill that gap (Dominic Monaghan even co-starred), and from the very beginning people were reminded of the show they had lost (no pun intended). People screaming, explosions, main character patrolling the area, an animal that doesn't belong. I was surprised there were no flashbacks. So the basic plot is that everybody black out for 2 minutes 17 seconds and they all get a glimpse of their own future. Some see good, some see bad. Of course all out main characters see bad, I mean if they saw good it wouldn't be a very interesting show would it? So, it's a pretty cool premise, and a good show. The acting is decent, the directing is very LOST like. So on the originality scale it get's about a 5, but on the quality scale I'd give it about a 9. This show also makes The Event look even less original. So overall, this show looks promising, and I look forward to the month I'll spend watching this show.
  • A good start for a series that seem to be promising.

    "Flashforward" presents us some people related between them because soon we discover they work together, are family or friends. The main character is a FBI agent called Mark and all starts when he and his partner are chasing a car with some terrorists inside. I say all starts because it's when the world stops for two minutes and seventeen seconds a time when most of the people have visions of the future. That's called a flashforward, something which creates panic and many deaths in the whole world.

    Mark has a vision about himself working in his office in a case related to the flashforward so his boss orders him and some of his partners to work in the case.

    A very interesting start with a question to solve in the next episodes. Who is the guy who doesn't lose his conscience in a baseball match in Denver?
  • Watch the season one finale on April 29, 2010!

    It's one of the most popular new shows this fall -- with good reason. With all the hype surrounding the show, I'm glad that the pilot didn't disappoint. Although much of the good stuff is already revealed in the previews and trailers, it was interesting to see how the characters are all connected and what their initial reactions were to their visions. One can't help but be intrigued with what's coming in between now and April 29, 2010. I liked Joseph Fiennes (whom I remember most from Shakespeare in Love) and Sonya Walger (whom I'll miss as Penny on Lost) as lead actors and can't complain with the rest of the cast. With Caprica, V, The Prisoner (mini-series) and Day One (mini-series) still to come, this promises to be an exciting season for sci-fi fans.
  • Too rushed, too unbelievable, badly written, but I'll still give it a go

    They say this show is the "new Lost". Um, no, it's the new Heroes if anything. For a premiere yes you need to get right into it, but this got far too "right into it" too early. We see a bunch of characters we fail to care about already deep in the crisis of the blackout. Where was the suspense leading up to it? Something was just seriously lacking. Poor interaction between characters, people seemingly unbothered about what had just happened, discussing it like a film they'd just seen. Where was the panic? The phone call between Penny Widmore and Fienes was a real example of this "oh hi, how are you? Anyway, gotta get back to work" !! what?? Think it would be more manic than that. It's also a bit creepy the way they have shot it and seemed very reminiscent of Heroes in that sense. Also I really don't like the music, that is majorly important and plays such a big role in the success of Lost. This may as well have been done by me. Ah well, will give it another go for episode 2 but not too hopeful.
  • Series Premiere.

    This has been my most anticipated show of the new fall season. Ever since the preivews I have been so excited for this show to start. It has been dubbed the companion series to LOST. and "the next LOST". I knew it wouldn't be the next LOST, but I knew it would be a show I look forward to each week just like LOST is right now. It will definitely not "replace" LOST in my heart. Plus it has Penny (Sonya Walger) for LOST and it was announced that Charlie (Domonic Monaghan) also from LOST joined the cast. I love them both! So, I have been waiting for the premiere of this episode all summer. I got an advanced viewing of the premiere and also watched it again when it premiered in HD. and I loved it. It was definitely the best pilot since LOST. The acting was amazing and so was writing. I loved seeing Sonya do something different and be kind of the main character. Joesph Fiennes was great as the lead and John Cho was great.

    The opening scene had a lot in common with LOST's opening sequence. They both opened with big castastrophes happening. I liked Nicole, the babysitter, and Charlie the daughter. All the characters were realy likeable.

    I know I will love this show and I just hope that this whole comparison with LOST doesn't ruin the show and that the writers try too hard to be like LOST. I want it to be its own show.
  • Excellent concept...

    Wow- amazing idea this series has. The whole world blacksout, and during that black out they see the future six months from now.

    I felt this was certainly a fast-paced episode, and was an excellent start for a Season premiere- it makes me wonder where they are going to go from here.

    Love the main character and his wife, and also Demetri.

    There are certainly a few kinks- the script was a little cliched and the acting not always top form, but the sheer pace and energy of the show was enough to keep it going- I hope it can develop into a sucessful show.
  • Everyone in the world blacks out and sees their future. Planes fall out of the sky, helicopters fly into buildings, patients die on operating tables, Cars crash. But when it's over, everyone goes back to work.

    The premise of everybody on the planet blacking out and seeing the future is fantastic. There are so many places you can go with an idea like that.

    Does knowing the future change it?
    Is trying to change the future the thing that causes it to be like you saw.
    If you use the future you saw as a guide to your investigation, are you getting into a self fulfilling loop and ignoring avenues you should be looking at?

    There are worrying signs that the people behind flashforward don't realise what a great idea they have on their hands.

    The dialogue is awful. Nobody acts like real people would act. On 9/11/01 the entire planet genuinely seemed to stand still for about 3 days in shock, and that was a handful of planes and a handful of buildings, and less than 5000 deaths in one country.

    This is 20,000,000 deaths from every country on Earth, and everyone seems to go right back to work. It may be the first time in tv history that a show has jumped the shark in the pilot.

    But the premise is so good, that I'll forgive the faults and stick with it. I really hope these guys find their feet and start writing the kind of show that the idea deserves.
  • 2.17 minutos que cambia la vida de muchos, para bien o para peor.

    El mundo queda dormido por una extrana causa que nadie conoce, pero muchos han tenido suenos extranos en la que se ven a si mismos 6 meses despues del evento. Algunos quieren creer que ello ocurrira, mientras que otros esperan que nunca ocurra.
    Miembros del FBI persiguen a una organizacion terrorista, un suicida esta a punto de dispararse con un arma en la playa, una doctora esta operando en el hospital, y repentinamente todo el mundo queda dormido por 2.17 minutos. Durante este lapso de tiempo, muchos de ellos tienen recuerdos del futuro (?) que se conectan entre todos, creandose una red que es dificil de entender. Es por ello que se conforma una unidad que busque conocer el origen del mismo, y si puede guardar relacion con futuros actos de vandalismo.
    *** *** *** ***
    Ojo: no he seguido Lost, no he visto un solo episodio, no puedo decir que FF es una continuacion de Lost, parte de un episodio perdido, o si va a ser mejor o peor. Lo que vi ha sido un primer episodio de impacto, con una trama que ha dejado pegado desde el inicio hasta el final. Hay muchas pistas que no se resuelven, otros que se conectan, y como se menciona, algunos no quieren que se cumplan y los pocos son aquellos que no han tenido esas alusinaciones, y les hace temer que ellos no tendran futuro.
    Una de esas pistas extranas son: la aparicion del canguro con el policia cuando despierta, la falta de sueno por parte de su companero, el por que muchos tienen suenos y otros no... y lo ultimo: quien es el misterioso hombre en el estadio que, mientras todos estan desmayados, es el unico que camina por una tribuna viendo de un lado a otro.
    Esta serie va a pegar en la audiencia, se que no me equivoco.
  • Awesome intro, slows down though

    After seeing perhaps the greatest intro for a TV serial to have ever been made (at least for a Cop Thriller show), I was expecting a great first episode to continue right up to the last second. Unfornately it doesnt quite work out that way. The action stalls, slowing down to impart as much characterisation of the central cast, as it can fit into the final 35 or so minutes.

    That aside the concept is superb and the screenplay does a first rate job at setting the scene for the next 20 episodes. What really works are the transfer of emotions each character portrays to me and you. Doubt, confusion, resistance/lack of acceptance, fear, and much more. All of which contributes to making the whole global/human/existantial situation a character in itself. The dialogue is adequate for the most part, not really distiguishing, though in some parts below par, too basic in content. Almost like the writer is proding the viewer with the need to tell us - what the main event is. To the point that it is overdone. This really detracts from the overall experience.

    Despite this, the wide range of characters and their equally wide range of unfolding personal situations make this a drama worth watch. While the initial excite of the opening scene places us directly into the main plot, with loads of justo, it is the sutble clues of Fiennes character of the promise of what is happening that kept me watching. If the middle act is pondersome compared to the beginning, the final act is perfect. It does a first rate job at revealing the characters resistance to the impending events of the future. Such an underniable human response. Which looks to contrast against the first strand of inevitability as Fiennes daughter presents him with the friendship band he saw in his FF. Leaves little doubt that this show is about the characters and how they handle the impending events of the next 6 mths. The ending where we learn that not everyone was KO'd at the same time, is just the clincher to make you know there is a conspiracy at work.

    This would have been a perfect episode, if they'd kept the middle act more routed in the now and then, rather than make the scenes leap from the danger of the initial event, back to 'normality.' As other reviewers have mentioned.

    Still promises alot. Hope it lives up to it.
  • A Good Start.

    A mysterious global event causes everyone to simultaneously experience, for two minutes and seventeen seconds, his or her life six months in the future When they wake up from the "flashforward," everyone is left wondering if what they saw will actually happen. A Los Angeles FBI agent, Mark Benford, tries to figure out exactly what happened and why. Along with his team, he creates a database of people's flashforwards from around the world, the Mosaic Collective. FlashForward is finally here, and so far so good. I really enjoyed the episode for me the best part was the ending - I thought it was trying to be like Lost, but hey Lost is awesome so lets hope this show is going to be awesome. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. I can't wait until next weeks episode I think that it will be better than the pilot.
  • NEED to widen the area of blackout zone, to at least east coast. really doing good in UK hopefully it dose great in US. love the show.

    i like the cast and the comerodity of them all. the action is really GREAT un the first episode. love the effect if looking into the visions. i hope they widen the area out and not just keep to the la area. i hope they go around the world or even around the us so we can see how they are dealing with this problem. it would be really great if they went to small town communities or some place other then the west coast. moving on, with John Cho bein dead really makes no sense but defiantly worth watchin. And saying God did this to punish us REALLY goes above and beyond the moral and the fiction of the story. the stories/visions r coming true this is now defiantly worth watching to see how the show goes on. great ending with 'suspect zero.'
  • FF pilot

    Finally FlashForward is here but I have to say that the Pilot might have been slightley dissapointing. I got the feeling that the episode tried to hard, people have been saying this is the new Lost but to be honest its nothing like Lost. Sure you have some actors that appeared on the show, a Oceanic airline billboard and a show title called FLASHFORWARD, but other than this is is not the same, which is good because the last thing anyone wants is a new Lost, the show should stand alone it is that good. Now to the actual episode, it was a bit slow at times and the first ten minutes where really tough to get through but after the black out things kicked up a notch. The scenes whee people woke up was a bit over the top I thought felt as if the writers where trying too hard, we can see what has happened stop wasting our time and get to the good stuff. Thankfully it did get good, when we learn what peoples flashs where, John Cho's character is so far my favourite his character Demetri is interesting because he never had a flash. Other good first impressions go to Sonya Walger's character Olivia Benford and Courtney B. Vance's character Stanford Wedeck who provided some rare comic relief with his flash occuring on a toilet. Walger I have never really liked as a actress, never been impressed with her performance as Penny on Lost but I think she has done a good job in this episode. Also not enough Jack Davenport was waiting all episode for him to arrive and he had one line.

    Some times the script was daft and predictable like the part where someone actually said the shows title but that aint so bad just a bit cringe worthy.
    All in all the show looks like it has a good future and will probably get better over time. The final scene really made this for me, great twist and it was the first time a show gave me goosbumps for years. Eagerly anticpating Dominic Monaghan's arrival, its obvous who that guy is at the baseball game cough, cough.
  • It's easily one of the best looking pilots in recent memory.

    Alrighty, I admit, I wasn't going to watch this show. Anything that brands itself as the new Lost is, ahem, a lost cause in and of itself. Heroes, I am most certainly looking at you. FlashForward starts off extremely well – there's a host of down to earth characters with important jobs, bad habits, addictions, and what have you: throw in ample chaos and a gigantinormous mystery and you have the makings of a [potentially] killer program. __

    FlashForward (I'm gonna have to add this word to my Microsoft Word dictionary) boasts some breath-taking visuals. It's easily one of the best looking pilots in recent memory, and I was blown away by the aftermath of the blackout (I didn't catch the sneak-peak). There are some cracking pyrotechnical stunts and the CGI is seamless. There are also some shocking pieces of imagery that recall the tragic events of 9/11, it's harrowing stuff.

    Comparisons to Lost are inevitable, and the J.J. Abrams anchored series certainly has the upper hand in terms of pilots, if only down to the fact it was allowed 2 hours to introduce its characters, whereas FlashForward had 42 minutes to introduce a premise of such magnitude it simply had to relegate character development for episode 2. While our main cast is introduced good and proper, and their visions all mildly interesting, the disaster has to take centre stage.

    The cast all do a fine job and everything looks as polished as you'd expect an ABC production to be. All we need now is a few opening episodes dedicated to our leads, then a few mythology building storylines, then a mesh of the two, and this could be a corker of a series. The scale in which the destruction is dealt with is beyond impressive – now, lets hope the writers can pay such intricate detail to these characters and we'll be on to a sure winner.
  • As I am a lost fan, I came into FlashForward trying to find a show to replace Lost until it comes back in 2010. What I found was something much better then I had expected.

    FlashForward's pilot drew me in and didn't let go till the very end. No, it wasn't amazing, but it certainly was good. It had all the ingredients to make a good pilot: it introduced the characters and their problems, but it also did it in an way that it was not boring. I think the flashforwards were the best parts of the pilot because almost everyone's flashforwards were interesting. The pilot ended with many paradoxes(the man who didn't blackout, the friendship bracelet, and many more) in a lost-esque way that made me look forward to watching the next episode of FlashForward.

    So overall, I think this shall prove to be a fitting replacement to Lost until season 6, but we shall have to wait and see.
  • I'm not impressed, and as a premiere goes I think they misfired

    The idea behind this show is interesting. What to do when you know a glimse of the future? Embrace it? Try to change it?

    However. As a tv-show I think Flash Forward so far have failed on most parts. I think it aims to high when the entire world are blacked out those 137 seonds, and as a suspense I don't see them making it very credible following those low agents in LA from there.

    As for the drama part they've got a set of characters we follow, but sadly none of them seem to be very interesting. Honestly I couldn't care less but most of them as they very portraited in the premiere. The small bubble we'll be looking to get the drama elements from, feels to small in a world scene blackout scenario.

    I'm all about ineracting genres, but the world stage suspense and the (so far) uninteresting LA based drama part doesn't do it for me. Very slow premiere, not very promising and I'll have to see alot more in the next couple of episodes tokeep giving them the benefit of the doubt. Shows like Heroes, Lost and Prison Break started out alot better, and I don't see Flash Forward filling any gaps as they run it now.
  • Even my boyfriend liked it :-)

    I have to admit, im a junkie when it comes to tv shows. so it was no question if i would watch the flash forward pilot. i also must say that i had high expectations due to all the hype that was made of this show. but is wasnt disappointed after watching the pilot! i really enjoyed watching it and im looking forward to the next episode. i thought the characters were well introduced without trying to hard. although i have to admit that i didnt recognize the female doctor as the mein characters wife at first. anyway i liked the show so much that i decided to show it to my boyfriend. usually he is hard to convince on watching yet another show with me, but he immediatly said yes when i told him what the plot was about, and: he loved it. we will definitely watch this show!
  • It was decent, but not great. Here's why I think so.

    I was looking forward to Flash Forward for a few months after reading the plot summary on here. It seemed like a decent plot, and it was. The blacking out of everyone and the fact that they all saw into the future seems like it'll be a decent plot. However, after watching this show, I felt that there weren't really any characters that were interesting enough to really hook me in to the show. I think this show will be good for a while, but then it may get old fast. In this way it reminds me of the 4400. People disappearing (blacking out) and then returning with super powers (this time with knowledge of the future). However, when the first season of the 4400 ended, all the secrets were revealed and then the show continued, but it just wasn't the same, it had jumped the shark.

    I'll continue to watch FF, but I predict it won't last, although I may be wrong. This plit almost seems better suited for a mini-series rather than a long-term show, but we shall see in the weeks to come.
  • Solid premise, but is it for everyone?

    I love "Lost." I loved it when I thought it was a show about a group of plane crash survivors on a mysterious island. The characters made the show; their backstories and how they interacted with each other was fascinating to watch. You also had strange things happening on the island like the "monster" and the hatch, but it was more of a character drama than a sci-fi show. Then they slowly started introducing more science fiction elements to viewers who normally don't watch that kind of show, and since they were already hooked they kept watching. This past season they went bat-sh*t insane with the whole time travel thing and I couldn't be more excited.

    Flashforward was great. The pilot introduced some interesting characters, and the mystery of who caused the worldwide blackout will keep me watching. The only potential problem I see is with mainstream America. Most of them are too busy watching overweight people compete for prizes or talentless hacks judging other talentless hacks. These people normally aren't into science fiction. I know I'm making a broad generalization, but look back at the "Journeymans" and the "Fireflys" and you'll see what I mean. It looks like the writers have some good stuff to work with here, and I'm anxious to see what happens. I just won't get too attached. You know, just in case...
  • Very ingruiging indeed...

    A couple of FBI agents kick us off in this pilot has they are after some bad guys in a frantic car chase all of a sudden everyone in the world blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds and during that time, have a vision of what they were doing six months later.

    So this episode focuses on FBI Agent Mark Benford and his personal and professional lives, his wife Olivia is a surgeon things don't look good for her as she see herself having an affair, his partner Demetri is about to get married but strangely doesn't see his future 6 months from now in the black out, is he still gonna be alive by them? Wait there's also a kangaroo roaming the streets of Los Angeles.

    The end of the episode really did it for me, we see one guy walking around when everyone is out. Who is this guy? Is he responsible? Can't wait to see the next episode.
  • Pilot that didn't disappoint!

    I was looking forward to this as i am a HUGE fan of Lost and am gutted it is ending next year. I also so a lot of trailers and i knew the hype that surrounded the show. So the obvious question is... can this show live up to the expectation?? In my opinion, possibly. There is no doubt that this show has potential. The plot is solid and the effects and acting are very good. However shows like this can get boring and repetitive very quickly and that is why i will be interested to see how this one plays out. The first half of the pilot is basically the build up to the disaster, and it is very well executed there is tension in the air as you know what is about to take place. Then of course the event is fantastic! And of course, this would not be dubbed the next Lost if there wasn't an element of mystery. There are questions that will be vital to the series and therefore won't be answered for a LONG time. But there is also a lot of questions that will be answered shortly to keep the plot twisting and turning. I would definitely recommend this show to people, especially if you are a fan of Lost, but even if you don't watch Lost this show could be for you. Of course if you hate Lost then there is a big chance this show isn't for you
  • Need a new fix after Lost ends? Try starting here.

    With Lost ending, shows like Fringe, V and Flash Forward seem to be ready to take their place. And while V hasn't aired, and Fringe has proven to be a compelling show, FlashForward still has something to be proven. However, I scored this as high as I did simply because it was an hour of interesting, confusing and entertaining television. Although there were some parts that seemed a little off, Flash Forward appears to be a show that will build up over time.

    From beginning to end, the show poses numerous questions, shows us glimpses into the future but leaves us hanging in terms of how they got there. It appears this is what the show will be about right now, but I don't know how that will help the show last in the long run. However, in terms of tension and excitement, the show does a good job of leaving you hanging, guessing and just flat out wondering. The acting is also decent.. I like seeing John Cho in a role like this, although Joseph Fiennes has yet to impress me. He's a little stale so far and hasn't had any big moments.

    However, the main problem I have with the show (and I agree with a couple of people on this site who have mentioned it) is how fast it seems to be moving in just ONE episode. The world comes crashing down and what's the first thing that happens? Things go back to normal, Olivia Benford continues to work and her husband (I think his name is Mark, but it escapes me at the moment) jumps right into forming a special task force. And the characters dialogue with one another, at times, comes across as forced and unrealistic. Then again, this IS a show about the world blacking out and having a flash forward, so unrealistic is to be expected. But still..

    Overall, the premise is interesting, the show seems to be headed in a good direction. Now, if the writers could just fine tune the way their characters talked and interacted, things might get a lot more interesting. And I realize I'm being harsh, but with Lost and other shows like it, the show's seemed to drag at times, but that just made us even more invested in the characters and in the story. If Flashforward moves too fast, then people will stop caring or paying attention. Either way, it's compelling so far.. definitely a must-see.
  • Oh, Yes!

    A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds during which each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now, as of April 29, 2010. As the story begins, a character is saved from suicide and others have to face confusing situations. We also begin to learn some things about the mysterious "Mosaic Collective". This pilot was worth all of the hype that it was given. I could certainly seeing this being the next "LOST" so long as they do it correctly. I think this show can be a very nice 3 season, 22 episode a piece kind of a show. I don't think it has the ability to go 5-6, but if I'm proven wrong then nothing wron with that.

    We meet just enough characters in the first episode to the point where it's not too much or too litte. We also have th scenerios you would expect to see. One guy who didn't see a vision, a marraige that isn't ending happily, a bird flying into a window. You know, normal stuff. The mystery of the show is beyond curious. If you watch this episode and don't care what's going on you're crazy. We all kind of expected the ending of this episode to be a guy who was not affected in the least - but it was still cool to see on screen. Overall, best pilot in a very long time. Maybe since "Fringe" a year ago.
  • The most epic disaster in all of human events! -and everyone just goes back to work...

    I am a Lost fanatic. If someone tells me a new show is going to be the 'next Lost', they just put it under the firing squad squad with me because I don't take those claims lightly. I'm not just one of those "oooh, another mystery to discover!" type of viewers that's easily addicted to serialized TV. And that's not why Lost is so good. Lost is good because of the writing. And Flash Forward is lacking in that department.
    First the good: Flash Forward is moody and ominous and I love all that. The first half of the pilot was available as a sneak preview, and to be sure, that's the best part of the episode. The build up, the tension, the confusion- all great.

    But the aftermath isn't handled as realistically as I would like. For something of this magnitude, you would really think society (all societies) would be in civil uproar. Millions have died. Millions in damage. An unexplained phenomenon that evokes the bible. And on top of that, everyone discovers they had visions of the possible future. Every living human being! Kinda huge! Nope. Everyone finishes out the work day. Huh? People aren't rushing to churches, or declaring the end of the world, even lead Joseph Feinnes and his wife don't rush home to check on their LITTLE GIRL. Nope. Within hours, people are kind of back to normal. I mean, they are freaked out by their 'visions', but that's kinda all. I wished the show was smarter about this, but I guess they wanted to jump right into 'solving the mystery'. Truth be told, as slow as it seemed, it moved a bit fast, and maybe Flash Forward could have used a 2-hour premiere. At the very least they could have stretched out the confusion and aftermath for at least 3 episodes, before getting into the internet blogs, the assembly of the new crack team, and ultimately, the reveal that there was ONE man who did not blackout! Shocker!

    But it's a good pilot, (a bit overhyped) and it passed my ultimate new show test:
    Do I care what happens next week?
  • Holy Intrigue, Batman!

    No More Good Days-A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds during which each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now, as of April 29, 2010. As the story begins, a character is saved from suicide and others have to face confusing situations. We also begin to learn some things about the mysterious "Mosaic Collective".

    Now, I learned baout FlashForward only a few weeks ago and thought I'd give a try since nothing else was on during that time. I have never been a fan of the big network shows like Lost and 24, don't know why. Maybe I have a soft spot for the underdog shows on the smaller networks? Anyway, the premiere for FlashForward immediately caught my attention as the first act is some of the most explosive and though-provoking piece of television I've seen in a while. We are introduced to a variety of characters who are all in the middle of actions that are vary: sucide, car chase, sex, operation, etc. when suddenly the whole world blacks out for 2 mintues and 17 seconds. Everyone soon awakes and havok is all over the place. What the hell just happened? What this some type of terrorist threat? Nuclear warfare? Is this God way of telling the world, "Wake Up!"? but more importantly, what is with the strange visions from the future everyone experienced during the black outs?

    That what makes FlashForward's often stunning premiere really fun to what and probably drive the series for it's first season. All the characters seem like genuine people and the questions that are asked are very realistic as well as the world's reaction to this global phenomenon. While there are a good chunk of characters, the ones that have me most interested so far are Mark Benford and his partner, Demetri Noh as well as Mark's wife, Olivia and Bryce Varley, the doctor who tried to kill himself right before the black out accured. They seem like the most vunerable characters affected by the black out, especially when Olivia finally confesses to Mark that her vision was of her having an affair. It's pretty cool how these visions have some kind of pre-destined effect and it already seems like these characters can't escape there fate. One scene that shows this is when Mark's daughter gives her father the bracelet he saw in his vision. Just the way he looked at it and held his daughter softly was nicely done. My only problem, well up-coming problem, I see for the series is too much exposition and not enough action or storytelling. There were some slow parts after the incredible first act that slowed down some momentum but then there were scenes like the ending that made me think, "Oh sh!t, I want more!" That shot of the mysterious suspect who was awake during the black out sent chills down my spine, what a great cliffhanger. "No More Good Days" shows a lot of potential for this series. While some are disappointed because they were expecting another Lost need to give this series a chance to find it's own identity. What FlashForward has going for it is an original(ish) concept with coountless possiblities and some of the best special effects/cinematography I've seen for a series in some time. Not to mention, any series that has Joseph Fiennes can't be too bad! Great premiere, looking forward to some more progression from this series.
  • A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds during which each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now, as of April 29, 2010.

    I'm hoping this will be another show I can add to the few shows I even enjoy nowadays. The plot seems very intriguing, the idea of the whole world going unconscious for two minutes is interesting as to the; who, what, when, and why.

    One thing I didn't like was the lack of true intensity from the characters or the overall scene given the situation. There was just something about the event that didn't get my heart racing or connecting with the horror the characters were feeling at all. It seemed like the show wanted to rush and squeeze in alot on the first episode instead of given us a more detailed look into a world that just suffered an unspeakable event that I'm sure in real life would be terrifying.

    The L.A scenes were nice but not enough, the full scope or even emotional portrayal of the actors didn't come through, nor enough typical actions of people after such an event. The problem I see early on is character development. I wasn't attached to any character. The dialog and acting was weak.

    The visions were nice and of course added with the cliffhanger of "Suspect Zero" gave us all something to bite on and follow this show further. I have faith show will be good but hopefully it truly opens up the sheer terror of such of an event and have legs to last.
  • Great plot and a sensational pilot! Global chaos as the world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Flashes of everyone's future 6 months leave people concerned, scared or full of hope as mystery surrounds the blackout.

    Intriguing, and full of potential. This series got off to a good start but I think it will be much more interesting down the road especially with Dominic Mongham coming on board with the next episode.If you can't get your Lost fix until January 2010 then this show may well be something you need till then. Great acting, a story full of mystery with clues scattered about and emotion stretched over the course of 42 minutes. I don't want to draw comparisons but you will see them as you watch. The characters back stories hopefully will be fleshed out in the upcoming weeks and answers to some questions will start to be clarified. All in all I enjoyed this as I've watched it a couple of times already on the DVR and am looking forward to next week's episode.

    I've been hearing good things about this show for months. And to be honest it looked great. So I decided to check it out, and I wasn't disappointed.

    The premier episode No More Good Days was brilliant from beginning to end. You can tell that ABC wants FlashForward to be the next Lost which is coming to a end this year. And it is the next Lost virtually everyone passing out for two minutes and seeing the future for the same date and time. Bringing together many characters across many story lines.

    Though there is a question mark for the show. Whether they writers can keep it up and we the viewers we tune in over the long haul. If the writers and keep it up this will be the best show on television. I for one will continue to watch. It's one of the few TV shows I will watch outside of CSI: New York, Modern Family, Family Guy, Lost, and American Dad. There aren't that many great shows on anymore. There are a bunch of average to bad ones.

    I'm not going on to the plot of the first episode because most people should know what the pilot episode is about. I will go on about the actors though.

    They are great from Joseph Fiennes(Elizabeth and Enemy at the Gates) and his partner John Cho( Yes the guy from the funny Harold & Kumar movies and Star Trek) to Courtney B. Vance(Law and Order CI) and many more.

    Overall this was a great episode and one of the few series on TV worth watching.
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