Season 1 Episode 14

Queen Sacrifice

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on ABC
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While Mark and Vogel try to identify the mole in the FBI, Mark is forced to leave Charlie and Olivia alone to protect them. Meanwhile, Keiko searches L.A. to find Bryce, her flashforward love.

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  • From the Improbable to the Impossible

    First off I am enjoying the series. I like many of the charachters and there are many interesting subplots, but I find some of the ideas very difficult to accept. The video made in 1991 that fortold an event in 2009, just seems too incredulous. Why would the guy need to do anything illegal if he had that power to predict the future - that alone could guarantee untold wealth. Also the presence of moles in the FBI I found a little hard to accept, as well as allowing Simon Campos to just enter the FBI as a helper. Those things said I found the episode like many others to be exciting and the production values on the series are first rate.moreless
  • All about Chess in this episode is a disaster. I explain myself with examples.

    In one scene Mark talking about queen sacrifice but we can see a game of chess that has not queen sacrifice. In this game... the right square is black. This is not correct, because always ALWAYS, the right square in chess boards is WHITE. In the three games showed... there are not queen sacrifice!. Why use that term if what we see is not what they say???. But is a pretty cool use QUEEN SACRIFICE... the title is good... nothing more.

    Please... writers of FlashForward... next time talking with one expert in chess and do not make this accumulation of nonsense because all this thing reduces credibilitymoreless
  • At last!

    Finally! FlashForward has suddenly, after last week's great ending, turned an important corner in it's story. The characters have gained a new dimension and the story is intriguing and surprising to the last. Well done! Not to spoil it for everyone else, let's just say that things are definitely not what they seem. The hunt for the mole is deftly done, the action at the end of the episode explosive and fast-paced, making room for the real shocker. I didn't see that one coming!

    Now, if only the studio will give this show a chance at making it into a second season, we have ourselves a winner on our hands, ladies and gents!moreless
  • The show is verging on greatness, but there are still a few things holding it back. (No spoilers)

    I really enjoyed this episode, it addressed the unanswered question of the mole which was really the cliffhanger we were left with last year. However, even though we are being treated to some tying up of frustrating loose ends, it all feels a little too tidy for me. I wont use examples as they will spoil some of the key events, but the timing seems to be a little too impeccible for my liking. Now this really doesn't effect the compelling nature of the story which is developing nicely, mostly with the intrigue that the Simon Campos character brings. I am absolutely loving his storyline and even though he's somewhat of an antagonist in the story, I find myself rooting for him every time.

    My biggest complaint is probably a minor thing to most, but it's quite an issue for me and it seems to be getting worse. The show seems to deeply patronise the audience in that every little clue is flashed in their face over and over again. This also happens with dialogue, in the repetition of key phrases to ensure the audience is following Marks detective work. I personally like to feel like I am discovering things for myself and am quite capable of noticing items that I have seen before on Mark's wall, I really don't need an extreme closeup and exclaimation from Mark whilst he taps his finger on the clue in question.

    Now I've got that off my chest I feel much better. The mole story was dealt with elequently, the second revelation not so much. I will have to see it develop, but I just don't buy it right now, especially with all that came before (I'm trying hard not to spoil anything). It just does not add up to me, although I will wait for next week before I pass judgement.

    I know I winged a lot but I did enjoy the episode and I can't wait for next week. It's just the points above that I feel are holding it back from greatness.moreless
  • they conducted some investigation to find out whose the mole that keep leaking information. Its turn out to be two moles instead of one, and in order for the other one to gain trusts, the mole actually took down the other mole..moreless

    wow..what a shock!! janice is the mole?? i thought she's the one could be trusted. Well, since she's already be a 'hero' for taking down the other mole, she gain trust from the other crew. what a brilliant plan d gibbons have in his play. I've always wondered when the hell that bryce would me up with that keiko girl. it just sad when thay actually happen to be at the same place but didn't see each other. It's like Hindustan films if you know what i means..haha..well, i must say the story is getting better and better and Lost series has become full bunch of crap..juz fnish the story up, i cant wait to see how it ends upmoreless
Vinicius Machado

Vinicius Machado

Emil Gutierrez

Guest Star

Kerri Higuchi

Kerri Higuchi


Guest Star

Pascal Petardi

Pascal Petardi

Agent Danforth Crowley

Guest Star

Barry Shabaka Henley

Barry Shabaka Henley

Agent Vreede

Recurring Role

Amy Rosoff

Amy Rosoff

Marcie Turoff

Recurring Role

Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy

Marshall Vogel

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Simon and Lloyd talk about the formula Lloyd saw in his flashforward, the formula printed on paper is typeset in Word and not formatted at all. However, a physicist would use a TeX-derivate (such as MikTeX or LaTeX) to typeset well-formatted formulas.

    • Episode's title image: Open lipstick case on the floor.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mark: (to Charlie) Are you my new partner? If you are, I insist you change your clothes. Can't catch bad guys in pajamas.

    • Bryce: I appreciate what you're doing, but I don't want you to see me like this.
      Nicole: Is this about your pride?
      Bryce: A little bit, yeah.
      Nicole: Hello, it's me. You've glued pennies to the wall with my lunatic mother. I think we've both seen behind the curtain.

    • Vogel: Don't forget who your friends are.
      Mark: What's unacceptable is that one of them is my enemy.

    • Vogel: Ladies and gentlemen, as you may have deduced, we are closing in on a leak inside the FBI that is hampering the Mosaic investigation. Now anyone want to confess?

    • Vogel: You trust her?
      Mark: You know what, Vogel? Being around you makes me not trust anyone anymore.
      Vogel: Ooh.

    • Lloyd: Quantum physics and anesthetics... that's what Mark and I were working on in our flashforward. I thought QED meant quantum electrodynamics. But we were building a quantum entanglement device.
      Olivia: Good. Well, that clears that up.

    • Bryce: You ever tried sea urchin?
      Nicole: No. Is it good?
      Bryce: It's like eating somebody's thyroid.

    • Simon: I like a woman who knows how to handle a firearm. Fancy a drink?
      Janis: I'm not really your type.
      Simon: I think you'd be surprised to learn exactly what my type is.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Nicole: Okay, suddenly she's a mogwai.
      Referencing the 1984 Warner Bros. movie Gremlins. Mogwai are small furry creatures, but there are three rules to follow: keep them out of the light, don't feed them after midnight (hence Nicole's concern), and don't get them wet. Naturally, all three rules are broken and the mogwai become vicious gremlins that run amuck.