Season 1 Episode 14

Queen Sacrifice

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on ABC

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  • they conducted some investigation to find out whose the mole that keep leaking information. Its turn out to be two moles instead of one, and in order for the other one to gain trusts, the mole actually took down the other mole..

    wow..what a shock!! janice is the mole?? i thought she's the one could be trusted. Well, since she's already be a 'hero' for taking down the other mole, she gain trust from the other crew. what a brilliant plan d gibbons have in his play. I've always wondered when the hell that bryce would me up with that keiko girl. it just sad when thay actually happen to be at the same place but didn't see each other. It's like Hindustan films if you know what i means..haha..well, i must say the story is getting better and better and Lost series has become full bunch of crap..juz fnish the story up, i cant wait to see how it ends up