Season 1 Episode 11

Revelation Zero

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Day of the Blackout Timothy, a window washer, is preparing to lower himself on a platform when the blackout occurs. As he passes out, the platform tilts and Timothy falls to certain death. However, his safety rope snags on the platform and he is left dangling above the ground as he and everyone else wake up. The Present Timothy is now addressing a room full of people at a community center, telling them about God. Stan calls in Mark and demands to know what he was doing in Hong Kong at the Chinese restaurant, taking a woman hostage. Mark wants to see his wife after Lloyd's abduction, but Stan demands answers. Janis and Vreede take a statement from Olivia about the abduction. As she describes what happened, she inadvertently refers to Lloyd as Mark. She asks them to find Lloyd. Mark is angry that they're not doing everything they can to investigate the Blackout, including going to Somalia. Stan insists that he's doing what he can and takes offense that Mark thinks otherwise. He orders Mark to see a Bureau-mandated therapist, Dr. Callie Lander, before he has a chance at reinstatement. He orders Mark out, and the agent takes photos of his Mosaic investigation board before leaving. On the way out, Simon calls him over and Mark notices that he's watching video of Lloyd's abduction. Before he can pursue the matter, Olivia comes in and they hug. However, Mark notices that on the video, Olivia and Lloyd are embracing. Olivia hesitantly tries to explain, but Mark assures her that the important thing is that she's safe. Stan meets with his agents and tells them to pursue Lloyd's abduction. As they enter the conference room, Demetri is surprised to see that CIA Agent Vogel is present. Stan tells them that Vogel has been assigned to what is now an inter-agency investigation. Lloyd calls in Simon so he can provide any insights about Lloyd and his work. Simon tells them that they should check anyone who might want to invest in future predictions. Lloyd finds himself in a basement where a man in suit informs him that he's alone with no one to hear him. He tells Lloyd that he's free to go once he tells them what they want. When Lloyd tells him to go to hell, the man assures him that he has no idea what hell is like… but he will. At home, Nicole prepares to go to work when her mother, Mrs. Kirby, dons a pair of angel wings and lights her Bible on fire. Nicole puts out the fire and tries to get answers from her mother, who refuses to answer. As Nicole leave, her sister Paige arrives and Nicole tells her what occurred. Mark is working on the Mosaic investigation after recreating his board, and Olivia comes in. He explains that he has nothing else to do at home while he's suspended, and isn't interested in Olivia's explanation that she was just giving Lloyd a goodbye hug. Mark just assures her that he wants her to be okay. When Olivia notes that she's been cold and distant recently, Mark admits that he hasn't been easy to get along with. She says that she'll do whatever she can to save their marriage and they embrace. The agents go over the emergency recording that Lloyd's abductors used to lure the EMTs to a rail yard so they could take their ambulance and uniforms. Vogel complains that the FBI is outsourcing the investigation to the LAPD. Simon offers to hack Lloyd's laptop computer and see what he was working on. Vogel takes command, telling Janis to go with Simon to Lloyd's house. Mark meets for his first therapy session, and Callie takes him to the park to talk. He gives her the same description of his flashforward that he did in Washington and she notices the time discrepancy. Callie wonders if he is suppressing something and suggests a drug that has been used to enhance memories of flashforwards for other patients. Mark refuses and Callie tells him that she won't reinstate him until they do everything possible to learn everything that he saw. At Lloyd's house, Janis and her two FBI agents stand watch as Simon hacks into Lloyd's computer. When he asks Janis to get him a beer, she takes offense but finally gives in. Two men with masks knock her out and abduct Simon. Demetri and Vogel are called in and wake her up, and explain what happened. Lloyd's abductors toss Simon into the basement with Lloyd. Olivia and Bryce try to convince the authorities they need to keep Dylan for observation. The boy hide behinds a cart and Olivia manages to convince him to come out by singing to him. Dylan reluctantly comes out and Olivia claims that Dylan has sepsis so they have to keep him under observation. Once the authorities leave, Dylan asks Olivia when his daddy will be there. At the rail yard, Demetri and Vogel look for the ambulance. Vogel complains that Demetri messed up the investigation in Hong Kong and says that there's something more important then Demetri's supposed death going on. The CIA agent tells him to focus on his life and not his death before Zoey leaves him, and Demetri tries to punch him. Vogel easily deflects the blow and knocks him to the ground, and tells him he needs to get a better partner than Mark. From his vantage point on the ground, Demetri spots flies gathered around a rail car. They investigate and find the two dead EMTs. At the hospital, Nicole spots a man who looks like the man in her flashforward who drowns her. She chases after him but loses him in the crowd. She tells Bryce and Olivia and what she saw. As they pass on her description to security, Bryce tells her that everything will be fine. Debbie the nurse talks to Nicole and suggests that she go to Sanctuary, and shows Nicole a flyer. Timothy holds a meeting and addresses the people who have come about their flashforwards. He admits that he was confused at first by his flashforward where he's a religious leader addressing thousands in a vast stadium, but came to accept it. He tells them that to fulfill his future, he has created Sanctuary, a place where they can all be safe. Lloyd figures that their abductors want them for their involvement in the NLAP experiment, and Simon still continues to insist they didn't cause the Blackout. The commander of the three-star tattooed men comes in and introduces himself as Flosso. He explains that he has emphysema as he lights a cigar, and then spits the burning coals in Simon's face. Flosso admits that he's a villain and that he's been hired to ask Lloyd certain questions. He begins by asking him technical questions about the NLAP experiment. When Lloyd claims ignorance, Simon tries to help but Flosso has his men hit him and explains he wants the man who pushed the button, not someone at their father's funeral in Toronto. When Lloyd refuses to help recreate the Blackout, Flosso explains that the NLAP experiment didn't create the Blackout, but merely amplified the effects of Flosso's superiors. At the rail yard, Demetri and Vogel learn that someone used poison to kill the EMTs. They find a cell phone case and figure that the missing cell phone is in the ambulance and they can trace it to find its location. Mark finally agrees to the treatment. Callie asks why he reconsidered and Mark explains that he's been driving everyone away and he wants things to change. Flosso takes a break and Simon discusses his flashforward where he strangles a man. Lloyd doesn't believe he's capable of it. Further, he says that in his flashforward, he received a text message from Simon at the same time Simon claims he was strangling someone. When Simon wonders why their flashforwards don't match, Lloyd point out that Vough's suicide proves that the future isn't immutable. Lloyd finds a cheese steak restaurant flyer and writes "Help us" on it, and then slips it out the window. However, he can only watch helplessly as it blows away on the wind. Mark remembers more of his flashforward and discovers that he received a cal from Lloyd. In the flashforward, he tells Lloyd that he wishes the scientist was behind the eight-ball when he came crashing through, and tells Lloyd to go to hell. Flosso returns and shows Lloyd the flyer with the SOS, and then begins interrogating him again. Lloyd refuses to talk and Flosso orders his men to prepare Simon for torture. Olivia goes to see Dylan, who offers her a cookie he saved from supper. He asks her to sing to him again but she says she has to leave. Mark sits in his car outside a bar and calls Aaron for help. Olivia sings When You Wish Upon a Star to Dylan until he goes to sleep. Aaron arrives and gets in the car with Mark, and Mark explains what he saw in his flashforward. He remembers more, including the fact that Lloyd said he was close to solving something, but Mark warned that being close wasn't good enough. Further, he remembers that Lloyd told him that D. Gibbons lied to Mark, but Mark believes there will be another Blackout. Mark goes to Stan the next day and tells him what he learned and that there will be another Blackout. They wonder why Lloyd didn't tell them his end of the phone conversation from his flashforward, and Mark wants to find and ask him. Stan tells Mark not to start a panic by telling anyone about a second Blackout until they can find out when it will occur, and that he should work on the case privately until Stan can get him reinstated. Demetri and Vogel figure out a way to track the dead EMTs cell phone to within 50 yards. At home, Mark puts up new clues on his Mosaic board based on the new memories of his flashforward. Among them are a picture of a hydra and a reference to Red Panda Resources. Nicole goes to Sanctuary and listens with the others as Timothy talks of God. Afterward, she approaches him and wonders if they owe obedience to God. She questions Timothy's claim that the flashforwards are a gift from God. He realizes that she's troubled by what she saw and invites her out for coffee. Mark goes to Red Panda Resources and talks to the woman in charge. She explains that they provide humanitarian aid across the globe. When Mark wonders if they were in Somalia in 1991, she explains that they weren't created until 1998. Mark suggests that he accompany one of their relief efforts, but the woman turns cold and informs him that they hire a number of ex-cons, and his presence isn't welcome. Lloyd refuses to say anything further, and Flosso has one of his men cut off Simon's little finger with a cigar cutter. Nicole asks Bryce to sit in the coffee shop while she meets with Timothy. When she explains that she saw someone drowning her in her flashforward, he suggests it was a baptism but admits he has no special gift of interpretation. What Timothy does believe is that they exist in a combination of free will and faith, and encourages her to embrace the good that God has put in her life. As he speaks, Nicole glances over at Bryce. Mark goes back to his car and notices flyers for a cheese steak restaurant. A flyer, with the words "help us" written on it, were in his enhanced vision. He goes to the restaurant but the owner is unable to help him. However, Mark realizes that it's a new restaurant and the owner explains that their old restaurant burned down during the Blackout. Bruce drives Nicole home and she invites him inside. He goes in and they find Mrs. Kirby gluing pennies to the wall and making a mosaic of her own. She explains that she only wants 1989 pennies because that was the year Nicole was born. Bryce talks to her about God and she says she has hallucinations every day but no one makes a big deal out of it. She notes that coincidence is God at work and invites him to help. The three of them listen to music and work on her mosaic. Lloyd refuses to talk even after Simon is tortured. Flosso then shows him photos of Dylan, threatens the boy, and explains that they've had Lloyd under surveillance for months prior to the Blackout. Demetri and Vogel track the cell phone to a warehouse and call Janis in to help. Lloyd cracks and answers Flosso's questions. Once he's done, Flosso tells his men to clean up Lloyd and Simon and then get rid of them. The FBI agents go to the warehouse but when they open it, they find a bomb. They get clear just as it explodes. Afterward, they discover that the bomb was set to go off when a Bureau radio frequency was activated nearby. They figure it was left as a warning to not get too close, and Vogel suggests that the attackers in Mark's flashforward know who he and Demetri are, and are taking action against them. Bryce goes to Sanctuary and warns Timothy not to influence Nicole. Timothy insists that he wants to help her, and everyone else that comes to him, to find love and wonders what Bryce is afraid of. As Flosso's men blindfold Simon and Lloyd and take them upstairs, Mark arrives at the old cheese steak restaurant. It appears abandoned, covered in graffiti, and he drives away. However, he realizes one of the pieces of graffiti was an eight-ball and what he said in his flashforward. He turns around and backs through the front of the restaurant just as the two men bring Simon and Lloyd up. One of them flees and Mark manages to bring down the other. Simon grabs a gun, goes after the fleeing thug, and shoots him dead. As the police and EMTs come to the restaurant, Mark demands answers from Lloyd. Meanwhile, Simon is placed in an ambulance and discovers Flosso is there, waiting for him. Flosso admits that cutting off Simon's finger was improvisation and that if nothing else, they've convinced Lloyd that Simon isn't involved in anything sinister. Simon tells Flosso that he's not going to help any more, but Flosso threatens to tell the authorities that Simon is Suspect Zero. The Day of the Blackout Simon is in Toronto attending his father's funeral and comforting his younger sister, Annabelle. He has his driver take him to the funeral home, but discovers that someone else is driving. The driver says that he's taking Simon to the airport. From there, Simon will go to the stadium in Detroit to meet with his boss. When he arrives, Simon calls the boss: D. Gibbons. Gibbons says that they've given him a lot of leeway since he's 13 and tells him to sit down before time runs out. Simon finds a bucket of popcorn, and Gibbons tells him to eat it. At the bottom is a case with a ring, and Gibbons tells Simon to put it on. He does so and seconds later, everyone in the stadium collapses as the Blackout begins. Gibbons then tells him to go into one of the stadium tunnels. Flosso and the driver are waiting for Simon and take the ring. The Present At the hospital, Olivia checks Simon's injuries and then Janis arrives to collect him and inform him that he's under house arrest. At FBI headquarters, Mark interrogates Lloyd while Stan and the others watch. Vogel is unimpressed with Mark, but Stan notes that Mark managed to single-handedly find and rescue Lloyd and Simon. In the interrogation room, Mark demands to know why Lloyd lied. Lloyd claims that he didn't say anything because he didn't think a flashforward where a drunk tells him there's going to be a second Blackout was believable. Mark doesn't believe him and keeps him in detention. Simon and Janis leave the hospital, and Simon tries to charm Janis into letting him go. He starts having an allergic reaction to the penicillin and Janis goes to get help. As soon as she leaves, Simon "recovers," smirks, and runs off. He takes a plane to Toronto only to discover that Janis is waiting for him. He asks her for 24 hours to deal with family issues and Janis reveals that she knows his sister Annabelle ran away from home. She calls Stan and suggests that Simon has an ulterior motive. Stan agrees but orders her to keep Simon on a tight leash. She attaches an electronic tracking device to his ankle and they go to the Campos home. His mother Lorraine and two brothers are there, and happy to see him. Lorraine explains that after her father's death, Annabelle said that she was overwhelmed with the sadness in the home and ran away. While Simon takes a shower, Lorraine shows Janis Simon's old room. She explains that bullies used to beat up Simon, but he got revenge by dragging one to the nearby church and hitting him with a lunchbox filled with rocks. While they talk, Simon covers the tracking device with tin foil and slips out the window. When Janis realizes the signal has cut off, she goes to investigate, as Lorraine notes that Simon is just like her: he never lets anyone push him around and he always gets even. On the docks, Simon goes to the houseboat of his old professor, Phillip. He convinces the man to see him and they share a drink. Simon starts to ask Phillip about quantum physics, and Janis arrives and asks him to continue. She explains that she found out about Phillip from Simon's cell phone calls to the professor, and Simon admits Phillip is the only professor he had that is smarter than he is. He is there to ask Phillip if there is a way that a particle accelerator could affect human consciousness. Phillip admits that it's possible, but doesn't know any way to protect someone from the effects. As they go, Simon explains to Janis that Phillip helped him design the transmission towers that they discovered in Somalia. When Janis notes that he has control issues brought on by fear, Simon admits that she's right, and that he's afraid of what could happen in the future. That night, Janis helps Lorraine with supper and looks wistful when Mrs. Campos talks about being a mother. The doorbell rings and Lorraine tells Janis that it's a surprise guest: Simon's Uncle Teddy. Simon answers the door and isn't surprised to see Flosso there. They hug and Flosso expresses phony sympathy over Simon's kidnapping. At dinner, Simon drinks heavily while Flosso explains to Janis that he's a distant cousin rather than Lorraine's brother. He boasts that he helped the move to Canada to take full advantage of Simon's genius and get him into the best schools. The talk turns to family and Flosso claims that while he doesn't have any children, Lorraine and her children are the family he never had. Simon tells him to shut up, saying the whole thing is a charade, and tells Flosso never to mention Simon's father. The Day of the Blackout Flosso tells Simon that he has unwittingly helped them trigger the Blackout. He notes that it's "convenient" that Simon was in Toronto for the death of his funeral on the day it occurred, since it gives him an alibi. He tells Simon to take their private lane back to Toronto, a plane with no flight plan. Flosso also suggests that Simon come up with a story for his flashforward and stick to it. As the people outside start to wake up, the driver escorts Simon back to the car and talks about the death of Simon's father in a hunting accident. Simon realizes that the driver is the man who killed his father, attacks him, and strangles him to death. Once he's done, Simon figures he can use the incident as the story for his flashforward. The Present Annabelle calls the Campos family and everyone rushes to the phone in the next room. Flosso tells Simon to stay because the call isn't for him. He shows Simon a cell phone with a live feed of Annabelle at gunpoint reading a statement about how she's at the New York Port Authority, and needs a ticket home. Flosso tells Simon that they need more from him now, and invites him outside for a private conversation. In the driveway, Flosso insists he's merely a middleman and doesn't answer Simon's questions about why his superiors caused the Blackout. He informs Simon that what is important is that he obey their orders. Flosso opens the trunk of his car to reveal Phillip, dead, and says that Annabelle will be next if Simon doesn't cooperate. Simon calls his bluff, saying that they must want him alive. He shoves Flosso to the ground and slams his fists into the older man's chest. As Flosso gags, Simon explains that it will look like cardiac arrest and the bruises like a failed CPR attempt. He tells the dying Flosso that once the middleman is gone, Flosso's superiors will have to deal with Simon directly. Flosso dies and Simon tells him that he's got revenge for his father's murder, and he always gets even.