Season 1 Episode 11

Revelation Zero

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2010 on ABC

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  • A Good Episode

    As usual some things require a suspension of disbelief, but this episode had some good twists and built on existing storylines. Generally it moves at a good pace and you look forward to finding out how things link together.
  • And the Suspect Zero is...

    Awesome episode! It tied up a lot of loose ends at a very good pace. The episode just got better and better every minute, and I admit, I'm really beginning to like Simon Campos (Dominic Monaghan); I loved him when he first came on, so self-assured and badass with all that information, but now... just wow.

    All in all I think there was just enough moving forward at a right pace. A few new characters (especially Timothy), who bring new ideas to the show. I'm not into all that religious stuff, but it was only a matter of time before they brought that into picture. I'm still not sure if I like Marshall Vogel, who joins us from Hong Kong, but I guess that will be seen.

    I can't wait to see the next week's episode. This week added a lot more twists into the show, picking up the pace after it had slowed down recently.

    And we had more looks at the blackout and the destruction it caused! I always love that. So, yeah, a definite improvement to the overall good episode, that.
  • There is one line in this episode that really ruins it for me...

    That one line uttered by the "bad guy", talking to Simon about making up what he sees in his "Flash Forward" toward the end of the episode at the arena. To me, this is completely sloppy writing due to the fact that in this point and time in the history of the show, these Flash Forwards are just occurs as they speak, and no one has actually coined the phrase for them yet.

    The rest of the episode was watchable, though the whole "middleman" plot angle and character was laughable. Terrible acting, terrible dialogue, a terrible uninteresting character all around.

    I really did have high hopes for this show, but if this is the garbage they are going to throw to us after such a long break, it honestly deserves to just wrap up at the end of the season and leave us with a whisper.
  • A really great return that actually kept me interested for the first time since the first couple episodes.

    I certainly will not be the first to admit it: Flashforward has disappointed me quite a lot this year. I was really looking forward to finding a show that could replace the massive gaping hole that Lost will leave in my television schedule, but after the premiere, it became difficult to stay interested and I soon stopped watching about seven episodes into the show. However, during the hiatus, I rewatched the entire first half of the season and actually found myself interested again. Who's Suspect Zero? Who are the big players in this thing? Where the hell is D. Gibbons? I was finally ready to invest some time into the show, even if it was severely flawed. The spring premiere of this show is much better, much faster and answers a lot of lingering questions from earlier in the season. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it's too little too late, as the ratings have continued to plummet and the fanbase is dwindling. However, I'm compelled enough to stick around for the duration of the season.

    Two important things occured in this episode: the writers thankfully poured more of their focus onto under-developed characters and focused a lot less on the marital dramas of Mark and Olivia. It was interesting when they first revealed it, but it's been beaten to death over the first ten episodes, so seeing Mark on his own, following his own investigation and seeing the new memories he remembered made every single one of his scenes much more interesting. Secondly, in the second hour of the episode, we learn quite a lot about Simon, a character who has seemed to have no purpose up until these two hours. I really hadn't grown on to him at all, but the premiere (especially the second hour) really made me see him as a clever, somewhat annoying, but ultimately good guy who is trying to find the people using his technology for evil. It was interesting to see his flashforward play out the way it did, and it shows the writers are capable of misleading the audience without really irritating them. And the final scene? Superb acting all around.

    I'm interested in Nicole and Bryce's relationship, and how this whole "Sanctuary" deal will turn out. Since when has a cult religious group ever lead to any good? I'm assuming she'll get invested in it as this window washer turned religious nut gets more famous.

    Overall, this was a really good way to return to TV for Flashforward. They needed a shot of adrenaline, and even if it wasn't the most perfect episode in television history, it was able to accomplish what they spent ten episodes last winter trying to do. Hopefully they can learn from their mistakes and keep the pace moving and not letting it grow stagnant.
  • I great comeback... Simon Campos simply the man of the hour, Nicole story boring, and there is something big behaind Lloyd's actions...

    The cheesy overacted scenes frome the first half of season one get better in this episode, but the writers really need help with the lines of Olivia and Mark, they are just ...duh... Anyway, the Nicole and Bryce thing kind of friendship and something else.... booorinng, just a filler. On the other hand the Simon character simply great, I never saw that coming, really a mutly dimensional persona, hope writers do not do the same thing that hapens in LOST (i.e. Simon kills his uncle to know cut the middle man, just to find out that above hime there hare four hundred fifty two middle men and D. Gibbons dies before telling anyone evereything) sound familiar? Finally, Lloyd's flashorward, I remember a while ago someone complaining about any of the people in the show aware that they were living in their flashforward what they supposedly saw 6 months ago, in any case, thats not the point, but i dare to say that the messege tant Lloys recieve from Simon in his flashforward has something to do with it ... what do you say?... maybe thar explains his strange behavior regarding his vision...
  • The English are coming....

    and they have ridiculous insulting accents. Dermot Monaghan should have been embarassed to be acting alongside actors that would put on accents like that, I mean seriously find a better accent coach. I realise this doesn't have a lot to do with the quality of the episode but it is endemic of the problem of general sloppiness that Flashforward suffered from. Watching it now months after it has been cancelled, each episode just re-enforces why it didn't survive. There is barely an episode that does not suffer from either plot holes or rampant cliches at every turn. This episode was meant to be the start of a recovery for the show but instead they just inserted some rubbish about God into the story. Underneath all the superfluous talk there is a half decent idea trying to get out but it was handicapped by bad plotting and writing until all you have left is a high gloss mess of dour pronoucements about what it means. The writers tried too hard to make it some grand statement on humanity and didn't spend enough time making sure it was a good show. It didn't deserve a second series, hell it doesn't deserve to go on for the 22 episodes that it got.
  • Flashfoward returns as good as ever.

    You can tell ABC wants this show to succeed putting it up against March Madness. What were they thinking, except they want this great show to fail. First they held it off the air until mid March and then they put it against the NCAA Tournament, if that's a success for failure I don't know what is. It's a real shame to because, outside of LOST it's the best show on regular TV(not counting cable shows since I only have basic, basic cable). That being said for the first two episodes being back they took the focus off of Mark which was a great change. I agree with many earlier reviewers that Mark(Joseph Fiennes) character right now isn't very interesting and a little annoying, though he does have potential.

    Instead the show decided to focus it's attention on some of the minor and lesser used characters. Like Dr. Bryce Varley(Zachary Knighton), Nicole Kirby(Peyton List), Dr. Lloyd Simcoe, and Special Agent Janis Hawk(Christine Woods). The character that was the star of these two episodes was Dr. Simon Campos(Dominic Monaghan). You might remember him as Charlie from LOST. These two episodes hugely focused on his character, and through out the episodes you learn a lot about him and who caused the blackout.

    I highly recommend this series for those who have just started watching, it a great show. With a good story, great actors, interesting characters, and great drama/action.

    I just hope ABC gives it a real chance, otherwise I'll just add it to the list of good shows canceled to early(Dollhouse, Fire Fly, Dark Angel, LIFE, and many more).
  • Flashforward may have a brighter future.

    With Lost on Tuesday, Ricky Gervais on Friday and the Pacific on Sunday; my Thursday night viewing schedule is wide open. After watching the first half of FlashForward's season one I really had no idea why I was tuning in again. I didn't remember a single piece of the story besides the fact that there was a blackout and the main plot was a piecing together of a mosaic that I didn't give two hoots about. This show made the dire mistake of miscasting Joseph Fiennes as Mark Bentford our laughable hero. He has the cheesiest dialogue one-liners since Adam West in Batman and cocks his eyebrows like he's trapped in a constant blooper reel paradox. His acting alone made me want to stop watching the show. However, he's seemed to have toned down during the break. FlashForward came back with it's most enthralling two hours on Thursday since it's premiere. The over the top acting has been kept to a dull roar and it seems the plot is much less bloated and much more focused. It also marks the first occasion that the show has given me a WTF moment, although not yet to its fullest extent: but the potential is there. Any fan of Lost has encountered this many times. That part in the show where pieces fall together and you're like WHAT!?! BRILLIANT!! This was the EIGHT BALL plot ..I don't want to totally give it away. But it raised the idea that someone can use knowledge from the future (their flashforward) to affect matters in the present but only by knowing that this is what happens in the future. Which raised the idea that when the information is given in the future won't there be some past-version of the same people acting on knowledge from the future over and over and so on and so on? That may sound confusing, but the show brought up subtly this idea of time being infinite and I believe if they can keep it going in that same direction they could get some real die-hards on their hands.
  • They revealed quite a lot, but the tech. stuff is really dry and the two-hours really dragged at times.

    (Oh, the text editor on this site is terrible).

    GOOD : - Mark finding Simon and Simcoe using the 8-ball, the flyer from his flashforward : good use of the show concept.
    - Simon being Suspect Zero, the ring that protected him from the effects of the blackout.
    - Simon is becoming an interesting character. I liked him killing his uncle - we're getting closer to finding out who's behind all this and why. - Mark and Simcoe's connection, that they had talked during the flashforward. Simcoe withheld from Simon's uncle what he wanted to know, and is now withholding his flashforward from Mark. What's he hiding?

    BAD : - all that God stuff from Timothy. An annoying character and a stupid flashforward. Oh, I really disliked his voiceovers too.
    - strange choices of music through the first 1/2 hour.
    - way too much technical, scientific jargon. - how can someone appear behind you like that? It happened three times and I just rolled my eyes all three times.
    - why would Mark back into the abandoned restaurant instead of driving front-first into it?
    - sadly, Simon is the only character who is somewhat interesting. I find everyone else boring and one-dimensional
    - boring during the scenes involving Nicole, Timothy, Bryce, Dylan, and / or Olivia. So, overall, it was a below average two hours. I am watching to see who caused the blackout, what Simon's, Simcoe's roles were, and why Mark is the central character in the future blackout.