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  • The show is Fresh and Exciting new Drama with twists and turns that will have us at the edge of our seats. From the Characters to the plotline everything is perfect. The show teases us a little to keep us hooked for the next episode.

    One word for this show. Outstanding. We have a very ethnic centric show that deals with everyday life of ordinary people dealing with extra ordinary situations. A future they've seen during the blackout which lasts over 2 minutes. They concious FlashForwards to April 29. Its a fast paced drama and missing a single minute could mean we've missed an entire plot line. The main character Mark Benford is a guy obsessed with his work and is a recovering alcoholic. A family man, a doting father that has seen himself falling off the wagon and facing danger from an unknown threat. Mark puts together a Mosaic of information on a case on D.Gibbons and makes a wall for himself with any leads to the visions he'd seen. He leads the investigation for this special case.. He was the one to tell his boss about the FlashForwards as being a glimpse into the future. While his wife Olivia Benford is a docter who has seen her flashforward with another man Lloyd Simcoe the father of her patient. They have a daughter Charlie and she has foreseen D.Gibbons and a little boy called Dylan.

    Demitri Noh is another character that is lovable. He is a partner of Mark Benford. I'm quite attached to him as he doesn't see the future leading him to believe he will die in the coming months. A possible murder. He posts a little blog to avert his future death and is awaiting further information.

    Demetri and Mark along with their investigative team try to solve the two people that were awake(Concious) during the blackout.
  • The entire world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and they flash to their futures. Some people would like their futures to come true while others are in a race against time to figure out what exactly their visions mean.

    When I first watched a preview for this new ABC show over the summer I was surprised at what I saw. Joseph Fiennes away from theatre acting, John Cho away from Comedy? I can say that it surprised me to see these two actors about to star in a new drama together. A few weeks passed and I remembered that this show was set to debut. I watched it, and I can honestly say it was a great debut. Fiennes and Cho were both amazing as two FBI partners. The thing that really hit me about this show is that the possibilities are endless. They can explore anything they want. They can go anywhere they want, and it wont seem out of the ordinary. They have introduced characters that are relatable and even have a story line centered around a child. If that cannot hook even the biggest fan of suspense then I dont know what can.

    As far as the date of April 29th, 2010 being the end of this show, I say nay to all you people who doubt what this show has to offer. I think the April 29th date is just the beginning of what will be ABCs FlashForward. Expect a thrilling season with a cliffhanger season finale, because I can already see it coming (I saw it in my Flashforward). Season 1 will be full of surprises, like who is Suspect Zero, Why did this person not get effected? And the biggest question of all, how do you get over 6 billion people to have a flash of the future? Are the futures avoidable? Will Demetri be dead as of March 15th? How is D.Gibbons and why 137 seconds? All this and more is what we have to look foward to. And some clever ligh hearted moments featuring John Cho perhaps? Who Knows. Jump on the bandwagon and find out.
  • nice show good story high budget with the effects almost like a movie

    i just finished watching the episodes of the show and i had a really good first impression.it looks like a movie with the effects it`s a high budget show plus i had really intresting story unlike anything else i have seen recently on tv .i think i`m gonna like this show.we should wait and see how it`s gonna develop.i really looking forward on this.i just hope so the writers aren`t gonna ruin this show with the aliens or some relligion crap or worst make it like Lost.i don`t think the viewers gonna like that.it should be good show to watch and the acting is good the story we should wait and see
  • The basic idea of the show or at least the first season revolves around "visions" (six months in the future, April 2010 to be exact). Everyone in the world has a black-out at the exact same time (11 a.m.) for a little over 2 minutes.

    The previews leading up to the "Flash Forward" premiere seemed very interesting, due to it's very rare plot form. I'm not a critic, but i do like to voice an opinion in hopes others might see eye to eye with a big t.v. viewer such as myself. I really want to like this show and I like the first two episodes, but neither episode was flawless when it comes to acting. The actors should really take advantage of such a dramatic and devastating situation, though they seem to stick to the idea of the "visions" all to much instead of making each and every main character likable from the start. As i said, I really want to like this show, but it needs to concentrate on pulling you into the characters lives and the rest of the world as a whole. I understand this can't be done within two episodes, so I'm REALLY hoping this season will get better and better as the show goes on. If so, I don't see why I shouldn't like this show as much as I like "Heroes" (which has also taken a awkward turn in the story, but I like because of the first couple seasons and I'm a fan of it's characters as well). As long as the acting gets better as well as it's story, this show should survive long enough for all of us to see a second season.
  • loved it!

    Flashforward was great. The pilot introduced some interesting characters, and the mystery of who caused the worldwide blackout will keep me watching. The only potential problem I see is with mainstream America. Most of them are too busy watching overweight people compete for prizes or talentless hacks judging other talentless hacks. These people normally aren't into science fiction. I know I'm making a broad generalization, but look back at the "Journeymans" and the "Fireflys" and you'll see what I mean. It looks like the writers have some good stuff to work with here, and I'm anxious to see what happens. I just won't get too attached. You know, just in case...
  • I do have to say, I'm very impressed.

    So my mother talked about this show called 'FlashForward' and seeing we watch almost everything together, she wanted me to watch this along with her as well. So, she finally got me by saying that Domonic Monaghan was going to be in this. So, we positioned ourselves and watched the first episode and it blew me away.

    It is well thought through, the entire planet goes knock out. They all see what happens in the future and it got me thinking about those who see nothing. Lucky me, somebody saw nothing and came to the same conclusion I had. You're a dead man. Anyhow, people die and there is an epic drama going on. We've all seen the epic drama beginning during lost and lost kind of lost it's mojo on me so I hope this will not be disappointing as lost was. I hope this will keep surprising me, as it did this time. Because, honestly, I want to see what happened next.
  • Nice acting + great idea = recipe for an almost perfect pilot

    I was not sure if i was going to see anything new i liked this season, but i've found two shows that at least will have my attention for as long as they keep up the intensity and good acting shown in their respective premieres. Flash forward is one of those shows.

    The show starts with a flash forward (why not..) and a guy coming out a car after apparently having an accident, short after the typical 4 hours earlier message arrives on screen and we are transported to the real beginning of the show in a more classic manner. A nice looking guy (fiennes) gets ready for annother day at work (as an fbi agent) with his beatiful wife and daughter, meets his young partner and starts spying foreign terrorists from a car. After that another cliché follows, a chase on a highway with flashy car accidents and blazing speed. All of a sudden everything goes black and you start thinking you are going to see the guy coming out of the car after having a car accident like the scene you saw in the teaser. And sure enough it happens that way, but it doesn't take long for you to find out that it's more than that, buildings burning, hellicopters crashing against skyscrapers... so ok, those foreign terrorists they were investigating got their plan to work, and the attack has been amazingly effective... but wait, it also happened in san diego apparently? well maybe it was a big scale attack? the answer we find out is both yes and no. It happened to the whole world, and someone probably caused it, but it wasn't a terrorist attack as we know it, it was a 2 minutes and 17 seconds blackout in the minds of every human being on the planet. People swimming... dead, people driving... dead, people on tall stairways... dead... people .. well you get the idea, they don't say how many millions are probably dead, but you can guess it's a lot. They start sharing their experiences and find out that the blackout was not just a blackout, it was a conscience teleportation to the future, because they did not see their futures, they lived them, they felt what they were feeling at the moment and all, (which should be explained a little bit better, but still, you can grasp the idea). We get to see what the main characters saw in their futures and also get some confirmation on weather it was "real" or not, by saying all accounts remembered seeing the same things on tv, the newspapers and even people talking to each other while being thousands of miles apart at the moment of the blackout. The guy who sees himself investigating the case (called mosaic) is appointed as the guy who should investigate the case, and that's probably the most bland argument plotline so far,it makes sense, but at the same time, it's just too easy for him to get the job from among everyone in the world (i'm sure there will be more people who will work with him for the same reasons, but still...). Other than that we start seeing some interesting future plot lines like our hero's wife falling in love with the guy whose child she saved (she is a doctor) after the incident. We see this because of 3 things, the wife sees herself in love with the man, the man is going to meet her right after she has seen herself in love with him and most importantly the child knew her so he saw something also. Another character poses the question of why he did not see anything at all, and of course the most obvious reason would be, if he was dead there is no way he could transport himself to his future mind. It's funny but yet another character was going to kill himself but does not do that because he sees he is alive in the future, so why bother... I think the pilot answers most of the questions we need to know and leaves all the interesting questions unresolved. Like, why did this happen? will it happen again? will it come true? and who is that guy with a long black coat at the end of the episode that's not affected by the blackout? This show has potential, good actors, nice plotlines, possibility for infinite plot twists (like lost, which is "its partner" this season) and my personal favourite, it can be a one season show (it probably won't be, but i can dream) that really focusses on delivering all the goods in 22-23 episodes instead of milking it till there is no real purpose for watching it.
  • Very promising.

    I really liked the concept, and one thing that impressed me was the "messiness" of it -- a shared experience, but some people are hopeful, some dismayed, some just mystified, and it takes time for everybody to realize that the time-travel is the real mystery, because each one assumed at first that they were just dreaming.

    The one thing that bugs me is this -- a worldwide phenomenon, yet the only people investigating it are three non-scientists in a regional FBI office? It's not like Mulder and Scully picking up odd crimes. Wouldn't this be a huge international project? Or will we see other investigators later?

    Also, since the "future" is at the end of the season, how could the show run for more than a year?
  • my new 'best show ever!' i really hope ABC will keep in on the air.

    here we go, another good show that will keep us guessing and intrigued for along time. i do wonder though, since they gave a date for the flash forward, how long can they keep this show going? i mean, will it even last more then one season? i know the writers have all of this already figured out and all i have to do is sit back, relax & enjoy, but if it's good, i want it to keep going you know. i just hope it gets the ratings it deserves. i'm really tired of all these doctor, cop & reality shows with judges picking people to be stars. all the shows that are more original with newer ideas tend to be the ones i like, but they always get canceled and another CSI, Law and Order or American Dancing Idols takes it's place. so hopefully this grand show will continue on and then i'll have a new show to watch finally.
  • Excellent opening salvo. A couple of annoying things, a couple of surprises, and hints of Lost. What did you see? Did anyone else notice the Oceana poster?

    I get the distinct feeling this may actually be a spin-off of Lost, kind of how Mork & Mindy was a spin-off of Happy Days. By that I mean an event that occurred on Lost has spawned this. I'm going out on a limb and guess the even was caused by the H-Bomb detonation on Lost. But that was in 1972 you say, but don't forget that the Island screws around with time. Overall, I liked the pilot. Nice to see Seth McFarlane, I hope he's a semi-regular, when he's not doing his 10,000 other things. I'm also going to say nice to see Lee Thompson. I liked him in The Famous Jett Jackson so always good to see a child star as an adult.

    The main actors, I don't have a problem with and I find the plot intriguing and the characters interesting. Mark a recovering alcoholic who's vision may put him off the wagon and loosing his family. Demtri, who saw nothing, yet in a preview his fiance seem him in their wedding. Olivia with the man of the little boy she saved. However, I have to take points off for the lack of revealing between the husband and wife. Here, right off the bat we see 2 key factors: He's drinking, she's with another man. She reveals that info yet he fails to reveal that he was back on the sauce. That just feel like an unnecessary plot twist to me. Just TELL HER "Oh, and honey, I was drinking while at the office with these people trying to hunt me down and kill me." Then she could say something like, "Oh, well that explains why I'm with another man, ok, let's try to prevent this, together. At least I hope that's what happens. To me, this is a different type of secret than what you see on Defying Gravity since that's central to the plot. While this could be central to the plot I just find his lack of revealing annoying.

    Overall, I look forward to this show and seeing what will happen, yet I fear it will suffer the fate of may of these shows (The Nine, Life on Mars, Journeyman, etc.) once the secret is out, there's no more show. Even Lost had to set an end date.
  • I think its a great series. With LOST I wouldnt compare, because it not even belong in the same subgenre. i would rather compare with

    I think its a great series. With LOST I wouldnt compare, because it not even belong in the same subgenre. i would rather compare with Fringe and less known Invasion, which unfortunately ABC canceled after one season (due to Hurricane Katrina..?)

    Anyway a very good pilot I must say, worth 5/5. Even on the first minutes it blown me away and the cliffhanger let me thinking. But I pray not to stick plots like terrorist attack (or even more, and US terror attack..God, people know how much i hated that in Jericho). Or some BS Alien Theory. It would be nice if they implement a little religion thing in the series that make parallel with the action (see Battlestar Galactica).

    I would rather be a short series and good (currently 13 episodes ordered by ABC) than one that would decrease season by season (see Prison Break).

    Side Note: In the future, I saw myself watching one of the last episodes of Lost, btw I will not give you spoilers. Kidding :d
  • An immediate success...but can the writers maintain the standards they've set for themselves?

    Wow. This premier grabbed hold of me and held on till the very end. Excellent...but can the writers of this series keep it coming show after show, and if they are lucky, season after season? This remains to be seen. I hope the writers haven't dug themselves into a hole they can't get out of, they've set the bar pretty high for future episodes with the very first installment. After all, the visions the main characters were having only extend six months into the future...and this could spell trouble for the series after the end of the first season! I hope they can keep it up, I'd hate to see something that starts out this good quickly evolve into an abysmal failure. We'll see.
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