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  • why do i wanna see a show where i already know whats gonna happen? oh well no wonder ratings are dropping and even the cast is splitting!!!

    Various TV-related websites are reporting that a number of Flashforward stars are already signing up to TV Pilots that are currently being developed and which could possibly launch in the autumn as part of the new TV season.

    With Flashforward ratings rapidly collapsing, stars are now jumping ship before it sinks, minimizing the little hope that remains for a possible second series of the series that was meant to be the next big thing after Lost.

    Christine Woods who plays lesbian-yet-to-become-pregnant FBI agent Janice, has already signed up to star in the NBC sitcom pilot, 'Perfect Couples.' a comedy about three different married couples. The actress has however confirmed that if Flashforward is renewed she will quit the lead role in the new sitcom.

    Meanwhile, actor Zachary Knighton who plays the yet-to-fall-in-love ER doc Byce, might never get to meet the love of his life Keiko, after having signed up to the new planned sitcom pilot Happy Endings. The one thing that might change this is that the new sitcom would air on ABC if it gets past the pilot stage and being on the same network as FF, ABC might have a say in this.

    Finally, kid actor Ryan Wynott who plays creepy hospitalized Dyaln Simcoe, has been cast to star in the NBC pilot The Cape, a new drama about a wrongly accused police officer who sets out to become a hero, and which NBC is hoping to be the next big project to take up home in its mediocre schedules.

    So, with the cast jumping ship - showing little faith in the project, and ratings nosediving fast, the future for FlashForward looks pretty bleak.
    Source: TV Squad, E Online, Vaya Tele
  • Slllloooooowwwwww.....

    I gave this five episodes after an opening episode that was visually great and which set up an intriguing premise (loved the end of ep 1 hook with the guy in the baseball stadium!) - and then nothing happened for the next four eps. Talk about over-stretching the story! I always thought one of the strengths of Yank TV was the amount of story they crammed into an hour, but the lack of drama and clunky dialogue (along with the most hilariously naff shoot-out I've seen for twenty years) made me switch off. Spent all the money on the visual flash (by the way, anyone else getting sick of this high gloss style of shooting?), didn't spend enough time or money on the story. Not recommended.
  • Major plot hole

    What if you could see the future? The buzz promises the next "Lost", well hardly - think about it - If everyone knew the exact date and time in the future they'll be seeing, then they would also know it in the future.

    Come April 29th 2010, I, for example, would look at past winning lottery numbers or something, knowing that my past self could play those numbers, be rich and change the present.

    This show better make sense quickly or it'll start losing viewers in my opinion.
    Is it doomed to be another "7 days" like debacle?

    I really want to see a true "Lost" substitute, hope it'll come soon.
  • A great concept show… Telling the tale of how the entire planet blacked out and everyone saw visions of their own lives six months on. However this show is just poorly executed, and in serious need of an adrenaline kick to pick up the pace of the p

    A great concept show poorly executed…
    Telling the tale of how the entire planet blacked out and everyone saw visions of their own lives six months on.
    However this show is just poorly executed, and in serious need of an adrenaline kick to pick up the pace of the plot.
    One of the main problems is that there are too many characters with interwoven story lines that don't reveal enough about themselves to make you care what happens to them each week let alone six months from now.
    Each episode leaves unanswered questions. You forget the plot each week, so you can't be bothered with it in the end. This TV series will probably work well on DVD when you can watch 2 or 3 episodes together.
    Invest your time in this series if you have nothing better to do, but prepare to be confused.
  • I do have to say, I'm very impressed.

    So my mother talked about this show called 'FlashForward' and seeing we watch almost everything together, she wanted me to watch this along with her as well. So, she finally got me by saying that Domonic Monaghan was going to be in this. So, we positioned ourselves and watched the first episode and it blew me away.

    It is well thought through, the entire planet goes knock out. They all see what happens in the future and it got me thinking about those who see nothing. Lucky me, somebody saw nothing and came to the same conclusion I had. You're a dead man. Anyhow, people die and there is an epic drama going on. We've all seen the epic drama beginning during lost and lost kind of lost it's mojo on me so I hope this will not be disappointing as lost was. I hope this will keep surprising me, as it did this time. Because, honestly, I want to see what happened next.
  • What started with an intriguing premise has floundered into shallow pool of gimmicky storylines, awkward writing and even worse acting, and god-awful editing that ought to be far better considering the production value.

    What started with an intriguing premise has floundered into shallow pool of gimmicky storylines, awkward writing and even worse acting, and god-awful editing that ought to be far better considering the production value.

    I'm trying to be patient with 'Flash Forward' and to give it the benefit of a doubt, but damn if it isn't getting hard. Story-wise, the show is spreading itself far too thin, trying too hard to intertwine all of its characters without letting us become better acquainted first. One of the reasons 'Lost' was so captivating was because it took its time to familiarize us with each major character, and even some of the less important ones. So far I have zero empathy for any of FF's characters. Too much, too soon. We needed to wallow in the weirdness of the blackout a little longer. Now they're all just makin' out and shooting people. Booooring.

    Our running joke while watching Fiennes' character grumble strenuously through his lines is that he's "going through some stuff" (something he actually said during an episode). This guy is so over-the-top intense that he's comical, and I'm beginning to wonder if the writers don't hold some kind of grudge against Fiennes. Everything he says is so hilariously forceful and over-concentrated that my partner and I will miss a good ten minutes of the show by taking turns imitating him. It isn't just the writing, either. Someone needs to pull the giant prickly pear out of his behind. Relax, buddy. Just because you were cool in the 90s and your brother is amazing doesn't mean you need to try so excruciatingly hard. It's painful to watch.

    Where 'Lost' deftly maneuvered us through relationships and plot twists, subtly letting us pick up clues and winding our own mythologies until they cleverly unveiled their plots, FF slams each discovery into our faces. Every twist is pointed out, explained, and immediately resolved by the characters. They've left nothing to the imagination, which is why they won't be seeing many fan theory sites popping up. What is there to speculate on? More importantly, how the hell are they going to stretch it out for more than a season?

    Finally, the editing is shoddy and confused. Music tracks will spurt up awkwardly, as if to say "we've run out of interesting things to say, so here's a hip indie track to listen to while watching the actors look pensive. This makes us cool, right??" The music is ill-fitted and distracting. It's a time-waster. On top of all that, scenes are cut off abruptly, without the timing, style or grace that should come with a quick cut. At this point we're only watching it for the amusing over-acting and to smugly point out it's stupidity. Like 'Fringe' (an awful, blatant, and poorly executed rip-off of 'X-Files'), it's become the show that simply accommodates endless parodies and bafflement at what highly paid and allegedly talented production teams will spit out for the masses.
  • A show with good premise and potential that went wrong really quickly.

    I have to say I was really looking forward to this show and I really wanted to like it, maybe my expectations were too high, but I completely lost interest after the first few episodes. The pilot was fairly well-done and decent but as the series went on, the plot seemed to go nowhere and I couldn't care less about the characters. It's one of the weakest points of the series actually: there's no strong or really interesting character among them, and I'm still not sure that Joseph Fiennes was the right choice for the main role. I don't mind slow storytelling as long as it is done well and can keep me interested, but that's not the case with FlashForward. Calling this show "the new Lost" is just as nonsense as FF itself has become. I wonder what they're gonna do next season (I guess we will learn what caused the black-out by the end of this season), they're already having trouble with the storyline and the dialogues.

    To simply put, FlashForward needs better writing, it's too predictable and artificial, easily the biggest disappointment of the year. The fact that I gave this show a 5/10 shows how kind-hearted I am...

  • The main problem I have with this show is the question it tries to ask the viewer in "Can you change the future with prior knowledge of it?". And the reason why I have a problem with it is that the answer is so painfully obvious, YES!

    The main problem I have with this show is the question it tries to ask the viewer in "Can you change the future with prior knowledge of it?". And the reason why I have a problem with it is that the answer is so painfully obvious, YES!

    If the whole world sees their own future, it's just ridiculous to think that they wouldn't be able to change it, and you could bring up thousands of examples of why that is the case. It just pains me when the characters can't realize this themselves.

    Of course the future seen wouldn't be THAT far from what would happen from a real blackout as described in the show because some things you can't change even if you know it (like cancer and such things), but the suspense that the writers are trying to create just is lost because of this ridiculous notion. I'd would have to see more focus on the cause of the blackout and how people are actually trying to change or keep what they saw. I doubt that most people that saw a future they didn't like would just settle with that "truth" without trying to change it.

    The show has certainly promise, and if it can get away from the existential questions and focus more on the science and drama it could excel in the future. Unfortunately I have a sneaking suspicion that it will not get enough time time to turn around the slowly sinking ship that it has become.
  • Show takes an infinitely fascinating enigma of science and turns it into a marginally unusual criminal investigation.

    It's good to see that networks are still willing to give a chance to a show with a remotely original concept, at least once every few seasons. Unfortunately, this show isn't really stacking up to it's potential. The concept, precognition, revolves entirely around causality. The really interesting question the premise poses is whether or not the future is set in stone. There is theoretical physics behind causality. Studying the reliability of the flash-forwards would help understand the science behind them and figure out how it happened. For instance, how do you explain that in the flash-forwards no one seems to know what's going on even though we know exactly when it will? These kind of problems of causality would be fascinating to see challenged and investigated.

    The show, however, seems completely uninterested in the science of the phenomena. I think the purely criminal investigation perspective of the show will be the downfall of a potentially brilliant premise.
  • Hmmm..

    An extremly interesting premise with an extremly interesting beggining. I mean let's look at what they've set up here... looking at your future 6 months from now. Imagine it!!! How would you feel? Would you be happy? Would you do everything you can to make sure it comes true? Or the opposite?
    Unfortunately... the interesting premise is not enough. It's quite hard to call the charactors uninteresting: one knows he is doomed for death so will do anything to change it, one knows in 6 months he'll have all the answers and will be attacked for it, one knows her marraige will be over and the guy who shes with may actually be behind the whole thing, one knows his dead daughter may actually be alive, one knows he'll be taking a crap...

    I mean that is pretty good. All the potential is there! So... what is going wrong? Simple. You cannot connect with them. The plot is not interesting enough. The whole marriage storyline is wayyyy to soapy. Im intrigued enough to keep watching but its slowley starting to get boring. They are not developing it properly enough. Finally they are adressing the question that the Flashforwards can be changed which may well be enough to keep me tuned. They need to develope the charactors furthur. I mean come on, its not hard to imagine a brilliant show here.
  • After watching the early previews, I wasn't impressed at all with this show, and didn't understand all the hype, but after reading Goyer's name on screen like 3 times, I was immediatelly excited, but it seems is tries very hard to be another "Lost".

    After watching the early previews and trailer, I have to say, I wasn't impressed at all with this show, and didn't quite understand all the hype, but after reading David S. Goyer's name on screen, in like 3-4 credits, I was immediatelly excited.

    I have to say, this show was enjoyable, but that's all, a 6.5 I'd give it, it seem to try very hard to copy 'Lost', instead of it's own thing, that becames very clear in the early scene, mysteries, everything, one Lost is enough, we don't need two, specially, considering the original one, went downhill pretty damn fast.
  • Sinking ship

    I gave up on this show long ago, after the sixth or seventh episode. The premise of FF was quite promising, the result was instead quite poor. I mean the whole thing about the agent (sorry i forgot the name) and his wife is just plain annoying. the thing about the flash forward coming true or not after a while failed to catch my interest. Don't get me started on the bad guys: claiming the whole thing was an experiment gone wrong ( or whatever), that's it? 30 MILLIONS dead and you go on TV and say "I'm sorry"? who are you? Tiger Woods and the kind? (On a unrelated topic: I'll never understand why famous people have always to spill their guts in front of everyone). I put this show on a personal hiatus, but now, after having seen its rating, I can wave goodbye to it ( without regret).
  • Great concept but poorly and filled with propaganda.

    I'll watch any show that deals w temporal anomalies - LOVE THEM! Like how everything is happening because they've seen it happen or they're trying to prevent what they saw.

    That said, this show is poorly written, composed and delivered. Not so much the fault of the great cast of sci-fi alumni I think. More Brannon Braga & co. It's a big and shiny-looking show but that's about it. This works even less in a show so heavy on dialogue. It feels like The 4400. Flashforward's sort of predictable, pun intended.

    Of course the actual prophecy/predestination part is always hard to get right. Those inconsitencies don't bug me that much.

    (Quick note: LOVE the Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot =P)

    What does bother me is how the mindset of everyday life in the US is presented (recalling the Entertainment Industry Foundation's directive to promote government activities on television - eifoundation.org The EIF btw uses the same kind of star for its logo as is seen several times on this show. Just thought it interesting to note...)

    Here are some points for viewers to consider:

    There is a huge, clearly visible ad on a medical website promoting the now controversial flu vacination. It doesn't say H1N1, but it presents a study comparing the injection to the nasal spray. ep4

    Martial Law - no one has anything against armed soldiers and choppers everywhere. ep1,2,3

    While witholding a prisoner's due process is officially uncool, if Alda had something to do with the attack the FBI should "Go Dick Chaney on her ass" says Zoey, the LAWYER! ep4

    Characters repeatedly state that "It's a new world" due to the attack, therefore the rules should be bent.

    The Somalia report from 1991: DHS was formed 2002 it didn't exist in 1991! Uninformed misstake or Orvellian plant? You decide. ep3

    Power-tripping TSA officer. ep3
  • Different, but the same.

    Flashforward was a very unique premise, it seemed like it would make a good show, but I never could see it being able to turn that premise into a series. And in the end, it was never turned into a series. It had been cancelled after one season, unfortunately. It's too bad that this show was cancelled, it was a good show. It was no Lost, and I think, although it was trying to be "The Next Lost" it wasn't trying to completely copy everything about it (although the similarities between the two were often eerie). The acting in this show was subpar. Joseph Fiennes is a pretty bad actor, but the rest of the cast does good enough to make that acceptable. Overall, this show wasn't terrible, and it's definitely not as bad as some people say. I'd give it watch, just for fun.
  • Will FlashForward just be a flash in the pan? That depends on your vision.

    ABC's new sci-fi/drama series FlashForward centers around a global event in which humanity inexplicably loses consciousness for a little over 2 minutes. During this blackout a portion of the population have visions of their lives six months into the future. Apparently some didn't experience any visions at all perhaps due to having no future to see. The plot then narrows down further to a group of people in Los Angeles loosely connected to each other via work or family. This is where the plot looses a bit of focus. The drama begins to stretch itself thin as the "What did you see in your vision?" question is asked. Their responses and reactions are extremely unsatisfying. These characters appear to assume that their fates have been sealed by a vision they are powerless to change. On the whole, FastForward has an interesting premise which may eventually lead to discussions regarding predestination and free will. ABC may be touting it as the companion series to Lost yet, as this pilot episode shows, they sorely need J.J. Abrams on their writing staff.
  • not for an end

    if it was going to continue in the new season, the end would be perfect but now that the show has ended with that episode, i think it is not that great. we had an open end that makes us curious about what happened next. nothing went right according to the first flashforward so maybe this was a way to say people that nothing can be guessed. even though the end was not clear, the show was the best of it's season on its own category.
    i hope that the producers won't give up and they will keep making shows like this.
  • Smile you're on Flashforward...

    Now I know that Flashforward is a drama, but seriously, can no one smile at all? I am not sure there has been a single funny or even humorous scene (unless you count the ridiculously funny combo of music and action in the gunfight at the end of episode 5). I feel like the characters believe April 29, 2010 will be the end of the world. Seriously, lighten up. I don't mind TV being serious, in fact I prefer drama to comedy, but you can't be completely serious all the time. No one is like that in real life. Can the writers not think of a single comic relief scene? The script outline in the writer's room probably goes something like this: exciting scene, several mundane scenes, suspenseful scene, exciting scene, repeat.

    I realize the world probably seems like it is falling apart to these people and most of them have personal issues (this is a drama after all), but there is always the person in the group who cracks the joke or does something funny to lighten the mood when it gets too dreary. I would be seriously depressed and start drinking if all my friends were as straight-faced and full of anxiety as these characters are.
  • FlashFoward.... Why did you have to go....


    I love this series; I heard about it when it was airing on TV but never actually decided to watch it, until I came upon it this past month on Netflix and decided to watch it.
    I thought it was amazing seeing that all the shows now are horrible and have really noessentialplot line. And seeing some of my favorite Lost characters back on screen made me happy. I know why they cancelled it, because itwasn'tgetting as good a rankings as V or any of the other shows on ABC but why?
    This TV show was the only show at the time that had a basic plot line and was goingsomewhere. But they leave you left with the bits on Charliesmemory'sduring the last episode! I mean what is she talking about when she says 'They've found him."

    ABC please next time you plan to cut a show, cut the one with no plot....

  • was to be a great show !


    It would be great show if it wasn't ended in that way !
  • Flash Forward is not the jump out of your chair series to be compared with Lost but still has plenty of thrills for the viewers to get excited.

    Flash Forward is the new show that was said to be the Lost companion before the new Lost season ending off Lost's run. The pilot was a very good episode, followed by a very good second episode but the third episode failed to impress. The show is not as energetic and fast paced as Lost is. But don't throw this show down just yet because Flash Forward could pull of some things that could really impress us and send us to better reviews. Thus far it has got some negative criticism from some of us here at tv.com but don't discard Flash Forward just yet. These things take time. ;)
  • The entire world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and they flash to their futures. Some people would like their futures to come true while others are in a race against time to figure out what exactly their visions mean.

    When I first watched a preview for this new ABC show over the summer I was surprised at what I saw. Joseph Fiennes away from theatre acting, John Cho away from Comedy? I can say that it surprised me to see these two actors about to star in a new drama together. A few weeks passed and I remembered that this show was set to debut. I watched it, and I can honestly say it was a great debut. Fiennes and Cho were both amazing as two FBI partners. The thing that really hit me about this show is that the possibilities are endless. They can explore anything they want. They can go anywhere they want, and it wont seem out of the ordinary. They have introduced characters that are relatable and even have a story line centered around a child. If that cannot hook even the biggest fan of suspense then I dont know what can.

    As far as the date of April 29th, 2010 being the end of this show, I say nay to all you people who doubt what this show has to offer. I think the April 29th date is just the beginning of what will be ABCs FlashForward. Expect a thrilling season with a cliffhanger season finale, because I can already see it coming (I saw it in my Flashforward). Season 1 will be full of surprises, like who is Suspect Zero, Why did this person not get effected? And the biggest question of all, how do you get over 6 billion people to have a flash of the future? Are the futures avoidable? Will Demetri be dead as of March 15th? How is D.Gibbons and why 137 seconds? All this and more is what we have to look foward to. And some clever ligh hearted moments featuring John Cho perhaps? Who Knows. Jump on the bandwagon and find out.
  • The basic idea of the show or at least the first season revolves around "visions" (six months in the future, April 2010 to be exact). Everyone in the world has a black-out at the exact same time (11 a.m.) for a little over 2 minutes.

    The previews leading up to the "Flash Forward" premiere seemed very interesting, due to it's very rare plot form. I'm not a critic, but i do like to voice an opinion in hopes others might see eye to eye with a big t.v. viewer such as myself. I really want to like this show and I like the first two episodes, but neither episode was flawless when it comes to acting. The actors should really take advantage of such a dramatic and devastating situation, though they seem to stick to the idea of the "visions" all to much instead of making each and every main character likable from the start. As i said, I really want to like this show, but it needs to concentrate on pulling you into the characters lives and the rest of the world as a whole. I understand this can't be done within two episodes, so I'm REALLY hoping this season will get better and better as the show goes on. If so, I don't see why I shouldn't like this show as much as I like "Heroes" (which has also taken a awkward turn in the story, but I like because of the first couple seasons and I'm a fan of it's characters as well). As long as the acting gets better as well as it's story, this show should survive long enough for all of us to see a second season.
  • Tv shows are not meant for intelligent people

    Well, that's my conclusion anyway when you see that incredibly stupid shows as CSI, Vegas, 24 et al get season after season when something as good as Flash Forward (or the River or Point Pleasant, or -fill name of brain stimulating show-) gets cancelled.
  • they should have chose flashforward over V

    ABC said that because ratings were low with both shows they were going to have to cancel one of them, they had to chose between the two and they chose V ,and they decided to cancel flashforward. i've watched some of V, and personally i think Flashforward is way better, and i liked the story line of Flashforward a lot more than the story line of V, i don't understand why they couldn't just let it run for another season to see if more people start watching it, and if after antoher season it still has really low ratings then they consider canceling it.

  • very promising even excellent

    I think this series can be promising and I think that they can surprise us with the development. I hope they have a few asses up their sleeve; they have an amazing cast and a pretty good script so I think that this series can be amazing. They have to move faster to keep the public watching, they have all the ingredients to a good receipt. It is difficult to imagine what will happen if everybody would see the future. Will we change it? Will we do everything in our power to make it happen / change it? The future depends if we want it to happen or not! Our amazing cast can show as our different choices.
  • A good series so far

    So what episode are we on now? Episode 6 I'm guessing the show gets better each week, with new twists that get you excited to see what happens next. FlashForwards first episode was very promising but the show slowed down a bit that was until Simon was introduced played by the brilliant Dominic Monaghan. John Cho's charater Dimitri is very intresting as well. The show is so over the top the acting really really over the top it makes the show some how funny and it doesnt bother me anymore plus Dom puts the rest to shame with his acting on top form.
  • Very promising.

    I really liked the concept, and one thing that impressed me was the "messiness" of it -- a shared experience, but some people are hopeful, some dismayed, some just mystified, and it takes time for everybody to realize that the time-travel is the real mystery, because each one assumed at first that they were just dreaming.

    The one thing that bugs me is this -- a worldwide phenomenon, yet the only people investigating it are three non-scientists in a regional FBI office? It's not like Mulder and Scully picking up odd crimes. Wouldn't this be a huge international project? Or will we see other investigators later?

    Also, since the "future" is at the end of the season, how could the show run for more than a year?
  • Excellent opening salvo. A couple of annoying things, a couple of surprises, and hints of Lost. What did you see? Did anyone else notice the Oceana poster?

    I get the distinct feeling this may actually be a spin-off of Lost, kind of how Mork & Mindy was a spin-off of Happy Days. By that I mean an event that occurred on Lost has spawned this. I'm going out on a limb and guess the even was caused by the H-Bomb detonation on Lost. But that was in 1972 you say, but don't forget that the Island screws around with time. Overall, I liked the pilot. Nice to see Seth McFarlane, I hope he's a semi-regular, when he's not doing his 10,000 other things. I'm also going to say nice to see Lee Thompson. I liked him in The Famous Jett Jackson so always good to see a child star as an adult.

    The main actors, I don't have a problem with and I find the plot intriguing and the characters interesting. Mark a recovering alcoholic who's vision may put him off the wagon and loosing his family. Demtri, who saw nothing, yet in a preview his fiance seem him in their wedding. Olivia with the man of the little boy she saved. However, I have to take points off for the lack of revealing between the husband and wife. Here, right off the bat we see 2 key factors: He's drinking, she's with another man. She reveals that info yet he fails to reveal that he was back on the sauce. That just feel like an unnecessary plot twist to me. Just TELL HER "Oh, and honey, I was drinking while at the office with these people trying to hunt me down and kill me." Then she could say something like, "Oh, well that explains why I'm with another man, ok, let's try to prevent this, together. At least I hope that's what happens. To me, this is a different type of secret than what you see on Defying Gravity since that's central to the plot. While this could be central to the plot I just find his lack of revealing annoying.

    Overall, I look forward to this show and seeing what will happen, yet I fear it will suffer the fate of may of these shows (The Nine, Life on Mars, Journeyman, etc.) once the secret is out, there's no more show. Even Lost had to set an end date.
  • I think its a great series. With LOST I wouldnt compare, because it not even belong in the same subgenre. i would rather compare with

    I think its a great series. With LOST I wouldnt compare, because it not even belong in the same subgenre. i would rather compare with Fringe and less known Invasion, which unfortunately ABC canceled after one season (due to Hurricane Katrina..?)

    Anyway a very good pilot I must say, worth 5/5. Even on the first minutes it blown me away and the cliffhanger let me thinking. But I pray not to stick plots like terrorist attack (or even more, and US terror attack..God, people know how much i hated that in Jericho). Or some BS Alien Theory. It would be nice if they implement a little religion thing in the series that make parallel with the action (see Battlestar Galactica).

    I would rather be a short series and good (currently 13 episodes ordered by ABC) than one that would decrease season by season (see Prison Break).

    Side Note: In the future, I saw myself watching one of the last episodes of Lost, btw I will not give you spoilers. Kidding :d
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