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    please please please bring this show back i am still waiting for season 2. I really loved this show! I just got finished watching falling skies on TNT and that only made me miss this show. I waited every week for Flash Forward i was like some housewife waiting for her soaps. Now my addiction is Walking Dead On AMC what...did you hear that AMC Flash Forward is the shiz and you would have a loyal fan base if you could make it happen! I at least need some sort of closure I mean how can u just leave us at the cliff like that ABC? As for all you haters you could always just watch dancing with the stars or any other cr@ppy tv show out there. Come on TVland we love flash forward !!!!
  • just make 1 more season. something like a final one! the plot was the most interesting after LOST. it would be a shame not to continue this series

    really loved.. kept my interest up almost in all episodes. have action, drama, shooting, conspiracy theories. exactly what a series need to be at the top.

    you should really consider about making at least one more season. to end it in a good way and take us out of our curiosity!
  • FlashFoward.... Why did you have to go....


    I love this series; I heard about it when it was airing on TV but never actually decided to watch it, until I came upon it this past month on Netflix and decided to watch it.
    I thought it was amazing seeing that all the shows now are horrible and have really noessentialplot line. And seeing some of my favorite Lost characters back on screen made me happy. I know why they cancelled it, because itwasn'tgetting as good a rankings as V or any of the other shows on ABC but why?
    This TV show was the only show at the time that had a basic plot line and was goingsomewhere. But they leave you left with the bits on Charliesmemory'sduring the last episode! I mean what is she talking about when she says 'They've found him."

    ABC please next time you plan to cut a show, cut the one with no plot....

  • A private channel must buy the rights to continue this awesome show!

    A private channel must buy the rights to continue this awesome show!
    It's a great show with very smart and effective progress which makes it a nice mystery adventure. I wonder WHY it's canceled when other shows which become more and more boring continue to air...
    People like trash tv like Jerry Springer...
    After lost's "chaotic" ending, flash forward was by far the best series on tv. Lets see what the channel will air for replacement for these two shows!
    The show was a bit slow sometimes and you wanted something to happen but the end of flash forward was incredible, it was a season finale to make you want more.
  • they should have chose flashforward over V

    ABC said that because ratings were low with both shows they were going to have to cancel one of them, they had to chose between the two and they chose V ,and they decided to cancel flashforward. i've watched some of V, and personally i think Flashforward is way better, and i liked the story line of Flashforward a lot more than the story line of V, i don't understand why they couldn't just let it run for another season to see if more people start watching it, and if after antoher season it still has really low ratings then they consider canceling it.

  • Here are the votes from Holland.... Lost 9, Flash Forward 10!!

    I am an absolute LOST freak and for me LOST is the best serie ever written.... till there was "Flash Forward". I have to admit this show is even better than LOST!! So I am speaking for all the people in Holland.... we are begging you all NOT to cancel this most wonderfull, thrilled, well directed, great casted serie of all time!!!! I really cannot imagine that there are people who don't like this show.... I hardly can wait for each next episode... Even on the other side of the world..... Please please please continue this promising show for at least another 10 seasons!!! If not... I am going to find a way to cause a global blackout myself!! :) THANK YOU!!!
  • flashforward best serires movie

    i can't believe any one will rate another serires movie above flashforward. i have seen lost, V, 24...... lot of series movies but none is more interesting than flashforward. please ABC bring d movie back, flashforward as uncountable fans and we can't wait for season two
  • Bring it back..how much is 1 more season REALLY gonna set you back, you rich bastards?!

    look I just watched the entire series from font to back and it is currently 4:30 in the morning central time...All i can say is WOW! i might just have to pause this reveiw to proccess what i just witnessed..but i can't the show hits on all bases, its not slow at all, it grows is character base to an incredible level and handles each character beautifully, pans all storylines out fantastically, adds double adjents from the white house to the homeless shelter its truly amazing a must watch for all time!! petition it back please!! how much is one more season gonna set the rich bastards back anyway??
  • This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!!

    This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!! This is great!!! Don't cancel it!!!
  • Oh my god!!!

    How can you possibly not like this?
    There is a very very good.
    Best show ever!!! Don't cancel!!!
    Great show, and it gets even better each episode.
    very promising even excellent,
    Easily my favorite Science Fiction show on TV. One of the few that actually seems aimed at adults and not Transformer fans. One event sets into motion a large unfolding mystery, that they better give me closure on, because I am hooked,
    I think they only have very short story line,
    A good series so far,
    Flash Forward is not the jump out of your chair series to be compared with Lost but still has plenty of thrills for the viewers to get excited.

    Amazing, i say
  • How can you possibly not like this?

    This is a very epic masterpiece from ABC... many people don't like this show and to tell the truth I don't understand why! Series has a very daring screenplay and gives us many questions... it's well acted and for sure it's not predictable! I really hope that they won't spoil the series and I don't get this "show went the wrong way" reviews! show went the right exact way it should be! So if you're new and don't know if you wanna watch this series I have an answer for you: WATCH IT! it's worth your time... P.S: stop comparing this show to LOST this is different
  • Great concept but poorly and filled with propaganda.

    I'll watch any show that deals w temporal anomalies - LOVE THEM! Like how everything is happening because they've seen it happen or they're trying to prevent what they saw.

    That said, this show is poorly written, composed and delivered. Not so much the fault of the great cast of sci-fi alumni I think. More Brannon Braga & co. It's a big and shiny-looking show but that's about it. This works even less in a show so heavy on dialogue. It feels like The 4400. Flashforward's sort of predictable, pun intended.

    Of course the actual prophecy/predestination part is always hard to get right. Those inconsitencies don't bug me that much.

    (Quick note: LOVE the Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot =P)

    What does bother me is how the mindset of everyday life in the US is presented (recalling the Entertainment Industry Foundation's directive to promote government activities on television - eifoundation.org The EIF btw uses the same kind of star for its logo as is seen several times on this show. Just thought it interesting to note...)

    Here are some points for viewers to consider:

    There is a huge, clearly visible ad on a medical website promoting the now controversial flu vacination. It doesn't say H1N1, but it presents a study comparing the injection to the nasal spray. ep4

    Martial Law - no one has anything against armed soldiers and choppers everywhere. ep1,2,3

    While witholding a prisoner's due process is officially uncool, if Alda had something to do with the attack the FBI should "Go Dick Chaney on her ass" says Zoey, the LAWYER! ep4

    Characters repeatedly state that "It's a new world" due to the attack, therefore the rules should be bent.

    The Somalia report from 1991: DHS was formed 2002 it didn't exist in 1991! Uninformed misstake or Orvellian plant? You decide. ep3

    Power-tripping TSA officer. ep3
  • Show takes an infinitely fascinating enigma of science and turns it into a marginally unusual criminal investigation.

    It's good to see that networks are still willing to give a chance to a show with a remotely original concept, at least once every few seasons. Unfortunately, this show isn't really stacking up to it's potential. The concept, precognition, revolves entirely around causality. The really interesting question the premise poses is whether or not the future is set in stone. There is theoretical physics behind causality. Studying the reliability of the flash-forwards would help understand the science behind them and figure out how it happened. For instance, how do you explain that in the flash-forwards no one seems to know what's going on even though we know exactly when it will? These kind of problems of causality would be fascinating to see challenged and investigated.

    The show, however, seems completely uninterested in the science of the phenomena. I think the purely criminal investigation perspective of the show will be the downfall of a potentially brilliant premise.
  • A show with good premise and potential that went wrong really quickly.

    I have to say I was really looking forward to this show and I really wanted to like it, maybe my expectations were too high, but I completely lost interest after the first few episodes. The pilot was fairly well-done and decent but as the series went on, the plot seemed to go nowhere and I couldn't care less about the characters. It's one of the weakest points of the series actually: there's no strong or really interesting character among them, and I'm still not sure that Joseph Fiennes was the right choice for the main role. I don't mind slow storytelling as long as it is done well and can keep me interested, but that's not the case with FlashForward. Calling this show "the new Lost" is just as nonsense as FF itself has become. I wonder what they're gonna do next season (I guess we will learn what caused the black-out by the end of this season), they're already having trouble with the storyline and the dialogues.

    To simply put, FlashForward needs better writing, it's too predictable and artificial, easily the biggest disappointment of the year. The fact that I gave this show a 5/10 shows how kind-hearted I am...
  • Could not stop watching it

    i just watched the entire season online in about 10 days. I couldn't stop watching it. The best show I have seen in a long time. The concept, twists, and the intensity of all the characters potential futures unfolding kept me coming back wondering whats going to really happen. I was on the edge of my seat with eyes pealed to my computer monitor. It took me on an emotional rollercoaster where i was in shock, omg, laughing, crying and curious on what is going to happen. This is what kept me coming back.

    I didnt watch it when it was on TV because i didn't know about it. I am saddened to see there was no second season, because of perceived loss of viewers. How do they figure out how they lost viewers anyway? Marketing and promotion was obviously uncreative and didnt show what it was about, and probobly didnt reach people who are online more than on TV, like me. The cancellation is all bs, and about the money. I have a feeling that the expenses on making a show like this thats worth watching is so high that they are not making any money from it. Thats why shows like this get cancelled and reality tv gets all the time slots. Reality shows dont cost as much to produce, No explosions and special effects, stunts high demanding actors etc. Its a shame that everything always comes down to the money while everything else suffers and gets stifled. Dont worry ABC i see your future if you dont start producing shows that people actually want to see. Not many people i know watch TV anymore, and that number is increasing. No watchers, sponsorship, no money no network unless you change something. Maybe showing controversial documentaries, independent films, and shows like this will get you back some of those people.
  • A great show

    So I just finished watching FlashForward once again, and even though I had seen it before I was still clued to the screen all the time. It is a show you can forget if you don't see it for a long time but for me that's a good thing because then I can watch it again. I don't understand that there is no second season. The show ended like a good season finale is suppose to and could lead to a really good second season. It is shows like this I want to see on tv. When I turn on my tv, I see shows like csi. It's on during the day and then again in the evening. Lately it's been csi and csi:miami, and they're right after each other. They show csi for almost 3 hours. Csi is the same. Some one dies and they have to figure out how and why. FlashForward is so much more than that. It's a show where you get to follow a story and a group of people. At the beginning you're told what's going to happen in the end but you don't know for sure so you keep watching and you keep getting surprised and in the end it's nothing like you thought. That's my definition of a great show!!!
  • Amazing, i say.

    To start, i gotta say .. you see a lot of shows like this, ok, that is true .. but the idea behing this one is completly amazing. It works just perfectly! I mean .. the mistery just keeps you stuck to your television waiting for more and that is a big part of making a great show! They just have to work with it, in my opinion doing a great job so far, and it will be success i'm sure of it :D And i also believe that the flashfowards won't all become real/true .. But something tells me that (poor) Dimitri ain't gonna survive his one .. :)
  • Back in 2014? Please?

    Since they saw 2014 in the second blackout, does that mean this show will be back by then? *fingers crossed*

    I can't believe this ended after one season, I thought it was freaking awesome! Yes, some details were missing in the end, but that just means there is even more reason for this show to go on.

    Honestly, why (why!) did this end? :(
  • Flash Forward is not the jump out of your chair series to be compared with Lost but still has plenty of thrills for the viewers to get excited.

    Flash Forward is the new show that was said to be the Lost companion before the new Lost season ending off Lost's run. The pilot was a very good episode, followed by a very good second episode but the third episode failed to impress. The show is not as energetic and fast paced as Lost is. But don't throw this show down just yet because Flash Forward could pull of some things that could really impress us and send us to better reviews. Thus far it has got some negative criticism from some of us here at tv.com but don't discard Flash Forward just yet. These things take time. ;)
  • Love it

    Awesome show. Shouldn't have removed it, wish they would bring it back. It had a great story, great characters and I just love it
  • this show is Not the next Lost, it's not gonna be

    .. stop comparing guys, Lost is one of it's kind show, but this one is different, FF is a unique show present a unique idea not necessarily a sci-fi i mean it could happen, right? we don't know those genius scientists of ours are doing right now. Ok now for the epi:

    the episodes for me has been good, introductions to a brand new show. what do you expect? give it a try at least a season.
    i did try to give up on the show, but every time it was on, i just couldn't but watch. about the characters i really like agent Hawk's one. It's hard for a female to be in a male world already, so how also being gay and above it all she's going to have a kid, let me tell you, I'm a female and i work with the government (not FBI though) and it's really hard that you have always to prove yourself, so presenting her character like that made me really liking the show. and when Wedeck went blackmailing the president 01X06 (older posts said that once he's his friend the 2nd he's blackmailing him) welcome to the politics world dude. overall, the show is good, its definitely not Lost, having Abrams in common don't make them the same!! right? but i still like it and i think there is still a lot we hadn't see...
  • favorite show ever!!I've been waiting for the next season and am really upset now that i see its canceled. :(

    favorite show ever!!I've been waiting for the next season to air, checked my tivo non stop.I'm really upset now that i see its canceled.this was a terrific show that i NEVER missed! I told all my friends about this show, and now its over! what can the fans do to get it back? I tryed whatching V and lost but im not intrested like i was for flash forward and now im to upset to get caught up in anything new like The Event. It isnt what i want to watch and im afriad if i like it, it'll cancel.
  • Tv shows are not meant for intelligent people

    Well, that's my conclusion anyway when you see that incredibly stupid shows as CSI, Vegas, 24 et al get season after season when something as good as Flash Forward (or the River or Point Pleasant, or -fill name of brain stimulating show-) gets cancelled.
  • Smile you're on Flashforward...

    Now I know that Flashforward is a drama, but seriously, can no one smile at all? I am not sure there has been a single funny or even humorous scene (unless you count the ridiculously funny combo of music and action in the gunfight at the end of episode 5). I feel like the characters believe April 29, 2010 will be the end of the world. Seriously, lighten up. I don't mind TV being serious, in fact I prefer drama to comedy, but you can't be completely serious all the time. No one is like that in real life. Can the writers not think of a single comic relief scene? The script outline in the writer's room probably goes something like this: exciting scene, several mundane scenes, suspenseful scene, exciting scene, repeat.

    I realize the world probably seems like it is falling apart to these people and most of them have personal issues (this is a drama after all), but there is always the person in the group who cracks the joke or does something funny to lighten the mood when it gets too dreary. I would be seriously depressed and start drinking if all my friends were as straight-faced and full of anxiety as these characters are.

    The concept of the show is awesome! The whole planet seeing the future is different from your usual sci-fi shows. I'm enjoying watching the future come true and the characters trying to put the piece together. For being a tv show the graphics are really good, at least in my eyes they are. The hints you get during commercials is also intriguing and keeps you thinking. The actors are playing their roles really well. I've introduced this show to my BFF and she is totally hooked onto the show. Can you imagine if this was to really happen... its nuts to think about it. Hope the show keeps its pace and keeps the mystery going.
  • my new 'best show ever!' i really hope ABC will keep in on the air.

    here we go, another good show that will keep us guessing and intrigued for along time. i do wonder though, since they gave a date for the flash forward, how long can they keep this show going? i mean, will it even last more then one season? i know the writers have all of this already figured out and all i have to do is sit back, relax & enjoy, but if it's good, i want it to keep going you know. i just hope it gets the ratings it deserves. i'm really tired of all these doctor, cop & reality shows with judges picking people to be stars. all the shows that are more original with newer ideas tend to be the ones i like, but they always get canceled and another CSI, Law and Order or American Dancing Idols takes it's place. so hopefully this grand show will continue on and then i'll have a new show to watch finally.
  • Another great original show canceled!!!

    Love this freaking show. Wish "they" would have NOT canceled it. Watched the season/series finale and it just made me want to watch it more to find out what happens next.
  • Wish they'd bring it back

    I just watched the full season again on Netflix, and I remembered why I loved this show. I think that now they don't have to compete with LOST they could continue this series. Television is seriously lacking in good dramas as the airwaves are cluttered with 'reality' shows. I was very disappointed at the way they cancelled this when obviously they had more story to tell - felt a lot like the FIREFLY fans do.

    Maybe they should take the remaining writing and turn it into a movie instead.
  • Easily my favorite Science Fiction show on TV. One of the few that actually seems aimed at adults and not Transformer fans. One event sets into motion a large unfolding mystery, that they better give me closure on, because I am hooked.

    It is getting harder all the time to find any decent TV aimed at adults, that becomes even more difficult when there is Science Fiction in the mix. Often you get a bunch of Pseudo Science nonsense like Fringe.

    Here we have one event, while likely scientifically impossible, it is only one chasm to leap, not a new increasingly improbable bit of pseudo science each week(at least not yet).

    The cast seems good, with solid chemistry/acting. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to doing that well in the ratings. I am not sure why. Too conventional?

    After the flash, we have a massive mystery to unravel, so we get highly plausible mystery show as it unfolds. Maybe that is the issue, some people want to see more stuff blow up each week. I just hope we get at least two season and closure on the mystery.
  • Excellent opening salvo. A couple of annoying things, a couple of surprises, and hints of Lost. What did you see? Did anyone else notice the Oceana poster?

    I get the distinct feeling this may actually be a spin-off of Lost, kind of how Mork & Mindy was a spin-off of Happy Days. By that I mean an event that occurred on Lost has spawned this. I'm going out on a limb and guess the even was caused by the H-Bomb detonation on Lost. But that was in 1972 you say, but don't forget that the Island screws around with time. Overall, I liked the pilot. Nice to see Seth McFarlane, I hope he's a semi-regular, when he's not doing his 10,000 other things. I'm also going to say nice to see Lee Thompson. I liked him in The Famous Jett Jackson so always good to see a child star as an adult.

    The main actors, I don't have a problem with and I find the plot intriguing and the characters interesting. Mark a recovering alcoholic who's vision may put him off the wagon and loosing his family. Demtri, who saw nothing, yet in a preview his fiance seem him in their wedding. Olivia with the man of the little boy she saved. However, I have to take points off for the lack of revealing between the husband and wife. Here, right off the bat we see 2 key factors: He's drinking, she's with another man. She reveals that info yet he fails to reveal that he was back on the sauce. That just feel like an unnecessary plot twist to me. Just TELL HER "Oh, and honey, I was drinking while at the office with these people trying to hunt me down and kill me." Then she could say something like, "Oh, well that explains why I'm with another man, ok, let's try to prevent this, together. At least I hope that's what happens. To me, this is a different type of secret than what you see on Defying Gravity since that's central to the plot. While this could be central to the plot I just find his lack of revealing annoying.

    Overall, I look forward to this show and seeing what will happen, yet I fear it will suffer the fate of may of these shows (The Nine, Life on Mars, Journeyman, etc.) once the secret is out, there's no more show. Even Lost had to set an end date.
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