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  • Flash forward to September,24. Don't miss it or you'll regret it.

    No, I am not a cast member of Lost or in this case ABC's new sci-fi drama Flash Forward.
    But today is September 22 and I want to share my first impressions of the pilot episode, which airs on September, 24.
    Actually ABC officially released the first seventeen minutes of the pilot. Heather's Blog attracted my attention, and I started looking for the whole pilot. When a new show starts, networks sometimes intentionally release pilots to internet and make fans talk about it. I found and watched it. My review will not have too much spoilers.
    A normal day in LA turns into a nightmare for the whole world, as everyone on earth looses consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds. After waking up almost everyone seems to remember a time stream six months later from the actual date, what they are doing. Are you going to have the same job, same husband in six months? What if you know the answer already now? Do you think what you seem to remember about future, will also happen?
    If you want to know the answers tune in on ABC September 24th, 8:00 p.m.
    Cast with Dominic Monaghan, Jack Davenport, Zachary Knighton, Joseph Fiennes promises to be the best new fall show.
    Don't forget to watch for the billboards, you'll be surprised.
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