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  • Will FlashForward just be a flash in the pan? That depends on your vision.

    ABC's new sci-fi/drama series FlashForward centers around a global event in which humanity inexplicably loses consciousness for a little over 2 minutes. During this blackout a portion of the population have visions of their lives six months into the future. Apparently some didn't experience any visions at all perhaps due to having no future to see. The plot then narrows down further to a group of people in Los Angeles loosely connected to each other via work or family. This is where the plot looses a bit of focus. The drama begins to stretch itself thin as the "What did you see in your vision?" question is asked. Their responses and reactions are extremely unsatisfying. These characters appear to assume that their fates have been sealed by a vision they are powerless to change. On the whole, FastForward has an interesting premise which may eventually lead to discussions regarding predestination and free will. ABC may be touting it as the companion series to Lost yet, as this pilot episode shows, they sorely need J.J. Abrams on their writing staff.