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  • this show is Not the next Lost, it's not gonna be

    .. stop comparing guys, Lost is one of it's kind show, but this one is different, FF is a unique show present a unique idea not necessarily a sci-fi i mean it could happen, right? we don't know those genius scientists of ours are doing right now. Ok now for the epi:

    the episodes for me has been good, introductions to a brand new show. what do you expect? give it a try at least a season.
    i did try to give up on the show, but every time it was on, i just couldn't but watch. about the characters i really like agent Hawk's one. It's hard for a female to be in a male world already, so how also being gay and above it all she's going to have a kid, let me tell you, I'm a female and i work with the government (not FBI though) and it's really hard that you have always to prove yourself, so presenting her character like that made me really liking the show. and when Wedeck went blackmailing the president 01X06 (older posts said that once he's his friend the 2nd he's blackmailing him) welcome to the politics world dude. overall, the show is good, its definitely not Lost, having Abrams in common don't make them the same!! right? but i still like it and i think there is still a lot we hadn't see...