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  • A great show

    So I just finished watching FlashForward once again, and even though I had seen it before I was still clued to the screen all the time. It is a show you can forget if you don't see it for a long time but for me that's a good thing because then I can watch it again. I don't understand that there is no second season. The show ended like a good season finale is suppose to and could lead to a really good second season. It is shows like this I want to see on tv. When I turn on my tv, I see shows like csi. It's on during the day and then again in the evening. Lately it's been csi and csi:miami, and they're right after each other. They show csi for almost 3 hours. Csi is the same. Some one dies and they have to figure out how and why. FlashForward is so much more than that. It's a show where you get to follow a story and a group of people. At the beginning you're told what's going to happen in the end but you don't know for sure so you keep watching and you keep getting surprised and in the end it's nothing like you thought. That's my definition of a great show!!!