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  • Could not stop watching it

    i just watched the entire season online in about 10 days. I couldn't stop watching it. The best show I have seen in a long time. The concept, twists, and the intensity of all the characters potential futures unfolding kept me coming back wondering whats going to really happen. I was on the edge of my seat with eyes pealed to my computer monitor. It took me on an emotional rollercoaster where i was in shock, omg, laughing, crying and curious on what is going to happen. This is what kept me coming back.

    I didnt watch it when it was on TV because i didn't know about it. I am saddened to see there was no second season, because of perceived loss of viewers. How do they figure out how they lost viewers anyway? Marketing and promotion was obviously uncreative and didnt show what it was about, and probobly didnt reach people who are online more than on TV, like me. The cancellation is all bs, and about the money. I have a feeling that the expenses on making a show like this thats worth watching is so high that they are not making any money from it. Thats why shows like this get cancelled and reality tv gets all the time slots. Reality shows dont cost as much to produce, No explosions and special effects, stunts high demanding actors etc. Its a shame that everything always comes down to the money while everything else suffers and gets stifled. Dont worry ABC i see your future if you dont start producing shows that people actually want to see. Not many people i know watch TV anymore, and that number is increasing. No watchers, sponsorship, no money no network unless you change something. Maybe showing controversial documentaries, independent films, and shows like this will get you back some of those people.