Season 1 Episode 6

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2009 on ABC

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  • Suspense continues

    I am enjoying the series so far, there seem to be a few storylines that have been set up, buit not explored I do hope that all these leads are tied up before the end of the series.
  • Best episode so far...

    ... apart from the initial episode. More of everything I was hoping for from the start, takes this segment of the story to the level I would expect from a drama. The investigation is now moving in the right direction. Moving from one or two scenes per episode, to become the mainstay of each episode. This is fabulous as these scenes bring much needed bite to the screenplay. Making the pace of the episode much more akin to the sort of drama I was original expecting. The whole blue hand gang element of the plot seems to be best clue the team have stumbled upon. Finding them having commited suicide, but knowing someone was there to respectfully cover their bodies adds a good dose of foreboding for the next episode. Just hope it doesnt stay in this episode before being chucked away - like previous clues. As the investigation keeping us interested in the unfolding events. This refound interest jumped to the philosophical sub-plots that have pervaded the previous episodes. These scenes involving the main characters and their invidiual battles with the impending future have become considerably flushed out now. This means the focus is on their reactions rather than info-dumping through dialogue. While their preconceptions ooze out of very action they perform. Upping the personal intrigue stakes.

    All of which translates well on screen, hopefully meaning that like me, you give a damn about their personal stories.

    With the villians of the story now starting to make a bigger mark with screentime, it can only be a good thing. Afterall, as any movie fan will tell you, everyone remembers a great villian - more than they remember a great hero.

    Fingerscrossed this translate in the next episodes.
  • A lot better

    This episode was quite solid, although not 100% perfect. It nevertheless gave it a lot more of a solid, dramatic feel, rather than the rather mixed episodes.

    Things seem to be coming along nicely- I felt for Welbeck in his scenes with Janis, and for the first time I believed in the teams chemistry. Demetri being freaked out was understandable, and I really did enjoy his scenes with Vough, and the new clue being revealed on the board.

    The writers seem to enjoy teasing us with details, but thats to be expectec, despite it getting a little tiring. I wasn't convinved by Mark and Olivia when they argued- it just didn't strike me as real. The awkwardness when Lloyd entered the house looking for his son, however, was handled brilliantly- much better acting. I like Lloyd, he is more down to earth and believeable than most. His scene with Simon at the end also gives the episode a nice cliffhanger- a good ploy to pull us in next week. Simon flirting I actually enjoyed, but I appear to be in the minority their so I won't dwell on it!

    Overall, an good episode. Not as brilliant as it possibley could be, but solid and enough for me to keep tuned in.
  • I love this show!

    I have a definite hypothesis in regard to this season. 1) Olivia is not going to be involved with Lloyd. Remember, she's only seeing the man (who we now know is Lloyd) from behind and above, my guess is that she's thinking she's talking to Mark until he turns around to face her. 2) Lloyd and Dylan are actually staying with Olivia, Mark and Charlie for FBI protection. As Lloyd is obviously on the run from Simon as heard from Simon's statement to Lloyd in the car and Dylan's FF (Charlie telling him "it's your house too").

    3) I believe that Demitri is going to die. But, I believe that Janis is going to have his baby. They are really close friends and went to the FBI academy together and her crying in her ff is not only her crying over the fact that she was able to conceive but also crying over the loss of her friend and her ability give her friend a baby.
  • I enjoyed it - I don't know why people just dislike the reviews people do, it's their opinions!

    Demetri and Gough try to determine the links between the two attacks on the Mosaic team and follow up on a clue from Mark's Mosaic board. Lloyd is heartbroken when his son goes missing from the hospital, and finds Dylan in a most unexpected place. Meanwhile, Stan keeps watch over the injured Janis and Olivia and Mark finally learn each other's secrets. Oh my god - obviously the best episode so far, I actuially didn't think after last weeks (another) awesome episode there wouldn't be another awesome episode for awhile but I was wrong. This episode was amazing. I loved the whole storyline. I love the part where Dylan comes to Mark's house, then the dad does too. I also love the parts were Mark see the masks people thought it's not them, Demetri and Gough folling the hand print and the fact that Dylan's dad is part of the whole blackout / flashforward, awesome storylines throughout the episode. I really can't wait to see what happens next. I also love Dominic Monaghan in this show - so far he is really good, i love the fact that he is in this show! Bring on next week!
  • The writers jerk us around for no apparent reason. Janis Hawk is fine, oh she can't have a baby, oh maybe she can. Benford sees the masked men from his FF, but no, it's just some pesky kids.

    I'm done, this is the last episode I can watch. The premise was fantastic and I really want to like this show, but I can't sit through another minute of the Dialoque, the acting, it's horrible horrible tv.

    The 10 seconds of progress as the Simcoe's visit the Benford house just isn't enough payback for and whole episode of watching.

    I frankly don't know how I made it through Simon Costa's pickup lines in the opening minutes of the episode.

    This show is too clever for the stupid people and too stupid for the clever people. I don't know who'll keep watching it. It's a battle of attrition.
  • Great episode, Why have people scored this low?

    This is one of the better episodes of the series so far and for the life of me I cant understand why it hasnt scored more at the time of writing it got a 7. The story really developed in this episode with some meaty leads and tie ups. We now know what the blackout is about (of sorts) but that has lead to more questions. I cant wait for the next instalment, well done to the writers for producing a emotionally and exciting episode I definitely will be giving the thumbs up to Flash Forward. So for all those who thought this was a poor episode BAH to you.
  • The show has a definite pacing problem, but the development of the characters and some new plot points make it worth watching.

    FlashForward is a competent enough show, with some very interesting ideas and some characters that are finally being fleshed out a little more. It's definitely a good show to watch if you need a new serial drama that leaves you hanging from week to week, like Lost or Heroes (nowhere near as good as Lost, and about on the same level as Heroes right now). However, unlike Lost, where the show started with us knowing close to nothing and slowly revealing things, FlashForward bombarded us with plot point after plot point, and now we're stuck in a lull where the plot points have already been revealed, so there's episodes where nothing happens but close calls or talking about them.

    Last episode ended with a bang, leaving me jonesing for more FlashForward. With a life hanging in the balance, and a gunfight with Bob Dylan as the soundtrack music, the episode hit a high point in terms of tension and excitement. And with this episode, we learn that one of Mark's flash forward ideas is actually something that can be followed: The Blue Hand. Demetri and Agent Gough end up following up the blue Hand lead, which leads to an interesting reveal.

    Despite all of the reveals, including a tense one involving the Benford family and Lloyd's child, nothing much happened. For a show where there's a great amount of depth in terms of characters and plot ideas, it's bad that I have to keep writing this. It was nice to see Dominic Monahagn again, but what did he do except flirt with some girl and tease us with some possible ideas about where the flash forward could come from? I'm hoping all these ideas build towards something significant.

    Either way, I'm sure by midseason, there will be some answers given. I just wish they could've build up slowly towards some of the things they're doing instead of moving at such a rapid-fire pace.
  • i think im starting to have a little faith in this show

    we start the episode with the four members engaging with a Chinese group of people wanting them dead. it could be either from the president announcing an attack on them or it could be any other solutions, but with Abrams its the simplest answer always is the true one.

    then Janis managed to take the two attackers who shot her, she didn't die or she isn't pregnant as most of the post suggested, yet. the part of her being gay is most likely to show us how impossible her pregnancy is, and now after the complications, and having a sound surgery, now its even more impossible to have a child, so in her FF she is crying a happy tears. her performance in all this, and in all the episodes are very amazing, i mean when you actually focus on her, her acting is flawless (maybe for me) i donno maybe i like the actress.

    suspect zero, i donno if anyone else though about this but i think that he is Lloyd, i mean he matches the size and some of his movement. the fact that charlie (i donno his name in FF) and Lloyd caused the blackout is bit week?!
    other than that i thought that the episode was quit good, and the show is getting better and better, what do you think?
  • Mark, Demetri and Wedeck try to determine the links between all the attacks involving themselves. Demetri and Gough find a clue that was missing from Mark's flashforward. Lloyd is heartbroken when his son goes missing from the hospital.

    Opens up with Simon telling a woman on a train that she is the reason for the FF via dark energy as he hits on her. Speaks about quantum physics via a cat story. Eventually Simon scores a night rendevous with the lady and while relaxing explains his FF to her of breaking someone's neck.

    Meanwhile at the hospital Janice is being operated on. The gang shows up to visit her and Demetri is headstrong about wanting to go after those who attempted to assasinate them last episode. Stanford sticks by Janice as she has to undergo a second surgery from complications.

    Gough and Demetri go to examine the dead assasins Janice took down and notice a hand print on the body. They go off to follow leads about the hand and eventually discovers a house full of bodies. This leads to the start of the "Rutherford Case" that Gough saw in his FF.

    Llyod with son in hospital, son refuses wanting to be w/ father. Dillian eventually wonders out of hospital and to Mark & Olivia's house via his memories from his FF.

    While trying to take his daughter "Trick or Treating" the kangoroo that appeared mysteriously in episode one makes another unusual appearance. Also, Mark sees three mask men similar to the men coming after him in his FF. He gives chase only to discover that they are teens.

    Awkward moment ensues once Mark returns home only to discover Dillian in his home saying that it is "his home too!" This all of course leads to the whole Mark, Lloyd, and Olivia connection!

    The tension is so thick that the atmosphere in Venus would not compare and all play out their scenes excellently. The dialog is even excellent and boy could you feel the pain.

    This all leads to the demise of Mark & Olivia as each hates the revelation of the other's FF! In the end Lloyd meets with Simon and is not happy...of course this reveals Lloyd's involvement in the blackout!