Season 1 Episode 16

The Garden of Forking Paths

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on ABC

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  • Mark saves the day!

    This is probably one of the best episodes so far in the series. It was edge of the seat stuff. I thought Mark was great in this episode, and Demitiri also. The escape from the courtroom was the only thing I had problems with, another of those "Oh! come on!" moments. But you know that aside i thought it was great entertainment and I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Damn good episode!!!

    The BEST episode ever of the FlashForward..... Bravo just bravo.... I'm really glad that they saved demetri but WTF was the episode ending? what was this "The End" thing? There are a very few show lovers but after episodes like this, how can they not like it? because it's so good, so well-written and so Perfect all in all... I'm really prior to seeing season 2 and i really hope that ABC will update it.... and yes they have a theme... they already have a theme "2016... The END" ! So once again... 10 out of 10! I hope they'll go on this way
  • This episode shows us just how amazing this show is, and just why is dhould not have been canceled!

    This was perhaps myu favorite episode of this show ever. It certainly ranks up in my Top Three, and I highly enjoyed it!

    I thought the whole episode was full of unexpected twitsts, and that is why it was so great! I was impatient for March the 15th to come, and it finally did, with a blast!

    I loved this episode so much, and it shows us just why this show should not have been CANCELLED!!! What an episode! I have been hoping for this, and I am hoping for more amazing episodes before the show's ending.

    Overall, absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend this episode and this show! Fantastic episode!

    With an episode like this I think FlashForward deserves to be dubbed the companion series to Lost. It was very Lost-esque in it's science-y, make-you-think kind of vibe and it totally worked throughout the episode. For once in my life I'm starting to like Mark Bentford as a main character. I used to think he was going for the action-hero kind of guy with his eyebrows always being raised and his half-sneers, which I completely hated. But he seems to have picked up more of like a Nicolas Cage cookiness in the last few episodes. I don't mean Nicolas Cage - National Treasure, Bankok Dangerous, Knowing ...I mean Nicolas Cage - Bad Lietenant, Leaving Las Vegas, Face-Off ...where he plays a pretty straight-laced role with hints of total insanity. Great job, Fiennes!

    Ya, so enough comparisons --but I thought this episode was easily better than most episodes of Lost's final season thus far. I feel like a jerk for bashing this show so much before it took those few months off. It really has taken a turn and become less about that one lame flashforward future (which they had beat to death as a plot device) and switched to all sorts of catastrophes that are in occurence. I'm not sure if they hired new writers, or what but it's working! "The Garden of Forking Paths" was the coolest interlacing, domino chart and I was screaming at the television when the sprinklers destroyed the entire thing. It was a great teaser for what the show has in store for us over the next 6 years...I believe it said THE END was coming in 2016. It almost sounded like that was there way of setting an end date for the show. They will either save the world or it will be destroyed. That would make six seasons, right? Lost? Anyway, GREAT EPISODE! If any of you out there are/were like me and despised this show, I strongly suggest giving it another shot at your heart. It really has become incredible. And, if you're also contemplating watching V again/for the first time, I suggest you paint your bedroom a nice sky blue colour and watch it dry for an hour instead.
  • A very good episode with a rather disappointing ending.

    (Warning: There are a few spoilers)
    First off, let me say that this show has certainly grown a lot since it first hit the air. When it first debuted it was admittedly slow. That is now gone. This episode was much faster, almost frenetic. The creators have really learned how to weave together a compelling, intriguing, thrilling storyline. The tension in the episode was great, it had great momentum and good suspense for the most part. Overall, it was a lot of fun to watch.

    However, there is one thing that this show hasn't learned yet. That is that in order to really be a great show you have to, repeat HAVE TO, take chances, take risks. Simply put, this show does not. It plays it safe way WAY to often. This was apparent in this episode in Demetri's storyline. The problem is, we all knew there was really no way that they could/would kill of Demetri, so the instant that Mark burst into the building Demetri was being held in, the episode lost all of its suspense. Any hope of Demetri's death was now completely gone. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't really want to see Demetri die, but if you are going to set up the storyline that way, he simply had to. Otherwise you have this episode which was so good, only to be undermined by an unfortunate predictability. I think the show would probably have been better off finding another character to run with Demetri's storyline, one they were willing to actually kill off/do justice to. I did like the idea of using Demetri, but again you have to be willing to really run with the storyline and to face the consequences, those being that in order to be original, to keep the show unique and interesting you're just going to have to kill Demetri off, otherwise you just get too predictable.

    Having said all that, I still rate this episode very high. The first 40 minutes were excellent, and the end was handled well, I would have just liked to see a different outcome, one that would have surprised us more. The thing with the board at the end was great too.
  • WHAT THE FRAK!!!!!!!

    Seriously this is the first time in a while to have an adrenaline Rush while watching an episode.. not even ( Lost) could do it this season....

    I knew this show will not let me down from the very begnining how the hell does it get such low rating..this episode proves otherwise

    Pure awesomness from the begining (lol i liked the Saw-Theme thing.. Demetri tied to a chair and there's a gun pointed to his chest with a timer on)

    and in the end the only thing that came to my mind when i saw James Callis is (What the frak). im a die hard battlestar galactica fan and a die hard (Gaius Baltar) lover this man is a genius and i hope James callis takes a Main rule in this Show ...

    So this is the best episode in the show hands down and one of the finest episodes i watched in any series in along time...Keep hitting me Flashforward im waiting for more
  • Pretty awesome

    This episode got my heart racing and all I did was sit on my chair. Well technically, I was shifting around in chair wincing at every scene with a gun pointed at someone else.

    I personally hate those moments when you know something will happen but you just don't know when. It's something I love hating though because the suspense is used effectively for the whole episode.

    The action was quick, dialogue is used precisely and there was no time wasted in waddling around like previous episodes. Everything was edited and directed efficiently so every second counts.

    The only scene that could have been better was when Mark was in the train station, and a random guy walks up and then pass him. There was no point to that scene: unless they're trying to make it ironic that it's a kid that was going to meet Mark. But is there really a point to this?

    Besides that scene (yes I like nitpicking), the episode was flawless. And the end is pretty awesome, and it does set an end date to the series (if it continues).

    Here's to more episodes like this to come. The show should play more risk cards like shocking the audience with one random and sudden death in this episode. Since the series doesn't know if it's renewing for another season, it can play a lot of risky cards dealing with main characters. Like I said with V, don't lose hope yet.
  • Best. Episode. Ever.

    Wow. There's not much more to be said than that... but I'll try :)
    I have to admit that I've come close to abandoning FlashForward a couple of times.
    This is mainly due to a feeling that the whole thing wasn't going to end up with a decent resolution, and in many ways this 'mini-climax' was a test of how the show is going to handle resolving its threads.
    Whether Demitri lived or died was one of the shows 'big issues' and the way the various threads built to the conclusion was handled brilliantly and totally unexpectedly.
    And it was great to finally see more of Dyson Frost - albeit briefly - and we began to learn what his movitations were.
    And in resolving one issue, a couple more were thrown into the mix - what is 'The End' all about? And what is the mysterious organisation that Frost was apparently working for?
    I only hope the writers manage to make the end of the season as satisfying as they made this ep - and I REALLY hope the show gets renewed!
  • One of, if not the best episodes this season.

    This episode was really great. It shows the potential this show has, which sadly has taken it 17 episodes to reach, and is probably a little to late. If FF has produced these sorts of episodes at the start it would have had a massive fanbase still, now its mostly dwindled away and only a few hardcore fans are left. This episode only ranked 1.6 in the demo and less than 6 million viewers. Im hoping the viewership may recover and people come back and rediscover the show but as I said before thans unlike it it probably wont make it beyond season 1. This episode mostly delt with the Demitri story and how he and Frost are destined to die on March 15th 2010. Well likely for Dem he survives, but Frost doesnt have it so lucky. The part in this episode which really made it for me was the end where Mark gets to see the future as told by Frost and how the world is going to end In 2016 "the end of the road". This appears to be saying FF has a 6 season story ark but its very unlikely this show will survive that long. It has potential and most of the stories are interesting. Janice is still a mole, and the whole Olivia and Lloyd story. Im rather hopeful now for the last few episodes of season 1 because I think they will be pretty good. Im hoping for another season but we'll see.
  • The episode begins with the sweaty brow of Demetri Noh. It's March 15th, the date of his prophesied death and he's tied to a chair with the gun that is supposed to kill him pointed at his heart. Simply put, things are not looking good for Demetri.

    The episode begins with the sweaty brow of Demetri Noh. It's March 15th, the date of his prophesied death and he's tied to a chair with the gun that is supposed to kill him pointed at his heart. Simply put, things are not looking good for Demetri. The previous installment in the series suffered from a choppy and distracted narrative that, although moved almost every plot-line forward significantly, failed to effectively create tension and suspense. However, 'The Garden of Forking Paths' corrects almost every one of these criticisms and provides a thrilling and captivating forty minutes that plays out like a more intelligent version of a 24 episode.

    There was no doubt about it, 'Let no man put Asunder' tried to fit too many developments into one episode and clearly the writers have addressed this, with tonight's episode maintaining a single focus; the fate of Demetri Noh. The countdown to his demise paced the episode perfectly, with the majority of the show's primary characters pooling their resources in a frenetic attempt to save their friend and co-worker. A couple of things previously neglected are revisited, such as Alda, the blonde woman that formed part of the uncovered terrorist plot. Zoey (Demetri's fiancé) confronts the incarcerated sociopath in an attempt to uncover details of her future husband's disappearance and in doing so, sets off a series of events that has serious repercussions for the Mosaic enquiry. I'm not going to lie, I had all but forgotten about this character and truth being told she still doesn't fit in neatly with the narrative, even if she did act as a convenient tool in which to connect some of the more distant dots in the storyline.

    The real star of the episode was the deranged but brilliant Dyson Frost, who has previously been little more than an evil genius cliché, dripping clues and teasing the audience with hints at the future. Tonight, however, we are treated to an insight into the character's mind and are left wondering whether he really was a villain after all. These scenes with Dyson Frost were excellent; they were intelligent, insightful and really developed our understanding of the way the flash-forwards operate. Although stopping short of providing any tangible real-world science, we are treated to a more complex overview of the movement of time and its shifting direction. This was a much needed inclusion to a show that was beginning to feel like a shallow attempt at Sci Fi dressed up as an action drama.

    The theme of the forking path was prominent throughout the episode, with some quite intelligent metaphors revolving around the domino effect and determinism. Really it's nothing that hasn't been touched on by other shows, but I respected the decision to step away from audience hand-holding and instead provide imagery which acted as structural support for some of the more far-fetched concepts.

    There are plenty of sub-plots which were totally ignored, such as Aaron Stark's search for his daughter, or Olivia and Lloyds' kiss last week (although there is noticeable tension between her and Mark), but their absence is never felt and their inclusion would have been a mistake. The only plot-line I felt they maybe could have addressed is Janice as a mole. I would have welcomed some insight into her feelings about Demetri's disappearance or just a helping hand, in reconciling the idea that she is a traitor.


    But really these are all very minor points in an episode that was perfectly paced and excellently crafted, being both exciting and informative. The hint at what is to come at the conclusion of the episode raises the stakes and instills a sense of urgency that the early part of the season lacked. I hope they can maintain this kind of escalation whilst still resolving some of the other story lines which are often a distraction to the main plot.

    The show should definitely follow this episode's lead and focus predominantly on the possibility of impending flash-forwards. As interesting as some of the character's individual exploits can be, there are far too many to adequately cover every week and any attempt at doing so has failed. Hopefully, 'Garden of Forking Paths' signals a change in direction and pace, because as far as I'm concerned it has been the best episode yet.

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