Season 1 Episode 16

The Garden of Forking Paths

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on ABC

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  • A very good episode with a rather disappointing ending.

    (Warning: There are a few spoilers)
    First off, let me say that this show has certainly grown a lot since it first hit the air. When it first debuted it was admittedly slow. That is now gone. This episode was much faster, almost frenetic. The creators have really learned how to weave together a compelling, intriguing, thrilling storyline. The tension in the episode was great, it had great momentum and good suspense for the most part. Overall, it was a lot of fun to watch.

    However, there is one thing that this show hasn't learned yet. That is that in order to really be a great show you have to, repeat HAVE TO, take chances, take risks. Simply put, this show does not. It plays it safe way WAY to often. This was apparent in this episode in Demetri's storyline. The problem is, we all knew there was really no way that they could/would kill of Demetri, so the instant that Mark burst into the building Demetri was being held in, the episode lost all of its suspense. Any hope of Demetri's death was now completely gone. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't really want to see Demetri die, but if you are going to set up the storyline that way, he simply had to. Otherwise you have this episode which was so good, only to be undermined by an unfortunate predictability. I think the show would probably have been better off finding another character to run with Demetri's storyline, one they were willing to actually kill off/do justice to. I did like the idea of using Demetri, but again you have to be willing to really run with the storyline and to face the consequences, those being that in order to be original, to keep the show unique and interesting you're just going to have to kill Demetri off, otherwise you just get too predictable.

    Having said all that, I still rate this episode very high. The first 40 minutes were excellent, and the end was handled well, I would have just liked to see a different outcome, one that would have surprised us more. The thing with the board at the end was great too.
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