Season 1 Episode 7

The Gift

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the very beginning of the episode, we follow a woman picking up her sons from school as Al reads a letter in voiceover to a woman named Celia. He confesses that he realizes she didn't have a flashforward. She returns to her car, where she finds a flyer on her windshield. The flyer (which has the image of a blue hand) lists a website (alreadyghosts.com), as well as a message which reads "We know you are already one of us."

Zoey and Demetri are getting ready for work, and Zoey reminds him that they're supposed to meet at the printer's shop to choose wedding invitations. Demetri is distracted, however. He's looking at a website, the same website listed on the flyer earlier. Meanwhile, things are tense with Mark and Olivia, and it seems that their visions of the future are still putting a strain on their relationship.

Mark, Demetri, and Al are in the morgue as the medical examiner goes over the details of the three bodies they discovered in the abandoned house. The three did not have any connections with each other or anything in common. Their injuries are consistent with self-inflicted gun shot wounds. However, Al says, if they killed themselves, then who arranged the bodies and covered them up with sheets? One of the three victims is Ian Rutherford, which is the name on the file which Al was reading in his flashforward.

At his workplace, Aaron meets up with Mike Willingham, who says that he served with Tracy in the army. He made Tracy a promise, and he hands over Tracy's pocket knife, which was given to her by Aaron. Aaron recalls his flashforward, in which he sees himself giving the knife back to an alive Tracy. He tells Mike that now he has proof that Tracy is still alive, and he's grateful to Mike for bringing the knife to him.

Fiona, an MI-6 agent, arrives at the FBI. She says that since she recalls working with Al on the Rutherford case in her vision, she decided to speed things up by traveling to L.A. to start the investigation. Demetri shows the others the Already Ghosts website, saying that it's trying to collect all the people who did not have flashforwards. As this group shot Janis and tried to kill Mark and Demetri, the agents decide that they should infiltrate one of the Ghost Club meetings. The leader of the meetings appears to be a man named Dr. Raynaud.

Fiona and Al discuss the case, and they also discuss their flashforwards. Fiona recalls that a bird slammed into the window behind them and that then Al got a phone call. As Fiona went to check on the bird, and was worried because she couldn't end its suffering, Al recalls his end of the flashforward. Al is in tears saying "I killed her." However, when Fiona presses him for details about that call, he says that it's nothing.

Demetri tells Zoey that he has to go work tonight, but Zoey seems angry and distant. When he asks her why, she reminds him about the meeting they were supposed to have with the printer about invitations. Demetri says that he's sorry but the blackout investigation has been taking up a lot of room in his mind. Zoey counters that ever since the blackout, he's been acting suspiciously, like when he shuts his computer whenever she walks into a room. They end up having a fight, and Demetri eventually walks out of the apartment.

Nicole volunteers at the hospital where Olivia works, and she's talking to Bryce. Suddenly, a woman patient comes up to the Nurses' station, and she starts talking in Japanese as she puts a flower vase on the counter. No one understands what she's saying, but Nicole goes over to the woman and starts speaking Japanese to her. They have a conversation and then the Japanese woman leaves. Nicole explains that the flowers are sweet-peas, which are bad luck to give patients in Japanese culture.

Mark, Al, and Demetri manage to find their way to the secret meeting of the Ghosts. An old man offers to play Russian Roulette with the trio. Everyone is hesitant, but Al steps up and plays. The gun clicks and doesn't load a bullet in the chamber. Mark thinks that the gun isn't loaded at all, but the old man takes a single bullet out of the gun and gives it to Al, saying it's their "ticket in." Mark says that Al might have been killed. Al reads the text on the side of the bullet aloud: "Not today."

They enter the room and and Mark discovers a box of matches that he remembers from his board. He takes the matchbox. The agents learn that "Dr. Raynaud" is a pseudonym, and it's a different person in each meeting. Raynaud's Syndrome is a medical disorder which causes a person's fingertips to discolor, sometimes turning blue. Meanwhile, Lloyd tells Olivia that he's put in to have Dylan transferred to another hospital in the Bay Area. Lloyd also tries to tell Olivia that he doesn't want to get in the way.

Bryce is impressed that Nicole can speak Japanese, and Nicole explains that her dad was stationed in Okinawa when she was a girl, so she picked up the language there. Bryce asks her if she can help him with something. He shows her one of his sketches of the Asian woman he's seen in his flashforward. He has also drawn a symbol in the background, but no one has been able to identify it yet. She says that the symbol isn't finished yet, and proceeds to draw in the missing lines. The symbol turns out to be the Japanese Kanji character for "believe". Nicole is very impressed with Bryce's paintings, saying that he should sell them. Bryce is just looking for the woman from his vision, and Nicole suggests putting his story up on the Mosaic website.

Later, Aaron meets with Mike again. Mike feels bad about how he left their first meeting, and says that Tracy can't be alive. He explains that he and Tracy were in a Humvee pursuing a man. Their Humvee was attacked by a rocket-propelled grenade and blew up. Mike managed to get out of the vehicle before the RPG was launched, but the door on Tracy's side was stuck. When Mike returned to what was left of the Humvee, he recalls seeing Tracy's body, with one of her legs blown off. He says that he saw Tracy die. Later, Aaron tells Mike that he's thankful to know the truth and offers Mike a job.

The Ghost Party is full of people risking their lives in many ways. There are fights, electrocutions, and people hanging from chains. Demetri understands why they're acting so crazy. What have they got to lose when they know that they're going to die? Then a man enters the room, with his hands painted blue. This must be Raynaud. When Raynaud puts a loaded gun up to his chin, Mark, Demetri and Al reveal themselves to be FBI and take Raynaud into custody.

"Reynaud" (whose real name is Jeff) explains that the Blue Hands scour the Mosaic website searching for the names of people who didn't have visions. He doesn't seem too worried about what might happen to him anymore, since the future will happen no matter what he does. Later, Al asks Fiona to join him for dinner. He's going to cook dirty rice for the first time, which his mother cooks for him every time he returns home to Louisiana. Fiona politely says no, since she has jet lag.Al ends up eating dinner alone.

Demetri comes back home and decides to tell Zoey the truth about his flashforward, or his lack of one. He knows that he's going to die before April 29th. However, Zoey knows what she saw. She saw the beach and she saw him, and she saw their wedding day. She also says that she'd rather see her vision of the future come true instead of his, and that they should be able to choose which future actually happens.

The next day, Al comes in to work and places an envelope addressed to Demetri on Demetri's desk. He finds Demetri and tells him that he left a package on his desk, and to make sure that it gets to the right person. Al then leaves the office. Demetri takes the envelope and sees that the note is addressed to "Celia". Demetri sits in a meeting with Stanford and Mark and starts to read Al's letter.

There is another glimpse of Al's flashforward, and more details on that phone call he received. The man on the line, his attorney, says that "she" had to be taken off life support and that her boys will have to be placed in foster care. Al blames himself for the fact that the children are now orphans, but the attorney insists that what happened was an accident and that Al shouldn't feel so guilty.

Al is on the roof of the FBI building and Demetri figures out what Al is about to do. Everyone rushes to the roof and they try to talk Al off the edge. Al has figured out the one way to stop the flashforwards from coming true. If he manages to kill himself, then everyone's future isn't set in stone. As Mark, Demetri, and Stanford watch helplessly, Al jumps off the roof.

Demetri reads more of Al's letter to Celia, in which he states that Celia should have hope now, and that the future can be changed. As the various characters contemplate what the future holds for them (and Simon studies a bracelet with spells out the name Annabelle), Aaron returns home from work to discover his daughter Tracy waiting for him, alive.