Season 1 Episode 7

The Gift

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • Great Episode

    In this episode someone finally challenges their Flashforward, and changes what their future could be. I was wondering all along why someone didn't do that - Like the guy earlier in the series who was going to be a customs clerk, who could have been busted for drug - why didn't Dem arrest him and change the future? Anyway still happy with the series, and looking forward to the next episode.
  • I hate the music clips!

    Flashforward is a good tv show with good actors and a good screenplay.I don't know why the need of making a music clip in every episode!This is kinda cliche and make me loose interest in this tv series. I realized the makers of the show think this creates a empathy with the viewers, with me its the opposite effect.It's not a sunday morning family show!Takes out the seriety of the situation described in the series. Hope they stop it.It seems like the producers are trying to lower the rating to All viewers...no blood, no cursing, no sex content...a show for the kids...not for me then.
  • The best Episode since the Show Begins.

    This episode have a very good story and the final scene is the best scene of all it had a Desperate Housewives and Grey´s Style. I think that if the next episodes are like this the show are going to be an excellent show in the future. I hope this show survives the critics. I hope that in the future at the final of the episodes they put a reflexion scene. And other thing the soundtrack becomes better than the other episode. One thing that i saw in this episode is that they finally put a sad piano theme perfect for the final scenes.
  • Wow! Much more like it!

    This was absolutely superb!

    The ending completely took my breath away! And I was genuinely sad, because I really liked Al! The scene at the end was the most dramatic and realist of all the ones so far!

    I really liked the whole "blue-hands" concept of the show, it just seemed so freaky and well shot/directed. I have no idea where its all going, but its interesting none the less.

    Bryce and Nicole seem to have a bond going, but I am not to sure if I am interested enough in their story. The guy who lost his daughter also shows really good emotion in this again- he is quite a strong actor in this show! And Demetri and Zoey talk to each other about the truth- their chemistry isn't 100% but it is better than most of the couples in the show.

    Olivia darting around Lloyd is getting a bit tiring- I think I find her tiring as a character, to be perfectly honest.

    Overall, however, the ending of the episode was so poignantly done- I really didn't expect it, and its such a good plot device as it leaves us wondering if the future can be changed. Brilliant.
  • Great ending, very interesting turn.

    As the last ten minutes started unfolding, all I could think was "Wow." At first, I thought that the writers would sell us short and completely ruin the moment they had been building up to the entire episode, but nope; they surprised me and left me impressed. This was the best episode since the first couple and it appears Flashforward is finally hitting its stride (knock on wood, I wouldn't want to jinx it at all).

    Where the last episode left off, Benford, Noh and Gough continue to look into the Blue Hand club, something that has been hinted at but avoided for quite awhile now. However, with Gough's flashforward beginning to come true, with the Rutherford case and all, they find it important to find out as much as possible about this Blue Hand. And sure enough, we get some eerie hints at what it is. The Blue Hand scenes were handled very well and actually gave me chills on occasion. For a show that has been tiptoeing around all kinds of intense stuff and taking the foot off of the gas pedal just when things seem to be getting interesting, it did a good job on actually giving us some minor answers, or at least moving things in the right direction.

    With V starting up now, and Lost coming back in a few months, Flashforward was in danger of being left behind in the dust. I was starting to lose a little bit of faith in it, especially after the last couple of episodes, but I'm intrigued once again. Let's see if the show can pick up the pace.
  • Good in parts, adequate in others.

    A v. apt first scene frames this episode perfectly. Finally too a lead from the Mosaic Clue Wall spans more than one episode, adding some continuity to the plot. I was beginning to think that the show was going to compartmentalise every facet of the investigation into neat episodic boxes, which would be thrown away before the next hour of screen time commenced. The character sub-plots continue to keep pace with the supposedly underlying main plot, but to be honest I just dont care about the character's issues between accepting fate or embracing free-will and ending the deterministic crawl to the next FF event. I know I should care about them by now, but the overplay on their hopes and fears just made me frustrated with them. If only there had stronger conspiracy scenes in the earlier episodes!

    That aside, this episode mainly deals with the question of human acceptance of predicted events, namely perceived unavoidable death by some of the population. Yep you guessed it, I was disappointed that this was dumped into a few compact scenes. At least though these were spiced up by a Russian Roulette scene (ala Deer Hunter). Though even that scene felt a little flat - wht did only one of them have to take the test? If it were me Id have made all three take it!

    The way the conspiracy plotline also gathers pace with the lead to HK is also good. Thankfully too the strand igniting the link to the shadowy organisation - Jericho is taking off, with more scenes dedicated to Aaron and his supposedly dead daughter. If only the rest of the story had some true action, these scenes would work well. As it is they just blur into the mundane trot that is the story.

    However, the final scenes are what take this episode above an average mark. Well done for the way Al's demise was presented. It was v. sympathetically done. I expect though that in the next episode the whole cast wont be grieving in any way and this will be forgotten as quickly as every other non-major event that has taken place so far.

    To mention dialogue in this review would mean that it registered above being adequate. There was nothing that was amazing here. As for camera work, well as per the previous episodes, this has been adequate to the task.

    At least the settings and international locations bring some much needed eye-candy to the screen. A good episode, but nothing remotely special.
  • One of the shows main charakters gives the others a gift and tries to seed a little hope...

    In my opinion the best episode since the pilot! It has been a long time since any series brought me to tears and make me shiver... the last time it happend with Charlie from Lost. Iam very excited what happens next and if the the things to come will play out as seen. Maybe the now done changes will be reversed by someone else.. But lets see where it leads us and hope writers will make us such a gift like this episode once again. I encourage anyone who hasnt seen this show yet to take it into consideration. You will not be disappointed.
  • We get to the bottom of the Blue Hand. The FBI finally figure out that the future isn't set in stone. Joseph Fiennes mercifully has fewer lines than usual.

    I was duped. After episode 6 I decided I wanted nothin gmore to do with this show.

    Then I find three reviews here giving episode 7 10/10, and I wonder maybe has the show picked up.
    I really want to like Flashforward, so I bite.

    I shouldn't have. It wouldn't we right to say this episode is better than the previous ones. It's less bad. Mostly because Joseph Fiennes get's less lines and we spend less time looking at his one and only Zoolander-esque "look".

    Yet again we waste an episode learning absolutely ZERO about what caused the blackout. The meeting of Simon and Lloyd in the last episode is simply ignored.

    We waste time learning that Blue hand had nothing to do with the blackout.

    We waste time with the "Is She, Isn't She?" story of Aaron's daughter. She's Dead. I Saw her in the future. No she's really dead. Oh look, the knife from the flashforward she must be alive. No she's really dead. Oh look she's sitting in my living room.

    The audience knew from the start that the DNA in her grave came from some part of her that got blown off. The audience sadly have been about 5 steps ahead of the characters throughout this show, and it's really tiresome.

    We don't care whether she's alive or not. Yes, about 5 episodes ago it would have been interesting. But when you jerk the audience around this much we just stop caring.

    Al goes to incredible and frankly stupid lengths to prove that the flashforwards don't have to happen. Are these people the brightest that the FBI have to offer? There are a million ways to prove the Flashforwards don't HAVE TO happen. Take something from the evidence board and burn it. Stick a big pink baloon up there, or throw the whole board away.

    Seven episodes in and this show has made about 2 episodes worth of progress. Which would be fine if the other 5 episodes were devoted to making us care about the characters, but we don't. In my flashforward, I was watching TV, and flashforward was nowhere to be seen.
  • Wow!

    I'm a sap, I'll admit it. I cried when Al jumped (after the initial WTF?!?!?!). The most thought provoking episode yet. Everyone too busy worry about what the future holds instead of realizing that one solitary act can change the whole game. I'll miss Al. I would have liked a little bit of a romance between he and the MI:6 agent. The biggest surprise was Tracy showing up at the kitchen table when Aaron gets home from work. Can't wait to find out more about that next week. I hope it's not Aaron's imagination, that would be the saddest thing ever.
  • Al gives everyone the gift of hope. Aaron finds what he's been looking for. We see what happens to the truly hopeless.

    Excellent episode. Thought-provoking in spades. It is on network TV so I hope the demographic looking for laugh track heavy comedy don't kill it. This episode focused on issues deeper than FBI investigations. The show is just so suspenseful. There is the mystery of who caused the flashbacks and why (we know about Simon and Hospital Dad but not the other conspirators)and we don't know why yet (though I'm guessing that Simon's answer to that question would be why not). Then there is the mystery of how time functions (and intertwined with that the FBI teams unfolding personal dramas). The temporal storyline was furthered in this episode. It wasn't bang bang shoot-em up or fast paced but it delivered for me in terms of having to think about it a lot afterwards and in getting me to want to see more.
  • The worst episode of the season, but still a very good one.

    This was perhaps the worst episode so far this season, but it was still a very good one. That says a lot about how good a show FlashFoward is. I'm not sure why I didn't like this episode as much as the others. Maybe it's because they had to many of the characters and plots going on, or was it the average story. All I know was the first half of the episode wasn't that good.

    Now the second half was a lot better especially Al. Who decided he didn't want the future control him, and he decided to change it. To show his fellow agents and friends that the future isn't written in stone. The last few minutes were perhaps the best part of the episode seeing everyone's reaction to Al's death, and what was happening with the other characters.

    Overall a down episode, but still a very good one.
  • Well someone had to change the future

    This episode was one of the best so far, we all want to know what caused the blackout but that reveal will happen at the end of the season, like in most shows. The best thing about the episode is character development, and how you're supposed to get attached to the characters. I don't get why this episode rating overall is a 7, don't watch if you don't like the show. The best part of the episode was the ending, brilliant, didn't expect that much emotion in a sci-fi show but it worked. I actually felt that he was doing something good almost noble because now they can all change their futures (but clearly a sad way to go).
  • Umm, just damn... Why'd it have to be Jet(Al)? Still overall this is the most compelling episode to date. The Ultimate Leap of Faith. Al's dead, and the daughter is at the dining room table. Schrodinger's cat is getting a work-out!

    The most compelling thing in this episode, bar none, was the suicide of Al. Just as we were getting to know him, just as everyone was believing too much in the future, Al takes a "leap of faith" and drastically alters the future, by making sure he's not in it. I'm very sad to see Al go, I really hate seeing characters you get attached to die. However, the ultimate meaning here is "WAKE UP, People! Change the DAMN future!" Everyone's sitting so far with their heads up their butts accepting things they way they are, no one is bothering to change ANYTHING!

    Then, after all hope seems lost, there she sits. Alive and well and not missing any body parts! A strange anomaly considering the corporal saw her literally blown to pieces. And finally, we get the ultimate look at Schrodinger's Cat when Dem and Zoey have conflicting visions. Only direct observation (opening the box) will reveal whether the cat is dead or gets married on the beach.

    Other stuff happened to quantify visions of some of the other characters in the storyline.

    This will definitely give the characters a serious jolt! The writing and acting continues to be superb and just enough is revealed so we get something but are left wanting more. Can't wait till the next episode.

    Yes, people, the future isn't written in stone. And it's a shame it took Al face planting 50 stories off a building to prove it. You will be missed but hopefully your sacrifice will not be vain.
  • This is definitely a step on the right direction for this show and without a doubt one of the better if not the best episode after the pilot!!!

    The end of this episode was incredible!! I mean, I was glued to the screen the entire last 5 minutes or so, just for the fact that what happened with Al was our very first clear proof that the flashforward may not be coming true at the end of the season after all. In the beginning I was kinda confused, cause i was really hoping to see all the flashes coming true in a sorta prophetical way in the season finally, but Al committing suicide might in fact change it all!

    I also liked how almost every major character was present this time(except for Janis u_ú), and especifically Aaron and Bryce stories were pushed forward a bit. All of the stuff with the blue hand club was very intriguing in an almost perturbing way, but it ended up being very thought-provoking and influenciated in the characters actions. The last scene did surprise me, cause after all the talk with the former partner of Tracy I really didn't thought she would appear all of the sudden. The last sequence was very well done too, with Mark hugging Olivia, Weddeck crying was very touchy, and Simon seemingly worrying about some girl (I pressume) was interesting.

    I do believe that Flashforward has been improving every week, and this episode may be the turning point where the series starts to show all the potential that it has, I sure hope so, because even though Flashforward is NOT the new Lost whatsoever, it is a very capable show and I don't quite understand why it has been receiving such low scores here T_T (That's why I rated it 10 this time btw, just to higher up the score a bit o___ó hopefully)
  • Defeat fate, or let fate defeat you?

    A powerful episode that focuses on the philosophic responses to the visions: either give in to fatalism (as the Blue Hand group does) or try to fight it, as the heroes do. The fights range from Fiona's simple change of the window to Gough's suicide, including Lloyd's conscientious attempt to move away from Olivia and Dmitri's resolve to live as if he will survive. Then we get the bolt from the blue when Aaron's "dead" daughter shows up. One puzzle: Dmitri's story is on the internet, yet his girlfriend has made no attempt to look it up and find out what's bugging him (though Janice's girlfriend did)
  • All I can say is WOW!

    I really love this show! This episode was so powerful. I am not going to say what happens but my emotions were running high watching this episode. I was not expecting the outcome that occurred and it really got to me. I have been watching since the first episode and it is just getting better. This show really keeps me on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next. It is interesting to see how everyone handles their own possible future and how it affects everyone around them. It makes me think what if it happened to me and how I would deal with it. This episode was definitely worth a 10!!!