Season 1 Episode 19

The Negotiation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

At FBI headquarters on the eve of D-Day, April 29, Stan addresses his agents and notes that the building may come under attack the next night. He tells them that they will remain in business. However, they will maintain a high level of security. Afterward, Stan asks Mark for an upgrade on finding Simon. They haven't had any luck and Stan tells him they need Simon.

When they get to the conference room, Vogel reveals that the news is broadcasting footage of Suspect Zero. Mark realizes that it's a different angle, and that someone else has leaked footage of Suspect Zero. They wonder why.

Simon is reviewing his forged identity papers when Lita comes over and tells him she knows who he is. She has an offer for him and asks him to come with her. He has no choice but to go with her.

At FBI headquarters, Demetri calls the news director who aired the Suspect Zero footage. He finds Zoey at his desk, and she asks him to take the next day off so they can leave town for Hawaii, get married, and avoid the entire thing. Demetri refuses, insisting that he has to help his friends, but Zoey wants it to be about just them for once. She shows him the tickets, but he insists it isn't fair and returns to his work.

Stan has Gabriel brought in with Olivia to keep him calm. Gabriel starts readjusting the Mosaic investigation board and Mark introduces himself. Gabriel uses his book to tell Mark that the drawing board is incorrect, and Olivia explains that Gabriel experienced multiple flashforwards. Mark thanks Olivia for bringing him in, but warns they'll have to debrief him. When Olivia tries to leave, Gabriel insists that she leaves and starts to panic. She manages to calm him down and he agrees to stay.

Vogel meets with Janis at a bar, and she informs him that she needs him to pull her out. She tells him that the conspiracy wants her to kill Mark and she's run out of chances to stall. Vogel tells her to play along, since otherwise they'll kill her and Mark. Janis reluctantly agrees and Vogel tells her to give them something big to reassure them.

Demetri comments to Janis that he's been trying to call her since he found out that her baby is also his. Janis says that it's not his problem now, and that he and Zoey should make the best of his life now that he has a second chance. Meanwhile, Mark tells Olivia that they have security set up at the house to protect her and Charlie. When they go back to Mark's office, Gabriel tells Mark to make the board right.

In the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, Aaron and Kahmir find one of Jericho's camps scattered throughout the country.

Simon and Lita end up in bed at a hotel. After sex, they watch a news broadcast that has identified Simon as Suspect Zero. She tells him that she's relaying a message from Hellinger, their boss, and that Hellinger wants to meet with him face-to-face. There's a knock on the door and Lita goes to let Hellinger in.

The team debriefs Gabriel, who confirms that Nhadra and his friend Kent were at Raven River. They figure that the towers in Somalia were a test, and Mark asks if Gabriel knows when the next global Blackout will occur. He explains that Frost and another man ran the operations, and the other man was called Big Guy. He shows them a picture of Big Guy in his book. Demetri comes in to talk with Mark, and Gabriel tells him that he was supposed to die, and he'll have to die if things are to work out correctly.

Hellinger pours Simon a drink and tells him it's time to come home. Simon is unimpressed, but Hellinger notes that he has nothing else to live for. He warns that they'll cut their losses and kill him eventually, but Simon realizes they need him to calibrate the accelerator. He tells Hellinger that he'll give them his decision soon enough and then leaves.

Mark and Demetri start a search for Big Guy, and Demetri admits that Gabriel's claim has unnerved him. He wonders if his being alive is screwing things up, but Mark doesn't believe it. They watch as Lloyd arrives and talks with Olivia, who is clearly glad to see him. Gabriel is glad to see Lloyd as well, and Lloyd admits he's having trouble with the decoherence equations. Gabriel tells him that he and Olivia are both part of the equation.

Stan receives the uploaded footage from Aaron, but warns him that he can't go in to get Tracy until he can send the military in to help him. When Aaron sees them haul Tracy out, he signs off and follows.

At a laundromat, Janis meets with Carline, who warns her that she's out of second chances. Janis tries to stall, but Carline tells her that it has to be done before the next night. She then asks Janis about Mosaic, and warns Janis that if she can't provide anything, Janis and her baby will both die. Janis offers her Gabriel and Carline is satisfied for the moment.

The news director informs the FBI that the footage came on an anonymous flash drive. Janis discusses the safehouse location where they will place Gabriel, and worries that he won't cooperate with Olivia. While Stan calls out Olivia to talk to her, Mark asks Gabriel what he sees. Gabriel admits he only sees loose ends. Mark then asks him if Olivia will end up with Lloyd, and Gabriel says that he's been waiting a long time to see all the things he's seen comes true. He assures Mark that Olivia will be safe.

Aaron and Kahmir follow the soldiers to a field where they prepare to execute Tracy. Aaron shoots them down and they move in to rescue her.

Stan looks at Aaron's footage of Jericho and considers what to do with it. He then calls Segovia and tells him he's going to turn the photos over to Clemente. Segovia accuses him of betraying him, tells him he appreciates the warning, and then hangs up. Stan then calls Clemente.

Mark and his people prepare to move Gabriel out, while Janis calls the conspiracy and tells them the route. Once she's done, she looks at herself and her baby in the mirror.

As Vreede and Demetri drive Gabriel to the safehouse, a man almost cuts them off but then continues on. They then are blocked by a truck, and a man gets out and opens fire. Demetri shoots the man but more attackers in and open fire. They close in and grab "Gabriel," who reveals he's Mark in disguise. They capture the attackers and tell them to call Big Guy and tell him they have Gabriel.

As they get Tracy back to the trucks, Kahmir warns she won't survive the trip. Aaron tells him to drive, insisting that he saw Kahmir save Tracy in his flashforward.

Hellinger greets his men as they arrive at the conspiracy base, but he realizes it's a trap and runs, alerting his people. Before Mark can capture him, Hellinger wipes the computer systems and Mark only catches a glimpse of Simon on the screen before it goes down.

Simon recovers the QED ring from where he hid it and contemplates the device.

At FBI headquarters, Janis goes to her car when Mark confronts her and asks who she's working for. She tells him she's working for the CIA for three years, and Mark explains he's suspected her since she turned in Marcia. When she blew her cover to set up Gabriel, he knew for sure. Janis admits she had to choose between giving up Gabriel and killing him. Mark notes that no one will know who she really is, and Janis insists she was doing her job, and it has to count for something. Mark admits it does, but no one will ever get past the deception and she's on the outside now. Janis notes that he's in the same position, and what will happen when he loss his family. Mark responds by saying that he doesn't ask that question because there's too much at stake. As Mark leaves, Janis asks him to let her tell Demetri on her own.

Later, Janis tells Demetri about her true role and apologizes for involving Demetri in her pregnancy. He warns that he and Zoey are connected to her and her baby, but Janis tells him not to let it ruin his life and he's not part of it. Demetri points out that he is no matter what.

Demetri goes to see Gabriel at the safehouse and asks if he was in any of the futures he saw. Gabriel admits that Demetri wasn't in any of the futures, and that it's not possible to ultimately change the future. Everyone will eventually end up where they're supposed to be. Demetri agrees that it make sense.

In Afghanistan, Kahmir takes Aaron and Tracy to the building that Aaron recognizes from his flashforward.

Janis returns home and finds Simon waiting for her with a gun. He tells her that he needs her help.