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  • Season 1 Episode 1: No More Good Days

  • Episode's key word: Fated

  • Trivia: When Mark is on the way to the hospital he stops when a taxi almost hits him. Behind him almost all the letters of Desperate Housewives can be read.

  • New parts of the Mosaic Collective:

    - Calendar sheets going from September 2009 to April 2010.
    - A post-it note that reads "D. Gibbons".
    - A post-it note that reads "Blue Hand".
    - A post-it note that reads "Friendship Bracelet".
    - A post-it note that reads "Baby Doll Photograph".
    - A drawing of 3 stars on a post-it note.
    - Pictures of the meeting between Alda Hertzog, Khalid and Omar on October 6th, 2009.
    - The picture of a mysterious man and the title of an upcoming episode, "137 Sekunden".
    - A menu of "The Crown Cheese Steak" with the words HELP US written in blood.
    - A drawing of a multi-headed creature.
    - Mark Benford's note written on April 29th, 2010. The note reads "Who Else Knows".

  • Episode's title image: Charlie's father's bracelet.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: White To Play

  • In the scenes where Dimitri is talking to the woman in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong skyline in the background is lit up at night - apparently the same time as where Dimitri is. This can't be as Hong Kong is 15 hours ahead of Los Angeles. If it were 8 pm in LA, it would be 11 am in HK and bright. If it were midnight in LA, it would be 3 pm in HK. The only possibility would be if it were about 5 am and just before dawn in LA, it would then be 8 pm in HK and just past dusk but the scene didn't seem to be set at those times.

  • In the first episode, when Olivia had a vision with another man, she goes to the stairs and says, "Hi, babe." Here, she remembers the same vision, but this time she says, "Hi, honey."

  • When Demetri was in the FBI office with Janis Hawk, he mentioned that he met a woman that day who didn't have a vision and five minutes after that, she was shot and killed. He was referring to Sheriff Keegan. However, earlier in the show, when Sheriff Keegan told Demetri and Mark she didn't see a vision, it was during the day where it's bright and sunny. She was only killed at night in the doll factory where it was very dark outside. It is definitely more than five minutes from the time Sheriff Keegan told them about her not having vision to the time she was killed.

  • Episode's key word: He

  • New parts of the Mosaic Collective:

    - A photograph of a doll with a burnt and melted head.
    - A chess piece (white Queen).

  • Near the end of this episode, when Mark is talking to Charlie in her bedroom, after he says "go back to sleep" and pulls the covers up, you can see he's still wearing the friendship bracelet, even though he has already burned it.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: 137 Sekunden

  • The skyline of Munich shown at the beginning of the episode is incorrect. The position of the Alps in the background indicates a southerly viewing direction. The Olympic Tower, here seen southwest of the churches in the city, actually is located northeast of the city. Furthermore, only the town's famous landmarks are shown, while all other skyscrapers are missing. The second shot of Munich later during the episode shows an incorrect city, with four of the town's famous landmarks randomly located between other houses.

  • When Zoey writes a message to Demetri from the plane, the letters that she presses on her phone don't match what she is actually writing.

  • Trivia: Tracy Stark, Aaron's daughter, was born on December 22, 1984 and was reported to have died on October 16, 2007.

  • When Demetri meets Zoey in the airport, she comes forward with a trolley topped with a piece of hand luggage. After they hug, a long shot shows the hand luggage is on the floor. In the next shot, it's back on top of the trolley.

  • Episode's key word: Murdered

  • When Felicia and Olivia are talking in a cafeteria, the amount of Felicia's dark-colored drink in her cup changes. Also, when the shot changes, you see she then has an almost full cup of a light colored drink.

  • New parts of the Mosaic Collective:

    - Rudolf Geyer's picture.

  • Episode's title image: Birds in the sky in Somalia

  • When collecting the data on the crow population, Janis tells Mark that the CDC had requested additional funding from DHS to investigate a mass die off of crows in Somalia in 1991. However, the DHS was not actually formed until November 2002.

  • Trivia: We learn that 137 seconds is the same as the sum of the numerical equivalents of the Hebrew letters in Kabbalah. (5+30+2+100)

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