Season 1 Episode 2

White To Play

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

A group of schoolchildren are laying passed out on the playground while a child in voiceover sings "Ring Around the Rosie." There's one child, however, who is still awake, and it's Charlie. She's worried about what all the kids are doing until they "wake up." They're playing Blackout, and are asking each other what they saw. But when they ask Charlie to play, she refuses, obviously upset with what she saw in her flashforward. A fight starts between Charlie and another kid which results in Charlie's stuffed toy getting torn in half. Charlie runs away and stumbles across a group of soldiers in the street, patrolling.

Mark is at his AA meeting, where a man is talking about how upsetting it is to learn about the future, which in turn upsets Mark so much that he interrupts the other man. Aaron (Mark's sponsor), says that the blackout was a life-changing experience which has brought the world together. Everyone on the planet had the exact same thing happen to them, and now, everyone's a prophet.

A representative from Homeland Security, Deputy Secretary Anastasia Markham, balks that the FBI is wasting time, money, and resources in setting up the Mosaic Collective website, but Janis explains that they might be able to ascertain patterns in everyone's stories, which would give a very complete picture of what will happen on that future day in April. Maybe they'll also be able to figure out what or who triggered the blackouts in the first place. With the existence of Suspect Zero (the only person caught on camera as being awake during the blackout period), it can't have been a coincidence. It was a planned event.

Olivia is taking care of Charlie for the day, and manages to suture up Charlie's doll. Later, Olivia finally meets the father of the boy she helped before, and it's the man Olivia saw in her vision. The man (Lloyd) thanks Olivia for saving his son's life. Dylan is autistic but Lloyd has been estranged from his wife so he doesn't really know how far along the autism spectrum his Dylan is. Since Dylan's mother died during the blackout, Lloyd has to take guardianship of his son.

Demetri and Mark have an argument over whether they should start to follow whatever was seen in the visions. Mark accepted the friendship bracelet from Charlie because he saw it in his vision, but Demetri wonders if Mark is just getting led to creating his future just by catching a glimpse of it. They're working on trying to ID a name from Mark's board, D. Gibbons. And then a woman named Didi Gibbons happens to come into the office, specifically looking for Mark and Demetri.

The woman explains her flash forward. She's on the phone with the credit card company and is very upset. She mentions Mark and Demetri by name, so she had to go to the FBI to figure out who they were. She also mentions something about pigeons.

Later, Mark asks Stanford about his flash forward. Stanford is hesitant to say so, but he finally breaks down and says that he was on the can during the blackout, and he had a vision of being on the can reading the newspaper. When he came to, he was disoriented, and once he left the stall, he saw someone with his face in the water-filled bowl of one of the urinals, drowning. He had to give mouth-to-mouth to the other man to revive him. Stanford warns Mark not to give away all the details of that embarrassing flash forward.

Olivia is still with Charlie at the hospital, and Olivia asks her daughter if she recognizes Lloyd. Charlie says no, but once she sees Dylan, she starts screaming about whether Dylan is okay. Dylan apparently, was in Charlie's flash forward.

Didi Gibbons appears to be a victim of identity theft. Two credit card charges happened on her account in two separate states, nearly at the same time. Someone in Utah had cloned her card and was using it. They track the charge to the small town of Pigeon, Utah. The sheriff of the town, Keegan, meets them. She mentions that she didn't see a vision in her flash forward either, and this gives Demetri a little hope.

They track down the credit card to the bus station, and set up a roadblock. However, D. Gibbons never shows up to claim the ticket he bought. Near the station is an abandoned doll factory. Mark remembers seeing a photo of a burned doll on his flash forward board, so he suggests checking it out. Inside the factory is a cache of doll parts. Shadows and light coming from the second floor factory office suggest that the factory isn't abandoned after all, and dolls are seen hanging from the ceiling above the stairwell leading to the office. Mark accidentally steps on a trigger set in one of the steps, which causes the dolls to move and sing "Ring Around the Rosie." Heading into the office space, they discover a man in the shadows, surrounded by computer equipment. The computers are all submerged in tanks filled with water. The man exclaims: "He who foresees calamity suffers them twice over" and drops a flaming lighter into one of the tanks, and it explodes. Not water but gasoline or some other accelerant. He shoots the sheriff and then activates self-destruct charges to destroy his equipment and cover his escape. In the aftermath, Mark finds the exact picture he saw in his vision, the image of a burned doll. Demetri finds more evidence: a cell phone and a chess piece: a white Queen. It seems as if the bomber was also investigating the blackout.

Back at the hospital, Dylan finally wakes, and Lloyd tries to break the news that his mother died during the blackout. Dylan asks to see Olivia.

Janis checks the cell phone and figures out that D. Gibbons was talking to another person during the blackout, which meant that D. Gibbons was also awake and speaking with Suspect Zero. Janis admits she's curious about her flash forward of her pregnancy and Demetri suggests she post her experience on the website to see if the sonographer can tell her more. Demetri tells Janis of his worry about not surviving until April because of the sheriff who didn't have a vision also dying in the doll factory blast. Janis tells him to make a post on the Mosaic Collective website. After he posts, he receives a phone call from a woman. She claims that in her flash forward, she was reading a report which stated that on March 15, 2010, FBI Agent Demetri Noh was murdered.

The friendship bracelet Charlie gave Mark is now burning in the fireplace, and Mark goes up to her room to talk with her about her troubles at school. Charlie is afraid of the flash forwards coming true. After Mark asks about her flash forward, Charlie says that "D. Gibbons is a bad man."