Season 1 Episode 2

White To Play

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on ABC

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  • Who's directing this?!!

    Shame! After a truly great pilot, I thought episode 2 was absolutely TERRIBLE! The script was totally predictable, the directing was amongst the worst of what we can see on TV these days, and the soap opera-like music was so overwhelming and loud it was like shouting "ok here's some action, now" or "hey here's a scene with nice and sticky good feelings with chlidren"... What's that?!

    I mean, with action/Sci-Fi shows such as Lost, 24 or alias, I think the writers should be more inspired and avoid the too obvious/classic plots they are rushing to right now!...

    Well, I'll keep watching for now...
  • The FBI investigation gets moving by following leads from the future.

    This wasn't a bad episode. The leads from Benford's flashforward lead him to Utah where he finds other pieces of evidence that were visible in his flashforward.

    The FBI agents seem to be a tad slow. The audience is about 5 steps ahead of them most of the time. Two people who had no vision of the future (and who expect they will die) walk into a dangerous situation without bullet proof vests or apparently any other precautions.

    The acting isn't good, the dialogue is strained and artificial. Everything is spelled out in painful detail for an audience that already gets it and has moved on.

    Still, the core idea is good, so it's worth checking out another few episodes.
  • The FBI investigates a name Mark recalls from his Flash-forward. While following this lead we find out that D. Gibbons is not only calling the person awake in the stadium during the blackout, but he is also known to be a very bad man by Mark's daughter.

    With this episode the series continues to build on the very strong and interesting premise. The D. Gibbons storyline proves to be very interesting for now and even though Mark's daughter isn't played by the most compelling child actor, her role in everything adds to the story. The cop from Utah that didn't see anything during the blackout getting killed puts extra pressure on Demetri. I liked how that played out. Him posting his story on the website was very believable and the call he got at the end puts him up for some hard decisions. What I really like about this episode and is that it's a great setup for more interesting things to come. I still don't see how the will be able to make multiple season. I know they said the same thing about Lost. But the Lost comparison is misplaces if you ask me.
  • We all fall down.

    There are shades of Heroes to this episode, as our suspect Zero hides within the shadows, menacingly offing whoever comes into his path. There's tons of information to digest and quite a few touching character moments, but the catastrophic events and conspiracy theory after theory make for a rather verbose episode. There are a couple of intense scenes, and dolls freak the heck out of me, but there's little time to explore any of the questions raised throughout, and there are many, but I'm still intrigued, a little confused, and mostly impressed with this second episode. The random bouts of comedy fell flat on their faces, and at present, there doesn't seem to be any character I can fully relate to, although it's early days yet. Not quite as impressive as the pilot, but there's enough story here to fuel two seasons, never mind one episode.
  • Slow burn.

    The investigations continue and FlashForward is sort of seeping into procedural territory.

    I have a couple of problems; one is with the episode itself, the other with the show in general.

    Firstly, the directing here kind of got on my nerves. The decision to flash the visions to remind people what we're supposed to be remembering is fine, especially for new viewers. But to beat us over the head with the flashes, EVERY single time someone mentions something from the visions is really grating. They are beginning to beat us over the head.

    Now, this episode had a lot of nice moments. I liked the imagery of the children laying motion-less at the top of the show (took me about 2 seconds to guess they were playing a game), and the idea of kids turning this event into a game is plausible and authentic. Actually, little tid bits like this are going to take the show a long way for me. Just as plausible, is seeing that the FBI aren't the only ones compelled to investigate what happened with the blackout. Duh.

    John Cho is emerging as my favorite of the ensemble so far. I like the work he's doing with what he's got compared to everyone else on the show, who are all not very interesting yet. Though the FBI director showed some promise with his amusing bathroom story. It seems the show will be completely focused around Joseph Feinnes, though- a shame as I would love to see how people are handling this in other parts of the world. Two episodes in, and Olivia has already met the man she'll be with, Mark has his burnt doll, we have a second assailant, and Demetri has a time and date for his death. As slow as this episode was (and it was slow), plot points are happening too quickly, and conveniently; Any one of these could have been built up to in episodes all their own- My other complaint about the show in general. It is too easy to just reveal important information whenever they want to. A key difference between this and Lost, is that in Lost the clues are already there for us- we get the information later. In FlashForward, we don't even have the clues, just tiny bits of information that have no context (at least until the next week) so it's kind of reversed. Like watching someone else fill out a crossword instead of letting us fill out the crossword for ourselves. Anyway, the mystery moves on. There was one exciting scene that evoked something from Silence of the Lambs or Saw, but other than that, I was...kinda bored...
  • Wheres the action?

    Limited action scenes take away the intensity from an episode that should have provide more momentum towards the next schedule FF event.

    Instead scenes, screenplay & dialogue mostly aim to move forwards the internal conflicts faced by each one of the main characters. There is only one plot line that is action oriented. It revolves around the clues provided by Fiennes central character, which obviously will be the breadcrumb trail throughout the series. The problem is that if the portion of action/ characterisation remains the same, there will be a real lack of appeal to continue watching this. Hopefully, this will even out and move tilt towards more action in later epsiosde. As it is - the information dump of characterisation at least keeps us moving towards the future focal point.

    The real saving grace though is the tiny portion of action scenes that open up the conspiracy element of the plot, promising more revelations of who or what is involved. The final scenes where we find out what will happen to Agent Kho is a great ending, opening another set of questions up for the next installment.

    I was expecting more though. There is a real need for more intensity and more intrigue. Like in 24 for instance.
  • better than the pilot

    Mark and Demetri go to Utah to investigate a lead on a suspect who might have a connection to the global blackout. Olivia sees the man from her flashforward, while her daughter Charlie is having trouble dealing with hers. This was a better episode of FlashForward than the first mainly because it contained loads of character development compared to "No more good days". There also a nice scene of action and a couple of small twists. The end was somehow shocking to me and it was good to get clarificaation that Demetri may die cant wait to see how he reacts next week. Also the first scene was good because I thought it was Charlie's flashForward or something but it turned out tgo be different. Good to see more of Davenport here as well compared to last weeks single scene. Cant wait to find out who the father of Janis's baby is and again like last week I thought that Stanford brought some humour to the show. All in all better episode then last week.
  • Interesting plot.

    In this episode we see Mark and Demetri travelling to Utah to track a suspect possibly related to the global blackout. The find a strange man in a dolls warehouse but he runaways after a blowing. Thanks to the blowing Mark finds the burnt doll he saw in his flahsforward. A woman calls Demetri to tell him he'll die in March.

    What happens in the warehouse is very interesting and so is when we know what was the flashforward of Mark and Olivia's daughter. It's strange that the child saw the son of the man her mother was with during her flashforward.

    I have to mention the opening sequence the episode starts with, some kids lying on the ground while Charli is just looking at them.
  • Nice episode, but something's missing.

    FlashForward has to live up high expectations since blogs and ABC called it "the new LOST". Sadly, it doesn't. I don't really know how to describe it - the idea of FlashForward in general is great, the actors and everything is great, but I didn't get that one feeling that ties you to the show like I had after the first two episodes of Lost or 24.

    Maybe this will change in the upcoming episodes, but I just have problems believing that the whole mythology is "realistic" But let's wait and see if the writers will turn that around. The show has potential - it just needs to be used right.
  • Some cliches removed nicely while one nagging thing still bugs me. Just tell her about your drinking already!

    Ok, first, I really liked the government response. The Homeland lady walks in and rather than the standard "Who put you in charge? We're taking over with our heads up our butts and ignoring you" she ends up eating massive amounts of crow as they showed conclusive proof as to why they did what they did and the evidence they have.

    Next, the trip to Utah was very well done. A person of interest, who makes cupcakes, lead to another person of interest who has something to do with the future. Makes me wonder 2 things right off the bat: 1) Did they change the Cupcake Maker's future because they traced down the card? 2) Is the future alterable? The Utah county sheriff who saw nothing dies later in the day, possibly confirming that those who saw nothing could be dead. However this doesn't bode well for Demetri who gets the day of his death.

    We get more revelations from the wife and child of Mark. Still, one thing that sticks in my craw (and that's why I'm deducting a few points) is Mark's REFUSAL to tell his wife about his drinking. "We shouldn't have secrets" he says as he burns the friendship bracelet and denies her probably the key secret to save things. Itjust feels so inconsistent with the way things are going with the show. It feels unnecessary, forced and overall, just damn annoying! Tell her already, move past it, and get on to the really cool parts of the plot you're working on.
  • This episode improved from the Pilot in some ways, while some parts of the show still need some fine-tuning.

    I'm not sure if it's because the showrunners aren't sure if FlashForward will be picked up for a full season, but the episodes move at a remarkably fast pace. Every two seconds, it seems like something new is being discovered and some new plot line is being tossed into the mix. Regardless, this episode not only threw in new questions but took the old ones and made them more complicated.

    First off, the problems I had with the first episode, the bad dialogue/stale acting.. they weren't quite as bad this week. As long as the plot is driving forward and as long as the characters are being fleshed out, the show will be interesting to watch. And the writers, much like Lost and Fringe, LOVE to keep you guessing with everything. The trip to Utah with Mark and Demetri was eerie, tense and ultimately revealed nothing except that there may have been at least two or three people awake during the black out, including Suspect Zero. The man in the Doll warehouse seems to be either the one with the answers, or like Demetri said, someone who's doing their own investigation.

    The fact that the future is coming true for some people is compelling, and Demetri's last second conversation with the woman who says he's going to be murdered (was that the woman who recently won the Emmy award? If so, than this show will definitely be getting better acting wise). However, the fast pace I mentioned earlier is still the main thing bothering me. It seems like the show is intent on cramming in as much story into the first few episodes as possible. Also, we're constantly being bombarded by reminders of people's visions, something other readers on this site have mentioned too. It's one thing to be reminded, but to be shown the same scene over and over again gets irritating.

    I still think Fringe is a little more exciting, mostly because I've seen more episodes and am more invested, but FlashForward definitely has plenty of story left to tell, and I'll be right here to see it out.
  • Many interesting storylines intertwining!

    This really builds on the storylines introduced in the Pilot. I thought the scene in the Doll Factory was very suspenseful, and well done. I am really enjoying how everything is linking together.
  • So Far, So Good.

    Mark and Demetri go to Utah to investigate a lead on a suspect who might have a connection to the global blackout. Olivia sees the man from her flashforward, while her daughter Charlie is having trouble dealing with hers. I really enjoyed this episode, for me I think it was better than the pilot, but I'm still going to give it a 9 out of 10. Anyway, I really enjoy the storyline and the characters, so far my favourite is Demetri, gutted he gets murdered but still. I love the way that everyone links some how. I have my own little ideas to who the "person" in the baseball stadium is and other things, I'm really excited for this new show, and next weeks episode!
  • FBI keep investigation going and find more leads,even they are still very out of it.

    FBI keep investigation going and find more leads,even they are still very out of it.

    Investigation moving on,but still the leads are soo little. The Episode it self is quite will done,but sometime I think they are talking little too slow. Overall the dialogue are well done,the acting are sometime little over the top,but mostly on the "ok" level.

    The main story is very intresting and it keep you lock too the screen. Also all side-story is giving screentime to moving forward,and most of them are good(atleast none are boring).

    The best part about this episode for me is in the first 15min,AD.Stanford Wedeck and Mark Benford are talking about what happed the "Flash" moment. I won't take the fun of telling what is(if someone reading this hasn't see it yet),but I strongly suggest you DON'T EAT when watching this episode,you could kill your self bacause it was soo funny. I almost chock on my diner :D

    Over all a good episode!
  • Charlie takes the episode

    Even when we learn more about the other characters and new leads are found, Mark's daughter's kept flashforward is beginning to show. When she didn't see the man her mother saw I was kind of disappointed, but her reaction when she sees the boy was scary, as well as her revelation in the end.

    I liked how Demetri is all tense when it comes to his vision and how awful he must've felt when the cop was killed. I was wondering if him and Janis are getting closer with the Mosaic Case and that will lead to a relationship, ending in him being killed and Janis being pregnant. Who knows.

    It was an interesting episode, I think they were able to keep up the pace and the level of interest in both characters and plot. I really hope the can do the same in the rest of the season.
  • Interesting developments

    Picking up from where the previous episode left, Mark further investigates what caused the Flashforward- it was most certainly an interesting storyline, and the acting was an improvement on last weeks- the tension between Olivia and Mark was quite believable as Olivia comes face to face with the man she is supposedly having an affair with.

    Demetri's fate seems quite interesting- I think thats the storyline is going to be at break neck speed. I hope we find out more soon.

    The action scenes were pretty dramatic- not top notch, but still pretty good. It led to some good questions involving D Gibbons- especially with what Mark's daughter saw.

    Overall, a decent second episode- good stuff, at a good pace with a decent number of questions to keep the viewer interested.
  • Good followup. Hope the momentum continues.

    What impresses me is the way the series follows up numerous implications instead of just focussing on Mark's investigation. Some people are hopeful, some despairing. The naive children think it's a fun game. Mark's friend from AA hopes the crisis will bring everybody together.

    My only criticism is that it's unrealistic that Mark's team seems to be the only people looking into this, even though they explained about the feds in this episode. What about the governments of England? The European Union? Japan? China? Are they just sitting back and saying "Hey, weird things happen"? Mark's team ought to be making contacts and comparing notes -- and probably needs more people.
  • Mark and Demetri go looking for a "person of interest" in Utah while Olivia discovers the man from her flashforward is the father of one of her patients.

    This for now is my favorite new show to come out this fall. I love the fact that the premise is something different for once compared to the rehashes going on in tv land nowadays.

    The acting was well done and so far the story is moving along at a nice pace! The plot is wonderful and it is keeping me on the edge with questions, with intrigue, and excitement!

    This show has done a good job of leaving out horrible clinches that tend to copy themselves all over hollywood and that's nice! Hopefully this is a new show that will actually survive the horrors of being cut too early like many shows before it!!
  • Mark and Demetri go looking for a "person of interest" in Utah while Olivia discovers the man from her flashforward is the father of one of her patients.

    I throughly enjoyed the FlashForward pilot but I expected the second episode to go down in quality. Well I was wrong. White to Play was even better than No More Good Days because it had loads more of action and mystery than the first. Some parts were creepy(the doll factory) and some parts were even funny. So far I am enjoying FlashForward because, like Lost, it isn't a dumb show. It actually makes you think and make up your own theories which was what made Lost so popular. It does not lay everything out in front of you. FlashForward is one of my favorite new shows and I will continue to watch it if it stays as good as the last two episodes.
  • Its awsome

    Good story development, Charlie having lots of trouble and we realize how difficult it will be to solve this thing. Mark is getting more scred.
  • Mark and Demetri go to Utah to investigate a lead on a suspect who might have a connection to the global blackout. Olivia sees the man from her flashforward, while her daughter Charlie is having trouble dealing with hers.

    I think it was a very good episode I like the mystery behind the story line also how crazy is that. Everything they saw is coming true so is very, very interring and what about this guy that was awake during the blackout what are they up to? Well I do like this show so far I hope it stay good and get better because load of the show last new got cancel and we don't need that so let try supporting abc!!!!!

    Anyone know think that this was done on or it just happened? i think it was done
  • The best show on Television.

    FlashFoward has officially become my favorite show currently on TV.

    White To Play follows Mark and Demetri as they hunt down clues to the cause of the black out. Through the episode we learn that there was more than one person awake during the black out as they mystery deepens. We also meet the man from Olivia's vision and someone else who didn't have a vision at all.

    I thought two characters shinned in this episode. Demetri(John Cho) and Janis(Christine Woods). Demetri got more screen time as he deals with possibly dying. John Cho who as I've seen him has been a comedic actor until Star Trek does a great job in this role of a character who basically knows he's going to die and how he deals with it. Christine had less screen time, but I thought also stole the show especially the last few minutes when her she was with John, and she posed a great question. If you knew you were going to die would you want to know how or when. Sadly Demetri gets his answer in the end, and you wonder how he's going to deal with it.

    Sure this show is about dealing with the future whether you don't want to or want or even can change it. I think ultimately the shows about hope. That the future will or won't come true. Will you be alive a 6 months from now and if you don't think you will be do you just give up. Overall another great episode, and I can't wait for the next episode.