Season 1 Episode 2

White To Play

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on ABC

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  • Slow burn.

    The investigations continue and FlashForward is sort of seeping into procedural territory.

    I have a couple of problems; one is with the episode itself, the other with the show in general.

    Firstly, the directing here kind of got on my nerves. The decision to flash the visions to remind people what we're supposed to be remembering is fine, especially for new viewers. But to beat us over the head with the flashes, EVERY single time someone mentions something from the visions is really grating. They are beginning to beat us over the head.

    Now, this episode had a lot of nice moments. I liked the imagery of the children laying motion-less at the top of the show (took me about 2 seconds to guess they were playing a game), and the idea of kids turning this event into a game is plausible and authentic. Actually, little tid bits like this are going to take the show a long way for me. Just as plausible, is seeing that the FBI aren't the only ones compelled to investigate what happened with the blackout. Duh.

    John Cho is emerging as my favorite of the ensemble so far. I like the work he's doing with what he's got compared to everyone else on the show, who are all not very interesting yet. Though the FBI director showed some promise with his amusing bathroom story. It seems the show will be completely focused around Joseph Feinnes, though- a shame as I would love to see how people are handling this in other parts of the world. Two episodes in, and Olivia has already met the man she'll be with, Mark has his burnt doll, we have a second assailant, and Demetri has a time and date for his death. As slow as this episode was (and it was slow), plot points are happening too quickly, and conveniently; Any one of these could have been built up to in episodes all their own- My other complaint about the show in general. It is too easy to just reveal important information whenever they want to. A key difference between this and Lost, is that in Lost the clues are already there for us- we get the information later. In FlashForward, we don't even have the clues, just tiny bits of information that have no context (at least until the next week) so it's kind of reversed. Like watching someone else fill out a crossword instead of letting us fill out the crossword for ourselves. Anyway, the mystery moves on. There was one exciting scene that evoked something from Silence of the Lambs or Saw, but other than that, I was...kinda bored...