Season 1 Episode 2

White To Play

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on ABC

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  • This episode improved from the Pilot in some ways, while some parts of the show still need some fine-tuning.

    I'm not sure if it's because the showrunners aren't sure if FlashForward will be picked up for a full season, but the episodes move at a remarkably fast pace. Every two seconds, it seems like something new is being discovered and some new plot line is being tossed into the mix. Regardless, this episode not only threw in new questions but took the old ones and made them more complicated.

    First off, the problems I had with the first episode, the bad dialogue/stale acting.. they weren't quite as bad this week. As long as the plot is driving forward and as long as the characters are being fleshed out, the show will be interesting to watch. And the writers, much like Lost and Fringe, LOVE to keep you guessing with everything. The trip to Utah with Mark and Demetri was eerie, tense and ultimately revealed nothing except that there may have been at least two or three people awake during the black out, including Suspect Zero. The man in the Doll warehouse seems to be either the one with the answers, or like Demetri said, someone who's doing their own investigation.

    The fact that the future is coming true for some people is compelling, and Demetri's last second conversation with the woman who says he's going to be murdered (was that the woman who recently won the Emmy award? If so, than this show will definitely be getting better acting wise). However, the fast pace I mentioned earlier is still the main thing bothering me. It seems like the show is intent on cramming in as much story into the first few episodes as possible. Also, we're constantly being bombarded by reminders of people's visions, something other readers on this site have mentioned too. It's one thing to be reminded, but to be shown the same scene over and over again gets irritating.

    I still think Fringe is a little more exciting, mostly because I've seen more episodes and am more invested, but FlashForward definitely has plenty of story left to tell, and I'll be right here to see it out.
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