Season 1 Episode 2

White To Play

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on ABC

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  • better than the pilot

    Mark and Demetri go to Utah to investigate a lead on a suspect who might have a connection to the global blackout. Olivia sees the man from her flashforward, while her daughter Charlie is having trouble dealing with hers. This was a better episode of FlashForward than the first mainly because it contained loads of character development compared to "No more good days". There also a nice scene of action and a couple of small twists. The end was somehow shocking to me and it was good to get clarificaation that Demetri may die cant wait to see how he reacts next week. Also the first scene was good because I thought it was Charlie's flashForward or something but it turned out tgo be different. Good to see more of Davenport here as well compared to last weeks single scene. Cant wait to find out who the father of Janis's baby is and again like last week I thought that Stanford brought some humour to the show. All in all better episode then last week.
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