Season 1 Episode 2

White To Play

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on ABC

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  • Wheres the action?

    Limited action scenes take away the intensity from an episode that should have provide more momentum towards the next schedule FF event.

    Instead scenes, screenplay & dialogue mostly aim to move forwards the internal conflicts faced by each one of the main characters. There is only one plot line that is action oriented. It revolves around the clues provided by Fiennes central character, which obviously will be the breadcrumb trail throughout the series. The problem is that if the portion of action/ characterisation remains the same, there will be a real lack of appeal to continue watching this. Hopefully, this will even out and move tilt towards more action in later epsiosde. As it is - the information dump of characterisation at least keeps us moving towards the future focal point.

    The real saving grace though is the tiny portion of action scenes that open up the conspiracy element of the plot, promising more revelations of who or what is involved. The final scenes where we find out what will happen to Agent Kho is a great ending, opening another set of questions up for the next installment.

    I was expecting more though. There is a real need for more intensity and more intrigue. Like in 24 for instance.