Season 5 Episode 10

A World of Their Own

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2012 on CTV

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  • The Best of the Flashpoint Series

    Season 5 episode 10 is the best episode in the flashpoint series, it's about a uncle who tries to protect his farm and get his nephew back by kidnapping the person responsible for tearing down his farm but things take a turn for the better when the uncle decides to help the person responsible. the other person who took the person responsible fro this will be on his own by the end of the movie when the uncle decides to help the hostage instead.
  • 5x10 - A world of their own

    I think this was a decent episode but personally I wasn't as engaged or concerned with the outcomes of the guests of the week. I could sympathize with the uncle's desire to keep his family's land in the family but other than that I thought he was a big idiot for deciding that kidnapping someone was the only solution and then being surprised when it all went sideways on him. I did like how the Senator wasn't a evil political scumbag but a truly sincere individual who was trying to make the best decision he could. I keep repeating that I love how Flashpoint doesn't succumb to cliches and continues to remind the viewers that everyone is person because the show does it so freaking well.

    Like a said a decent episode but one that didn't strike an emotional cord in me like previous ones have.