Season 2 Episode 4

Aisle 13

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2009 on CTV

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  • Taken Too Far...

    One of the things that really stood out is the intensity of this script. The team is dealing with kids and it's obvious they take a different approach when kids are involved. However, Donnie turns out to be more than just a minor threat, you literally watch him snap and it's a scary sight. One of the things I find really interesting is watch Parker deal with the people, such as witness' and family memebrs, that are on the outside. It really shows his extrodinary people skills as well as communication. I wasn't suprised that Parker knew about Sam and Jules, but Ed's knowledge was a great twist. I was however disappointed and felt an immediate defense of Sam when Jules called things because of her return to the team. I appreciate SRU is her dream job, but why is she forcing Sam to make the choice, should she be willing to make the sacrifice as well?
  • Two kids hold up a food store.

    Flashpoint has always brought in good guest stars capable of driving the story in the direction it needed to go. Unfortunately, I cannot say that about tonight's episode, but luckily the story was strong enough to guide itself. It was fast-moving, and paid extreme attention to detail as always.

    This episode worked because it showcased the robbers as real people, not devious, notorious bad guys, like most other programs and feature films will do. Sometimes it's just for money, and when we need it we get pushed to the extreme.

    Another great Season 2 episode of Flashpoint, and this is only a positive step toward a 3rd Season.
  • Writing good. Photography bad.

    Overall, the series is well written. I enjoy the characterizations, and the interplay between them. The topics are reasonable and do not get outside the box. But whoever is in charge of the photography, they are killing the show, in my opinion.
    The trend to use "shakycam", swooping motion, and nauseating shifts does not heighten tension, nor imparts anything constructive to the story. In fact, I find myself closing my eyes, and wishing it would STOP. I am about ready to CHANGE THE CHANNEL. That is not a good response. It defeats the whole purpose of commercial television - attract an audience. Despite the advances of 'high definition', it would appear that the "artists" in command wish to devolve the imagery. If they keep this up, I will depart the audience for this show. I have better things to do than be annoyed by 'entertainment'.