Season 1 Episode 4

Asking For Flowers

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 31, 2008 on CTV
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When a cop is being held hostage by an enraged family member, the team has to set aside their own feelings to resolve the situation. However, the tables turn when the hostage may not be who the team thinks.

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  • New character insight.

    I really enjoyed this episode. We got to see background into Wordsworth's character. It was nice that one of the team could see the truth through the sea of lies being spread.

    It was a great way to give us insight into Wordsworth's life. I guess he could see the truth because he lived it. I want to hear more about his life with his wife and daughters.

    It was beyond me why the abuse victim tried to side with her husband over her sister, who was trying to help her. They were preparing a lethal response for her sister, and she hesitated to tell the truth.moreless
  • good episode...

    Again, this was not an original story. I've seen the wife beater and family do - gooder story line several times before. I did like how the tables turned in the boat and how Pete got the gun; that was an unexpected twist. What makes the episode interesting and worth watching are the characters. This was more of a Wordy episode, but Ed also got some characterization. I love learning more about the characters and how they deal with different situations. Overall, the story wasn't very intersting in this episode, but it had some good twists and had great character development.moreless
  • This episode while being the most realistic so far of the series was actually not very exciting for me.

    I thought this episode was rather boring. You have an abused wife, the abusive husband, and the wife's sister who decides to take matters into her own hands. I did not care if anyone of the three got killed or not. None of them seemed to be people that I cared about. If they had taken the baby with them on the boat that would have made the episode much better and much more interesting. But they didn't think to go in that direction unfortunately. The other thing I did not like about this episode was that they just so happen to get the abusive husband on tape when he threatens to kill his sister-in-law. It just felt a little too convenient for me.moreless
  • The SRU team is called in when a cops sister-in-law holds him hostage on his boat in order to get him to to agree to move out away from her sister.moreless

    Best episode yet. Loved it! It showed the world of a cop who beats his wife and can get away with it because he is a cop who has alot of friends who bail him out because he claims that he wife is crazy. Showed the sister-in-law taking him hostage because she found out what he was doing after they had been married for two years. She takes matter into her own hands because the police look the other way. Great emotion great acting from all of the cast. The side story was great because it showed that the father of a boy will do things differently they the father of a girl when it comes to school issues.(fight) All in all a great episode.moreless
  • The team think their in for a quiet day but it's never a quiet time for the SRU.

    The storyline was your basic abusive husband and out for vengeance sister-in-law, problem is the husband is a cop and when he's taken hostage by his sister-in-law it's up to the team to decide who's right and who's wrong.

    As others have wrote the storyline has been done before and the problem with this type of show is every episode/storyline shown/discussed will have been viewed in some form in other police enforcement shows/movies however what makes this show a tad different is the emotional problems that surface for the SRU team members, remember these guys though fictional are portraying what real SWAT/Police hostage forces face day in day out.moreless
Enrico Colantoni

Enrico Colantoni

Sgt. Gregory Parker

Michael Cram

Michael Cram

Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth

Sergio Di Zio

Sergio Di Zio

Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti

Hugh Dillon

Hugh Dillon

Ed Lane

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan

David Paetkau

David Paetkau

Sam Braddock

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Wordy was watching the movie Lady in Waiting.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode we see the officer picking up the handgun and placing into a plastic evidence bag. In reality the weapon would need to be made safe and wired into a rigid container before removal - his method is asking for the weapon to accidentally discharge in transit.

    • It is revealed that Kevin Wordsworth has three daughters and Ed Lane has one boy, Clark, who is 13 years old.

    • Goof: There are some continuity issues with the names in this episode. In the beginning when Rebecca is at Sadie and Pete's house, she refers to their daughter as Kayla; yet for the rest of the episode, she is known as Katlin. Also, when they first get the call, Parker calls Rebecca 'Kessler', but then at other points in the episode, uses 'Kessfield'.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Spike is listening with the parabolic mic).
      Greg: Spike, what do you hear?
      Spike: Nothing. Water. Very loud water.

    • Greg: False alarm is my favorite kind of alarm.

    • Ed: (Watching Sam slowly swim out to the boat) Not exactly a fish.

    • Jules: So I heard you're a really good swimmer.
      Sam: (laughs) Yeah!
      Jules: Yeah, I did. Were you on the swim team?
      Sam: Yeah, I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of water.
      Jules: No?
      Sam: I was raised in the desert.

    • Pete: (as he's being led away in cuffs) OK, OK, the facade is over, you can take these off now.
      Sadie: Where is she?
      Pete: Don't worry about this; it's part of the procedure. Where's Kaitlyn, honey?
      Sadie: Don't.
      Wordy: Go (signals him inside the bus)
      Pete: OK, how far are we taking this. I mean, come on? That was good, ya, so how about you take these cuffs off.

    • Ed: (as Sam is stripping down to get in the water) Sam, I know it's a little unorthodox, but there's no time for a wet suite, you're good to go.
      Sam: This isn't a rookie thing, is it?

    • Greg: We got no calls yet, but tonight's a full moon, so, full moons, they make people crazy - proven fact, so we call tonight patrol night.

    • Ed: Clark needs to stand up on his own two feet.
      Wordy: He's 13 years old.
      Ed: Exactly.
      Wordy: Well, no wonder he doesn't want to talk to you!

    • Ed: He's a great kid, it's just, it's awkward. I love rock music, he plays the cello, loves basketball, hates hockey.

    • Greg: Wordy, this is the SRU, you can't be watching Lady in Waiting.
      Wordy: It's a good movie; it's historical.

    • Greg: Hi Rebecca, my name's Greg. I want to help.

  • NOTES (4)