Season 5 Episode 1

Broken Peace

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2012 on CTV

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  • Broken Peace--->Broken Trust

    Beautifully written show; outcome was unexpected and ridiculous. As soon as the daughter distracted the father's attention that was the proper moment to take out the father. Did the daughter make a mistake? of course. Did Sgt. Parker make a mistake with the Scorpio command? Technically, no. Morally, yes. Surely there was another option besides killing a confused, distraught child (I say child because for all intents and purposes she was still clearly an immature 17-year old) whose only thought was to try and save her mother's life, not realizing the danger she put herself in. This was a perfect example of how, in rare circumstances, protocol has to be ignored. The wrong person died that night. Were I Ed Lane, I could not in good conscience have taken that shot. I'm proud of Raf for his reaction; I do not blame Ed Lane here, I blame Greg Parker.
  • Song Info

    I was just wondering if anyone knows the title and artist for the song in the episode. :)
  • Great Episode

    I applaud the writers for showing the darker side of reality. Cops have rules and protocols and they are not supposed to allow their emotions interfere with them. The rules are not flexible. It's not easy to make that call, and truth be told, the fact that she got off two shots was huge. In situations such as this, the rules are there to protect the officers as well as any bystanders and civilians. You can not allow for 'gray' area. Officers are not afforded the luxury of emotional involvement, or interpretation of the rules. They can not pick and choose what to follow and what not to. If they did it would be total chaos. She took two shots and missed (what if one of those stray bullets would have killed your child in the next building?) It happens all the time. The real blame falls on the dumbass father of hers, He can not take any responsibility for anything, he wants to talk to the daughter, so she is there and then he screams at the EX wife "look what you've done" because his daughter is there seeing him in all his 'glory'. None of this would have happened had he been any kind of man at all. He is a selfish, maniacal, spineless screw-up who is only able to feel good about himself when he is violently oppressing others. His daughter is afraid of him, obviously, she ignores him, does not want to see him and feels the need to carry a gun, but none of that is his fault, it's everyone else's, PUHLEEZE!! The cops don't want to shoot, but the girl knew she had the gun, she chose to pull it on her father, she ignored their pleas to drop her weapon and she made a conscious choice to advance and shoot, they had no other choice. I feel bad for the officers that had to make those decisions and do what they did, all because the spineless bastard could not accept that he is useless and a loser. If they had let her shoot him, they would have been criticized on some level by someone for that. The protocol was that she was actively shooting and posed an eminent threat. She was warned numerous times and given multiple opportunities to stop, lower her weapon and chose not to. She has to suffer the consequences. It sucks now that they have to live with it, it's a difficult job and they do it, but they are human and it affects them as well, but if they didn't, we would be even worse off than we are. Yes this was just a show, a phenomenally written episode, but the reality of it is, situations like this happen more often than we are willing to admit and they rarely have a fairy tale ending. More often than not, the outcome is fatal. I am glad they chose to push the envelope and have a more realistic outcome.
  • Broken Peace

    One of TV's best shows began its final season with an episode that was not only incredibly exciting and fulgurant, but it left us with some moral questions. Did they do the right thing? In my opinion, yes, they followed the book, but there are differing points of views, and having a show that has incited such great reactions among us is a true testament to its success.

    Great start to the season.
  • Total Chaos

    This episode enforces my distrust of law enforcement.
  • I totally wasn't expecting that

    The thing is... when you watch a lot of TV after a while you can sort of figure out where a story is going. And often when the writers try to make it a surprise, it just makes it more blatantly obvious so when I say that I was honestly shocked by the twist in this episode it isn't because I'm a noob to tv plot twists. I was floored. And then promptly burst into tears.

    That as a BRILLIANT start to a new season.
  • Good Start for the Season

    I've been watching Flashpoint since it's beginning and I've been wondering whether to keep watching this season. For years, the show has been overly melodramatic with gaping holes in logic, unclear character motivations, repeated character types (oh, the bad guy has a sob story and that's what made him bad etc...) that made enjoying the show difficult to do.

    Not so with this episode. True, there are still some inconsistencies with logic (how come it seems that they never have a secure perimeter?), such as the lack of explanation on how the girl's father was able to track them down, etc, but this episode was a standout in my mind.

    The last few scenes occuring on the rooftop were definitely unexpected twists and made Ed's reaction that much more genuine and brutal, especially when compared to his reaction to the very first episode of this show. Having developed the character who ended up being shot definitely made us sympathetic to his emotions, especially the anger at the end.

    The episode goes up a few notches by having Raf verbalize what many audience members were thinking during the debrief. Actually having that discussion was a very refreshing change of pace as Flashpoint usually heavy-hands the moral dilemmas.

    I can understand some of the other commenter's reaction to the events of the episode. I do agree that the choking was excessive and was surprised that there wasn't more of a reaction . However, I also agree with what Ed said at the end of the episode - Police are there to follow the rules; the interpretation of the rules is up to the courts. I liked the hesitation that Greg had in issuing the "scorpio" order, how the sudden change in events injected chaos in their orderly structured protocols and how quickly (and realistically) things spiralled out of control when the first shots were fired.

    All in all, although still (overly) melodramatic, at least the characters are getting better developed and the stories have some meat on them, so a good start to the season and I'm looking forward to seeing if the improvements carry over to the rest of the season.
  • sad story

    Its a show for cry sakes.. The whole point of this show is making decisions.. doesn't matter what the hell he did, she showed up with a gun shooting, they had to do what they always do.. did they enjoyed killing her? no, but this is what they do.. how hard it is.. she had no right to take someone life, so they did what they had to do
  • The song is

    The song is "My Heart Has Wings" by Brooke Palsson

  • Heavy!

    It's not often that i review anything nor is it often that a tv series bring me to the verge of tears but this episode was AMAZING, everything just work so well together, the acting, the story even the music, such an emotional start to the final season 10/10!
  • Broken Peace

    Very sad episode but in a good way, for the show. Although the reason to not 'shoot to wound' was a bit weak.

    Does anyone know the beautiful song at the end? It starts with

    "My heart has wings, love / Wings to carry me home / My heart it sings, love / Your name is its song"
  • Broken Peace

    I think it was also a brilliant episode, the writing was amazing, and yes it had a horrific end to end, but with the situation, they couldn't wait until the last minute, although it was unfortunate what happened at the end, they had already waited longer than they should have. I agree with what Charlie183 said about the previous reviewer. They had a decision to make, and as the police, they have to uphold the law, even if it ends out tragic like this. They should have acted a lot sooner, but that was up to the writers.

    It's definitely saddening what this is the las season, and the started it off with something great. It's going to be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes, with what was happening to Raf in the season and also what's going on with Wordy. Truly excited
  • Wow isn't a good enough word to describe this episode.

    I've loved Flashpoint but my biggest gripe has been too many times the stories seem to have all too happy endings where they paint the bad guy as a not-so-bad guy afterall. This episode though took their standard formula and turned it completely on it's head.

    They didn't even need to add a lot of the normal personal issues with the SRU Team's because the case came to an incredibly gut-wreching conclusion. It's safe to say this episode is going to be the breaking point for Team One that will send this show off on its farewell at the end of the season, most likely resulting in the disbanding/retiring of Team One.

    Below is a spoiler recap of the drama in this episode so avert your eyes if you haven't yet watched the episode:

    James Mitchell was not a good or misunderstood man. He was clearly an abusive controlling husband that pushed his daughter and wife away. After months of seperation, the loss of job and money, the eviction notice on his apartment, and his daughter, May's, 18th Birthday James snapped. Armed with a gun, he took off to find his daughter so he could talk but unaware of her location he went after her boyfriend in the nightclub he worked at.

    Taking him hostage and leading the SRU team on a car chase the boyfriend escapes from the trunk of the car forcing the Sam to halt pursuit. May's boyfriend tells Sam that he wouldn't say where May was but he told James where to find his ex-wife Michelle.

    The SRU Team follows up and it leads them to a hotel where they are a moment too late. James is in the banquet kitchen with a gun and hostages including his ex-wife Michelle. After an intense standoff James escapes through a service elevator with Michelle at gunpoint and Spike sends it to the roof where they can corner James.

    The option is brought up of using May in the negotiations because she will be the only one who can get through to James. Despite Greg's protest to the situation May insists that she's 18 and can make this decisio on her own and to let her help. Greg then okays Spike to bring May up to the roof and what happened next nobody on the team was prepared for.

    James was initially responsive to May's plea to stop what he was doing but then when he noticed all the SRU Team on the roof he once again turned his anger and agression back towards ex-wife Michelle. May, fearing for her mothers safety, produced a gun and started walking towards James firing. She fired off two shots that narrowly missd and leaving the SRU Team stunned at the turn of events, May gripped the weapon with both hands and was prepared to take a final shot that would have resulted in her abusive fathers death.

    Greg was forced to call Scorpio and Ed had to take the shot, killing 18-year old May.

    Back at SRU HQ the team got into a heavy argument about the events that occured.

    Ed provided the final wisdom that capped off the gut-wrenching turn of events. They are not the judge and jury. They have rules that they follow and they aren't the ones who gets to decide who lives or dies. Their job is to protect life even if the choice to do so is a difficult one.
  • Broken Peace

    I think this was a brillant episode, it was a horrible story and showed true heart and love but it also showed how hard these police officers work they have to make tough decisions that no one else will make and they are only human, so i feel this is a true show of what these cops go through. THIS IS A BRILLANT SERIES LOOK FORWARD TO THE REST
  • Broken Peace ?

    This was a horrible episode.. horrible in the way that it was amazingly shocking and sad, but it was well done and I'm not one of those people constantly giving out 10points. Usually it's character episodes where I feel inclined to give 9.5 or higher.. but this.. this was all about the case and very few things about the main characters and I still think it's worth a 10.

    I have to say I'm impressed by the writers for [SPOILER] letting them shoot that girl. Nobody wanted that, neither the cops nor the audience, but in this show they try to portray life, at least a little bit, and it's not fair, and not easy.. not easy at all..

    To the previous reviewer saying "How dare the writer let them kill her. Who made them judge and jury".. I can basically just say, what Ed said at the end of the episode: they are not judges, they are not "judge and jury" and therefore, they don't have the right to decide.. they can not have one rule for the father and another one for the 18-year old daughter .. that does not work.. they are cops and they are supposed to protect life.. truth is (and understandably) they waited two shots longer than they should have.. she was active.. shooting.. and it's their job to save people.. to stop her! They don't have the right to decide that it's better to let her shoot the dad .. that's not their call - they are not judge and jury!

    I feel kinda lost now.. this episode surprised me.. I think the writers deserve credit for making an episode like that. They will have made a lot of people angry with this decision but I think it was the honest one.
  • Broken Peace

    That was the worst show I have seen in years. How dare the writer let them kill her. Who made them judge and jury. I have watched this series for years but if this is an example of the new series I am glad it will be the last.