Season 2 Episode 3

Clean Hands

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2009 on CTV
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The SRU must protect the killer while he is returning to Canada. Sam has to make sure a victim's father sees that taking the law into his own hands will not help anyone.

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  • Love the devices

    that Flashpoint uses, in this case the foam gun. Otherwise, plot is pretty good and nice twist--kind of expected.
  • Vengence

    I really thought the script was really well written and plotted. The irony of the situation, the team protecting a bad guy, is not lost and even used as a teaching tool for Donna. I loved Woody conversation with her regarding "clean hands" and having ethics in doing what they do. I'm still not fully understanding Sam and his attitude towards Donna. Regardless as to whether or not Jules makes it back, the team had a spot and she was the best candidate. He seems to harp on it being "temporary" situation. If it's temporary, what's the big deal. Be a big boy and more importantly a professional and deal. He seems to work well with her in the field, just not at HQ, so I'm confused as to what his issue is. I loved the twist that Sample was behind the leaks but I figured it out as soon as she wanted to "work off the books". I LOVED the action within this episode like the firefight and Sam jumping on the flash grenade. I also have to note that within the last couple of episodes we've seen several indicators that this is Canada and not the US although a city has never been stated. I think one of the best things within this episode is that it showed mistakes were made and the team tried to make is right then learn from them.moreless
  • The team finds themselves in a strange position when one of them is held hostage while they protect a serial killer.

    This episode was excellent! Started off with the team playfully planning to haze Donna, coming up with some very creative ideas. Even Lane was into it. Everyone was having fun except for Sam, whom it seemed that Ed was trying to goad a bit, like he was testing Sam or something. Anyway, I laughed pretty hard when she just walked in and stared down a possibly naked or at least nearly naked Wordy. She then admitted to him that the gray areas that she was surrounded by in Vice was the reason she wanted to transfer to SRU. She wanted to be one of the good guys and of course she ended up finding out that they were tasked to protect someone who is proof of pure evil. She voices her issues with this new mission but does her job. From the time that they get to the airport things go wrong. It was supposed to be low profile, but victim's rights activists and the press show up. The route that they were planning on taking they couldn't so they had to improvise, and they were fired on by an unknown gunman. I thought that the acting was amazing. I loved Peter Outerbridge (see Regenesis) as the broken father who couldn't move on and was seeking revenge and Kari Machett as the cool and calm Agent Semple. For once, I didn't see the twist coming at me from a mile away. I was pleasantly surprised when Walter's co-conspirator was, but the twist made sense. I hate it when writers drop hints that are too obvious and heavy handed and then throw in a character who was barely mentioned in the episode/movie as the bad guy and then expect you to believe it. This twist was good, and given what Donna was asking Wordy when they were told to secure the prisoner her reaction-the look on her face was so expressive when she was forced to do her job. She's suddenly realized the downside to her dream job.

    Excellent episode from the writing to the acting. This is why I'm a fan.moreless
  • Nothing special here.

    In the latest installment of Flashpoint we see SRU called in to monitor the transfer of a prisoner, or so we think.

    I did not see the twist coming, I will admit to that much, but this just felt really average to me, and did not feature anything we have not seen yet from the show. I did not really understand how they neutralized the grenade with that goo, or whatever it was. I never liked Amy Jo Johnson or her character, so I guess it is just a coincidence thatan average episode occured when her presence was absent from the show.moreless
  • Flashpoint

    I thought this one was great. I love it when the main characters are incorporated in the events happening. Especially when its my favorite character (Sam). I thought the comic relief they used was very well done. For example when Walter takes the headset to hear where they are taking the prisoner and Sam foils his plan, but Sam talks to him like hes four and the look Walter gives him made me crack up in the tense moment.

    I was up set by the fact that Jules was never in it, I had been hoping Sam would go see her in the end. I do not like Donna, the sooner she is gone the better. She was so stupid at the end and she needs to go.. now! Oh and she needs to back off Wordy, hes married. Geez. I WANT JULES BACK.

    I thought it was nice to hear more about Sam's military days. I was glad they added those points in. One of my favorite episodes so far.moreless
Enrico Colantoni

Enrico Colantoni

Sgt. Gregory Parker

Hugh Dillon

Hugh Dillon

Ed Lane

David Paetkau

David Paetkau

Sam Braddock

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Lewis Young

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan

Sergio Di Zio

Sergio Di Zio

Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti

Peter Outerbridge

Peter Outerbridge


Guest Star

Billy MacLellan

Billy MacLellan

Peter Wilkins

Guest Star

Shawn Lawrence

Shawn Lawrence

Jack Broder

Guest Star

Jessica Steen

Jessica Steen

Donna Sabine

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Walter first retrieves the pistol from the ceiling, he chamberes a round and then de-cocks the pitsol. However, later just before attacking the SRU team, he manually chamberes another round. This should have ejected the round already in the chamber.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Sam: Special Forces.

      Walter: That figures, jumps on a grenade, tell all the ladies what a superhero you are?

      Sam: Yeahhhh, Infantry, spend all your time bitching about Special Forces

    • Sam: That's our communication, we can all hear each other with that. (Walter gives Sam a look, Greg motions for the team to be quiet)

      Greg: This is Sgt. Gregory Parker with the Strategic Response Unit. Is there someone else on this line?

    • (The group is waiting for the plane to arrive)

      Delia Semple: Not a bad vacation for the guys who get to fly over at least.

      Sgt. Parker: Well, if you like jumping over the ocean in a metal coffin, sure.

      Delia Semple: So there's something you guys are actually afraid of!

      Sgt. Parker: You know what, we all have our weak spots. Could be anything. Flying. Cats.

      (Parker looks at Eddie) (Eddie looks back at Parker)

      Ed: Hey, it was one cat. It was mean.

      Spike: I was there, it was mean.

      (A few minutes later later)

      Sgt. Parker: Sorry about that cat thing.

      Ed: We'll talk about that later! (Parker laughs)

  • NOTES (2)