Season 2 Episode 9

Exit Wounds

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 15, 2009 on CTV
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Episode Summary

When a standoff between a gang and a man protecting his brother takes over a hospital the SRU team is sent in.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Raf is a gangster!

    While watching a rerun I noticed that gang member Shane is played by Cle Bennett who comes back in season 4 as SRU member Raf :)
  • Gang warfare in a hospital.

    If this is the last episode ever of Flashpoint then it will really be disappointing. One of the best cop shows on television ended its second season with as lackluster an offering as I have ever seen from the program. This was simply and inexcusably boring and I do not even know how such a feat could be accomplished when you had an intense and seemingly easy to write story in gang warfare.

    Flashpoint tries too hard not to be predictable, but I think that is what hurts the show because you know you're going to get a red herring or two every week. That's not how a series should go.moreless
  • There is something to be said for predictablity.

    Well the one thing about this show is its predictability. Tonight's finale was actually a pretty decent script. A former gang member trying to turn things around finds out his former gang is after his brother because of something he saw and is determined to safe his brother. Parker and the crew have the challenge of communicating with teenagers who have no trust in not only cops but the system that's built to protect them. But as always the team comes through in the end and in this case saves not just one life but two. As predictable as the script, seeing SRU work together the way they do may be predictable but it's always enjoyable to watch.moreless
  • A good strong episode as always, but...

    ...a finale? I was hoping for a bit more. I assume its the finale I read Hugh Dillon describing in TV Guide anyway...

    I guess its a bit harder to have a cliffhanger season ending for a series which, by necessity, is so intense as a general rule. And I should be thankful that at season end we do have all the characters back in their respective places on the team, most of whom are functioning if not quite flourishing after their personal issues.

    I assume its coming back next season, but I do see it being listed as "on the bubble". If I know CBS, they'll pull a Moonlight on it, and kill off another good show while keeping some other tired old dogs around...

    Maybe thats why this finale felt...I don't know...anticlimactic?? Its a way for CBS to end a series for the characters with some resolution for all of them, but also leave the door open in case someone on the executive sees the light. Yah, I know. I'm laughing too...:o\moreless
Enrico Colantoni

Enrico Colantoni

Sgt. Gregory Parker

Hugh Dillon

Hugh Dillon

Ed Lane

David Paetkau

David Paetkau

Sam Braddock

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Lewis Young

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

Julianna 'Jules' Callaghan

Sergio Di Zio

Sergio Di Zio

Mike 'Spike' Scarlatti

Lori Hallier

Lori Hallier

Dr. Redfield

Guest Star

Joshua James

Joshua James

Young Basketball Boy

Guest Star

Steve Ferguson

Steve Ferguson


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Clé Bennett who played Shane Thomas would later return as SRU rookie Raf.

    • Goof: When Shane gets a text message from Remo's phone, the time on Shane's cell phone reads 11:27 PM. However when Mike Scarlatti intercepts the text message he states the message was received at 6:42 PM.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Ed: Boss, we up for a drink tonight or what?

      Greg: Can't, I gotta finish this article, Critical Incidents Newsletter.

      Ed: Who says Greg Parker doesn't know how to have a good time?

    • Ed: Officer Callaghan, how're you doing?

      Jules: You really wanna know?

      Ed: Well, unless the answer is "outstanding", not really.

    • Sam: A couple of hundred times around these floors, you were leaning on my arm.

      Jules: Yeah, you did always like me best when I needed you, huh?

      Sam: Come on, everyone needs to be needed. Gives you something to shoot for.

    • Greg: I know what happened to your mom.

      Derek: Then you know I don't trust cops.

      Greg: I'm not talking to you as a cop, I'm talking to you as a man who wants you to succeed. You made a choice to be somebody different. Don't quit, don't quit on that choice. Don't quit on the guy you set out to be, who Matt needs you to be, and who your mom would have been so proud of. You've gotta trust yourself, Derek. You don't wanna do this.

    • Greg: You guys want a review? How's this, Officers Callaghan and Braddock performed admirably in securing assigned areas and gathering key intel without any public displays of affection. Officer Scarlatti's skill with computers and other geeky toys was augmented today by a truly spectacular take-down of a dangerous subject. Officer Young provided crucial back-up and insight into the psychology of yet another subject. And Officer Wordsworth, well, he's just plain and simple the toughest SOB I have ever had the privilege to command.

      Wordy: (laughing) Thank you.

      Greg: And that leaves us with Officer Ed Lane, who, truth by told, has always been a bit of problem for Team One.

      Ed: Lets have it.

      Greg: Because when everybody's struggling, he's pushing through and when everyone's lost he finds our way and when we falter he picks us up. Problem is, after he's done all that, who picks him up? Right? You saved that kid today, Eddie, and one time or another you've saved every person in this room. So today is Ed Lane's fifth anniversary as team leader.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: January 18, 2010 on TVNORGE
      Slovakia: February 8, 2011 on Markiza
      Sweden: February 19, 2011 on Kanal 9
      Czech Republic: September 5, 2011 on Barrandov

    • This Flashpoint episode included three members who were part of CTV's former drama series Whistler:

      David Paetkau (Sam Braddock) played Beck McKaye on Whistler.
      Russ Cochrane (Exit Wounds writer and creative consultant) was co-executive producer and a writer with Whistler.
      Drew Finnie (uncredited Toronto EMS Paramedic) played the Courier in Whistler episode 209 "Family Ties".

    • Music
      The Sun Is Shining Down - JJ Grey & Mofro