Season 5 Episode 4

Eyes In

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2012 on CTV

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  • Eyes In

    While an interesting case in that the premise had changed and the guy they were targeting had changed, it became a little too tech-heavy and the resolution was a bit of a letdown. Below the quality we expect weekly from this show.
  • Boy Webcams Girl

    Although, the bad boyfriend was a little too one dimensional for a Flashpoint antagonist this was a very good episode which let both Spike and technology shine. The end of it also had me muttering that Spike deserves a cute girl of his own, darn it.
  • best episode yet :)

    Spike is my favorite character on the show, mainly i think its because none of the "spike centric" episodes are boring, which can be said about some of the other character episodes. This one focused on the team getting hacked and being led down a rabbit hole of crime where you couldn't figure out what exactly was going on or who was the bad guy. In the end, contrary to other episodes where the bad guy was some one with a heart that was pushed to the brink, the focus was on taking chances. Stuart, the geek who hacked SRU, took a chance to do the right thing and spike took a chance on his own love life too. Neither of them could have anticipated the results, but at the end where better for it. And as a spike fan as well as a fan of tuwe wove (princess bride refrence), I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
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