Season 3 Episode 3

Follow the Leader

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2010 on CTV

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  • It's sad that this sort of thing is still alive and kicking in our society

    While this wasn't my favorite Flashpoint episode and a bit of a letdown after Severed Ties, I still think it was an important episode because it reminds us that racism - even if not this extreme - is still far too prevalent in our culture. Any time a show shines a light on the underbelly of society and makes us look at things we might rather not, it is a good thing.

    This episode also underscores the powerful impact that one misguided person can have on a large group of people, especially youth. While there is no question Victor Ackland's story is sad, there is never any justification whatsoever for this kind of behavior. Many people have difficult stories and everyone has challenges in life. While it is worthy of compassion, it is never a justification for threatening the lives of others.

    Overall, I did like the episode.
  • Caught this one on the flip side...

    I missed this one on its first airing and picked it up last night instead. Adrian Hough did a fabulous job, if you can label this kind of character trait that way, of personifying evil at it's most ignorant. His character is also typical of most promoters of such evil; get someone else to do the dirty work. The writers did their job well: I wanted to punch his lights out, which of course, would only have lowered me to his level. And that is why I am not a cop! Ed Lane showed remarkable restraint.

    But my most interesting reaction was to the character of Trent. I felt a really strange lack of sympathy and/or empathy for him. I wanted to, at least metaphorically, take him by the collar and shake some sense into him. I do find it difficult to understand how people get brainwashed like this. No one tells me what to do or think, and I just don't get the ease with which some people "fall" for such blatant...wrong...! Once again, Flashpoint does a fabulous job of pushing multiple emotion buttons. Makes you think not just of the story line at hand, and the characters going through it, but of yourself and your own feelings.

    And sometimes, that's not a nice mirror to look into. As usual, a great Flashpoint story.
  • Follow the Leader

    The latest episode of Flashpoint dealt with a group of White supremacists trying to send a message by blowing "them" up.

    The episode was a bit low on drama, to be frank, as I found myself yawning at points, even the supposed climax with the bomb as we knew Trent would survive, but this is still Flashpoint at its best with the SRU trying to save people.

    More often than not when Sam is the member to talk someone down, it is not that great a dialogue, and this one was no different. Not that David Paetkau hasn't been good in this role, but just not at that part of the episode.

    There were times tonight when it was interesting, but I've seen better eps of this show.