Season 5 Episode 7

Forget Oblivion

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2012 on CTV

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  • Forget Oblivion

    The character with the memory introduced here seemed like something out of an episode of Criminal Minds, and the story itself was fairly interesting. One of the stronger installments as of late, and one I'd recommend watching.
  • Mildly memorable

    The Good:

    - The interaction between Ed and the kid with perfect memory was well done. I liked how Ed opened up about his flashbacks and helped the kid focus his thoughts

    - The relationship between Greg and Ed also continues to be a strength of the show. Greg picked up pretty early that something was bothering Ed

    - The fact that Ed is still dealing from the consequences of shooting the girl from the first episode of the season

    The Bad:

    - The fact that Ed seemed perfectly fine after being shot by the 'smart' bullet

    - Greg telling his team to back down when Sam and Leah had the advantage of surprise and cover when Ed was taking hostage. Seemed very unrealistic and was purely motivated by finding a situation that places Ed in the same space as the kid

    - The relationship between the kid and his researcher - it seemed really.. awkward and unclear?


    There was some strong emotional writing that continues the thread of Ed dealing with the consequences of his actions. Although I'm suspicious that with his admission that he needs help, it'll be the end of that story line, when there was quite a bit more story that could've been explored. However, the whole episode required a large suspension of belief regarding the whole smart gun technology; Greg's tactics with dealing with the bad guys after they captured Ed; the naivete of the researcher in handing over the special weapon, etc...

    Overall, an average Flashpoint episode with typical lapses of logic elevated by brief moments of strong characterization. I hope that this isn't the end of Ed's PTSD storyline.
  • 5x07 - Forget Oblivion

    This was one decent episode although I found the whole 'smart bullet' thing a little hard to swallow, I ignored it as much as possible and enjoyed the rest of the episode. The conflict of the week was interesting and I thought the show did a good job in showing how perfect memory can be a curse rather than a gift. In the end though, I kept expected the kid to be hauled off because he had top secret info in his head, for his own safety mind you, since anyone who wants those plans will be gunning for him.

    I was also very glad when Ed finally gave in and admitted to Greg that he needed help because I like him, and he clearly needs it. *sighs of relief*