Season 5 Episode 12

Keep The Peace (Part 1)

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on CTV

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  • Will miss the great actors & actresses

    What a great show. Wish it would continue series.
  • The Loss of a marvelous show and great actors.

    I have watched every episode that was shown on American tv. This is a sad day for the fans of Flashpoint. It was nice to see guys that were doing there jobs and loving their families and working it out. You all gave us hope that it could happen for all of us. God bless you all on your future endeavors and may we see you all again on US television. We love Canadian television shows. All the way back since Due South. Give us more to look forward to. You were all great. Sally Broadhurst, Illinois.
  • Keep The Peace (1)

    It is truly D-Day on Flashpoint's two part series finale, and while the action was high, we also saw hard-hitting emotional stories. This show is ready to go out on a high note, but we do know that we were hooked from start to finish in part one.
  • The beginning of the end

    We all knew the ending would be explosive! Oh, I would love to give this ep a 10, but come on. All this had to happen one hour after Sam and Jules tie the knot? Why create something that leaves viewers scratching their heads when it could have been way more powerful to have everyone's cell phones go off at once during their reception dinner? Or ... anything like that. Maybe too formulaic? Who cares!! Team One should have been able to take this ONE day off - and Sophie, Clark, Dean, Winnie, Wordy's wife and girls, the other available Teams (including Donna's), and on and on ... they should have been there too. This was the main moment we've been waiting for since Episode One. It would have been okay to have this special moment destroyed by the disasters about to happen, would have made what was about to happen that much more horrible. But to put Sam and Jules through a quickie wedding just because Sam's dad could not make it any other time was ... lame. Either do this moment right, or don't do it at all. Just saying ...

    Love this show - love this ep - sad to lose Donna - sad to see this show come to an end. Ahh, but you know what they say about all good things ....
  • 5x12 - Keep the Peace 1

    This episode started out sweetly and them proceeded to keep the hits coming. I spent the entire episode on the edge of my seat. And the ending... argh! I was biting my nails and freaking out for ED.

    This show is freaking awesome. I'm going to mourn when I won't get new episodes.
  • Flashpoint

    I have always thought that a series like this one will not last, it will run out of ideas and get to usual routine. But not this series no matter how far in it still captivates and makes me want more. Not just this episode but the previous one with all the emotions. All so well written and played out. Kudos to the writer, producer and the whole team. This show still has strength.
  • Wow, eh.

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Not until the last 2 min. did it become evident that this episode was a 2 parter. Not to be missed!
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