Season 5 Episode 13

Keep The Peace (Part 2)

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2012 on CTV

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  • Don't take it off! Please!

    I understand that they aren't making new episodes - that's something that probably can't be changed easily. But can't it be kept on at least once a week? This show is what keeps me going ... Please don't take it off completely!!
  • Totally Gutted...

    I now realise I am watching the last ever episode...

    This has to be the best cop show than Hill St Blues...

    What will I do at 9pm every night now??? I have 6 episodes recorded...

    Just totally gutted it is over...

    Will there be anymore episodes made???
  • Keep It Going!!!

    I have been hooked on this show from the first one I watched, and just want to say that it is sad when we lose such great shows just like this one, guys you did a awsome job on creating all the crews that is on it and great script writing also, Thank You...
  • Love the show

    I stay up late on Tuesday night to watch both episodes on Ion.
  • Great Show

    Please don't take this show off!!!! It is a great show and I watch it every time it comes on ION TV. I can't imagine the ratings not being high enough to keep it on. I have my family hooked on this show too! Please keep it on! Thanks, Kay
  • Keep The Peace Part 2

    The series finale to one of TV's best cop dramas ever left me a little bit disappointed. The cliched, drinking circle in the final moments, no real shocks with anyone dying, and just not enough excitement or surprise at any point during the show.

    Still, fun when they were trying to stop all the bombs, but this show deserved a stronger final episode.
  • yes, please share

    please share how to watch the how on this site; i am going around in circle on this site; thank you.
  • how do i watch it

    ok how do you watch the show on this website??? i cant figure out how to do it... please help.
  • Fitting Farewell

    I've loved this show from the very first episode and no question, this finale was most bittersweet and just as enthralling as episode 1. And I think it'll live on as one of those episodes that no matter how many times you watch or know what's going to happen, it's going to make you bawl your crazy little eyes out (like I did). So glad that Greg didn't die - there's still possibilities for a movie or something right? Being a Canadian show, maybe they'll throw out Flashpoint: The Next Generation starring Dean, Sadie, maybe Clark and Spike and Winnie's future kid? lol The writers on this show were epic and oh do they know how to tell a story. Well done, Flashpoint, I will miss this show.
  • And so it ends ...

    What a ride. Before October, I hadn't even heard of Flashpoint. Since then, three months, I've watched all 75 episodes. And this ep? What a way to go. Incredible work put forth to create one very exciting and very enjoyable adventure, from beginning to end. Thank you to everyone involved in creating this show and bringing each character - our friends - to life.

    Before this, I had only seen Enrico Colantoni play in Galaxy Quest. Hey, any guy who can create someone as fun as Mathesar and as incredible as Greg Parker steals my heart - thanks, Boss. Glad you didn't die. ; )

    My only regret with this ep is not knowing for sure what Jules is doing right now - she's still alive, but what is she doing? I sort of hope she is still on Team One as Ed's lead negotiator. But more so, I hope she has traded in her cool pants for burping pads and a teaching position alongside Boss at the academy. That's how I'll envision her. Living a sweet life with Sam and Sadie ... happily ever after.

    Oh, and one more thing: I wish we could have heard Ed's speech.
  • All Good Things Must End

    This was such a great finale for the show. Not only was it action packed from beginning to end, but my heart was nearly broken to pieces when Greg got shot. I was clutching my hanky and adding my yells for the medic with Ed.

    What a great show. I'm going to miss it so much.
  • Great ending to a great show!

    Wow, amazing episode!! It was a very exciting one, first Sam who almost died and everyone was shouting at him to get out of there and then .. I really thought Greg died at the end, but he survived!! Jules and Sam have a babygirl and Spike and Winnie are together .. It's too bad the serie has come to an end!!
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