Season 5 Episode 2

No Kind of Life

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on CTV

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  • No Kind of Life

    Another solid episode of Flashpoint, but the whole premise seemed a bit formulaic to me. We have had the father who will stop at nothing to help his son before. The detective getting involved was a nice twist, but still a pretty generic installment, nothing more nothing less.
  • Good but not gr8..

    Ummmmm twas a good episode for sure, but compared to lst week's episode twas abit disapointing to be honest.. So good but not gr8 in my opinion..
  • Reinforcing My Love of the Show

    One thing I think that Flashpoint does, which is superior to most cop procedurals, is that the bad guys remain human. And even when the extreme reactions of the antagonists don't make sense for a ration person they do make sense on an emotional level. So once again the show delivered by showing us the extremes a devoted father would go.
  • I loved this episode

    This episode was amazing even though Sam meddes up :)
  • Better than average, not as good as last week's

    In last week's episode, I wrote that my interest in this show has been declining in years as the stories and themes are quite familiar and melodramatically over-the-top. Last week's episode renewed my interest in this show. Although they haven't deviated from the stories, there's been a noticeable improvement in development of themes and better characterization. This week continues on these improvements.

    I agree with the comments above - the story is pretty standard Flashpoint stuff. Guy with the gun has a sob story, redeemable features that make us sympathetic to his cause, yadda yadda.... However, this week, the writers improve of these themes and develops the other guest star. So this episode is about the dynamic that occurs between the two guest characters and leads to a nice conclusion. It also helps that these two guest stars have the acting chops to back up the stories they were given and makes the main 'baddie' more believable and sympathetic.

    Now I really liked the ending between Ed and Greg, with the subtle reference to last week's episode. One of the issues I have with Flashpoint is that it is quite episodic in nature and unfortunately, some of the characters are also 'episodic' (ie. not very consistent character development). I like the acknowledgement of the hard task Ed had last week and the similar position he was in this week. These little subtle references rewards the regular viewers and adds points in my book.

    As well, the last discussion between Sam and Jules... well, not exactly deep-end stuff, but for Flashpoint, definitely a step in the right direction. I'm glad to see that the characters on Flashpoint are developing as real characters with a natural reaction to things going on around them. Sam's realization that in his mind, that having a child is not compatible with his world of violence mirrors to some extent, Raf's realization that it sucks to have to follow the rules to make the 'right' choice (and how that is incompatible with his world-view).

    All in all, that's two episodes in a row with some quality writing. Does anyone know whether there has been a shake-up in the writing crew? Or are the writers just now comfortable with their characters and their environment?
  • The all powerful allegory episode-spoilers

    sometimes on procedural types shows that have a great family dynamic, the case of the week deals with a question in the lives of the team members. Sometimes that correlation is obvious, and sometimes its more subtle. this episode was one of the more subtle episodes, well until the very end that is... What do i mean by it... In short bad guy kidnaps a doctor to help treat his wounded son and happens to kidnap Sam too and then after all hell brakes loose, all is resolved.IT's fairly standard Flashpoint stuff. But the big question that lingered with this sam centric episode, kinda plays in with the fact that this is the last season. Because at this point jules and sam dating has been approved and now they have to face the questions of their future as a couple, marriage and kids presumably being the top contenders. So all in all it was another strong episode for all the layers that an allegory episode can bring.