Season 5 Episode 3

Run To Me

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on CTV

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  • The Power of One

    What I think Flashpoint does better than other shows is to capture the emotion and human impact on all involved in the various roles relating to the drama. Jules took a chance by reaching out to Sarah and even if she did get 'played,' she also made a powerful impact in Sarah's life and was able to save her life in the end.

    Just as Officer Farrell's kindness turned Jules' life around, so Jules' decision may end up helping Sarah turn her life around. Just like Sarah has Maddie to run to, she now has Jules to run guidance. It's a powerful reminder of how much of an impact a single act of kindness can have on a person.
  • Run to Me

    Flashpoint is always good enough, and better than most cop shows on TV, but for the most part this was pretty much formulaic and predictable, and not all that memorable.

    Not splendiferous by any means, but still a solid episode to leave you entertained, like you are just about every week.
  • Back to routine

    After a strong opening and a better than average second episode, Flashpoint goes back to it's formula of misunderstood, conflicted, weekly characters. However, the writers did take the time to better flesh out the character of Jules, and the strength of the relationship she has with Sam. Also was nice to see the character of Leah again (However, the throwaway line to explain her absence was a little... brief.)

    I really thought the episode was going to the way of the 1st Episode "Broken Peace" when Sarah bought the knife. I think that would've made the episode more interesting. Or, if parts of the episode dealt with Jules actions. I found it interesting that there wasn't more of a fuss about her taking lethal action given that a) she didn't shout a warning b) no scorpio order was given. And maybe my memory is wrong, but I think this may have been Jule's first "kill" on the show - so to deal with the consequences of that would've been interesting, and given her character a little more development.
  • Decent Enough

    I didn't quiet enjoy this one as much. I still think it's decent but it felt like it was lacking something.
  • And Leah makes six!

    This episode saw the return of Leah, a character that mysteriously vanished at the start of season 3. Really respected how the writers brought her back. Anyway, to the meat of the episode. this one was interesting because it showed many aspects of SRU in one. A hostage negotiation, a rescue, and a standoff that lead to one of the team shooting the bad guy. But again, as good as all that was, the team moment with Jules and Sam was what really got me. I would really like to see the show end with Sam proposing or something along those lines because they work well as a couple. In the last episode when sam struggled with the realization that kids in their job would be bad and in this episode where Sam (who said something every guy ought to say when his girlfriend needs him) ditched the playoffs to drive Jules to where she needed to be.