Season 5 Episode 5

Sons of The Father

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2012 on CTV

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  • Sons of the Father

    Seeing Ed break down at the end was odd and captivating at the same time, but unfortunately it was merely a small fragment of an episode that was dominated by a very mediocre plot, and lacked any genuine action.
  • Forgettable... only the ending was note-worthy

    Well, season 5 is starting to feel like every other season of Flashpoint. With a strong start, this is another predictable and by the numbers episode of Flashpoint.

    The only aspect worth commenting is the ending where Ed, against his will, has to talk to the mother of the girl he killed in the first episode of the season. It reveals that Ed hasn't forgiven himself for his actions, despite knowing it was the "right" thing to do. This storyline has more potential if it is picked up in future episodes - ie, hesitation at the next scorpio order, flashbacks, etc... to flesh it out some more. But somehow, I think that might be hoping too much. Despite the strong opening, these middle episodes are back to the mediocre Flashpoint formula
  • 5x05 - Sons of the Father

    A very enjoyable episode. I especially liked that no one during the episode scolded the nurse's fiance for confronting her kidnapper. I was bracing myself for it but it never showed up which made me happy. Although however much I enjoyed the drama of the week, I admit that I was especially sucker punched by the ending. I completely teared up for Ed, even though I kind of saw the direction the mother would go. Ed wasn't expecting understanding. Seeing him lose it? Made me lose it with him. *sniffles*