Season 1 Episode 3

The Element of Surprise

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on CTV

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  • Unrealistic and terrible writing. Filled with situations that don't make sense. Cop has extra litres of blood in him or something.

    The undercover cop is shot and is bleeding profusely and they are waiting for the bleeding cop to somehow move out of the line of fire. I may not know alot about bullet wounds but I know that getting shot in the stomach probably isn't a good thing and the senior cop begins NEGOTIATING after the cop gets shot. Some reason, he stays alive.

    The suspect is busy flushing drugs down the toilet. The kid calls the cops. Why not send two swat guys through the window? BAM BAM. Put two shots into the bathroom. Kids stays alive, cop gets saved right away.

    Or, what happened to the snipers from the first two episodes?

    the SRU gets a call about a major drug bust and there is an undercover cop involved. When one of the informants of the drug dealer lets him know about the police, things start to go south. The drug dealer suspects the ex-junkie and the cop gets shot while trying to pacify things. So the SRU will not go inside and save the ex-junkie cos the drug dealer (DD) is armed. never mind the fact that the DD gives the SRU ample opportunity to rescue the hostages while he is busy flushing the drugs down the toilet. In my opinion this episode could have gotten over in 5 mins. After the cop gets shot,while the DD is in the toilet,send the SRU with some riot shields,break open the door and use the riot shields to protect the cop and ex junkie. Or they could have asked the ex junkie to take cover behind some furniture. Instead they drag it out with some needless drama and tension within the SRU team. And in the end, the ex junkie who has turned his life around gets shot and dies. All because of some BS! Terrible episode.The indecision of the SRU team leader was totally beyond me. A highly trained unit with all the latest weapons and technology is afraid of a DD with a gun!
  • If you let these SWAT people do their jobs, the suspect comes out OK without a scratch, while the undercover cop lies waiting in pain with a bullet wound, and the innocent bystander, a kid, gets killed.

    This episode wasn't quite as bad compared to the first two episodes. The main problem with this episode is when the undercover cop gets shot and the SWAT team decides to wait to act until the kid is supposedly out of the way. The SWAT leader guy tells the other agency guy that if the SWAT people are allowed to do their jobs that people will come out alive. The last I checked there were only 3 people in the room: a wounded undercover cop, a drug lord, and an innocent bystander. So there is really only one person in the room that they needed to protect. Waiting was a dumb option because the undercover cop loses more blood, the drug lord has more time to booby trap the place, hide drugs, load weapons, etc.

    Where were the officers going down the outside of the building like in the last episode? They used them one episode too early!!
  • Not as good as the previous two episodes but still and intense episode.

    In my view we've been treated to two excellent episodes ( the first 2 ) but this episode was though intense was not as exciting and edge of the seat viewing ( only my opinion ), it was good to see the young lad who played Dale in Jericho on screen again and just as sad at the end.

    What I do like about this show is how it's not all about going in blasting away killing all in sight, the show has a lot to do with the pressure's put on a SWAT team from planning and tactics to the end product and having to tell a family member/loved one of a dead hostage/innocent.
  • Another very good episode of a very good show...Am I the only one as of yet who noticed that the drug dealer's Saturday Night Special ?Jury? shotgun bullet shooting pistol had a giant red piece of plastic on the top of the barrel at its end?...

    Another very good episode of a very good show. Although I cannot agree with one of the other reviewers that the production quality is top notch...not in this episode at least. Am I the only one as of yet who noticed that the drug dealer's Saturday Night Special ?Jury? shotgun bullet shooting pistol had a giant red piece of plastic on the top of the barrel at its end? (in my experience the mark of a toy gun or a cap gun). Maybe I am wrong and that is how this Saturday Night Special gun was supposed to have been created - by modifying a cap gun to shoot real bullets but I think I am just stretching a little too much on that one. Otherwise loving the show. Love the action. Love the way the personal lives of all the team members are being developed. One thing I personally would have thought the directors or producers should have done is add an extra 10-20 seconds of distance (no dialog) shooting on the end and show the sister breaking down and crying when she hears the news of her brother's death and how he died clean, trying to get her money to pay her back, saving a cop's life, and helping the cops on the outside get in by providing them valuable intelligence.
  • The mission does not go according to plan.

    This was another strong installment of freshman series Flashpoint. Although not as great as last week's episode, this is was still the thrill ride that you have come to expect from the hit show.

    Flashpoint is almost like a movie with the intensity of every edition and the attention payed to detail. The production values are second to none and the excitement is unmatched by any other series on television today. While other shows are slow-moving, Flashpoint is the complete opposite keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat for the entire hour.

    The show is also beginning to develop relationships between the characters, such as Greg's rivalries and personal demons and the Jules and Sam drama, which can lead to longevity. CBS is high on the Canadian import and I think everyone on tv.com wants the show to get a second season next summer. While it may not get any Emmy recognition, there is no denying that Flashpoint is an incredible program.
  • good episode...

    The team are planning to go in and make a quick arrest of a drug dealer/murderer. However, when a young man goes to ask for money, the mission is complicated. I thought the story was not original, but they did a great job with the characters. I love how they followed the young man and I was saddened when he was killed, but I liked seeing how the team reacted to that. The good guys don't always win. Also, I liked learning more about the new guy, Sam. It looks like he's going to be an intersting character. Overall, this episode had great character development and a touching story.
  • What a great show, kind of a tear jerker at the end. This show is slowly becoming one of my favourites. It gets better each week!!

    What a great show, kind of a tear jerker at the end. This show is slowly becoming one of my favourites. It gets better each week!!I was hoping that the story with Sam was going to be a little bit darker though. Almost like making him a bad guy or something. I hope they develop more with his story. Why do these reviews have to be 100 words min. I can't write a 100 word review. So this is just a filler for now. I didn't notice anyone else wrote one hundred words or more. Am i doing somoething wrong?
  • Interesting and intense as usual.

    This was a pretty interesting episode. Although I am already sick of them starting in the future or is the present and then moving forwards in the show. I think the characters besides the stars are more then filler. They seem to find actors that portray guest star roles really well. From the drug dealer in this episode. To the father in the last episode. Although I thought the rookies problem was kind of over used in other shows. The shotgun pistol was an interesting weapon. This seems to be the only episode where the shrink doesn't sit in the car nor does she show up. But they seem to have introduced a secretary character, or I could have just missed her previous episodes.
  • Really good show and tear-jerker!

    Really good show and it is a tear-jerker in the end. As it seems that drug deal isn't going down smoothly, like it should be. As one of the main characters gets killed in all of that. We also get to see the usual my badge is bigger than your badge with the locals vs the feds. And that they portray the feds as imcompetent and don't know what they are doing. But you have to go to a backup plan if you can't go to the first plan. It was very sad to see the kid die. After he was off of drugs, only to be pulled back in by the drug dealer. Sad, what a sad and horrible death of a young person.
  • The well trained team has to change tacks when their latest assignment doesn't go as planned.

    This week the SRU team is called in to serve a warrant to a criminal with a colourful record that includes drug dealing and murder. They were counting on precision and speed as well as the element of surprise in order to pull off the arrest without incident, even practicing their entry and formations ahead of time to make sure that things go smoothly. Luckily for the viewers, it doesn't.
    A kid who happens to be a former junkie was just one of the flies in their ointment. He was a former addict and dealer who was now clean and just wanted another chance with his family. There were lingering issues with money that was stolen in the bad old days and he was desperate to repay his family, even willing to get a loan from someone he shouldn't be associating with any longer. It became a wrong place at the wrong time kind of situation for him.
    An undercover narcotics officer was the other problem they had to contend with. The strategy they had constructed depended on the subject (the perp) being alone when they burst in. With the situation altered, they had to come up with an alternate plan on the fly. Once again there was a lot of tension built up with a civilian and a cop in the crosshairs and a bad guy who wasn't above shooting his way out. There was also some character development with the newbie Sam. We're told a bit more about his past and once again he shows off his impatience not to mention his hotheadedness.
    It was a pretty good episode I have to say, and there was a bit of heart tugging at the end, but for me it wasn't as emotional as last week's epi.
    Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Need to follow the story carefully

    I think some reviewers disagreed with the SRU's decision to delay the entry, because they might not have followed the plot and conversations carefully. The show made it clear that Keenan had a shotgun in his hand and that SRU is concerned about ricochet in a confined space. I thought the scenario was fairly realistic. I own a shotgun and shoot skeet and trap. My understanding is that shotgun practice is only allowed outdoors and not in any indoor ranges. You can imagine why, since a load of pellets can spray all over, I am not sure if the scenario would have been extremely different if Keenan had another type of weapon, but I imagine that ricochet would be a concern also. Regardless, the scenario presented was Keenan holding a shotgun in a confined space. I did not feel that I had to suspend disbelieve in that scenario. Also, the fact that the kid died and not the cop seemed realistic. It depends on the wound. Maybe the kid's major artery got nicked.

    I think the show maybe also wanted to make a point that this show was trying to be realistic and not the Hollywood-style fair where a cop can aim and shoot the gun out of a perp's hand. The point is that if there is lethal entry then all hell might break loose.