Season 1 Episode 3

The Element of Surprise

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on CTV

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  • If you let these SWAT people do their jobs, the suspect comes out OK without a scratch, while the undercover cop lies waiting in pain with a bullet wound, and the innocent bystander, a kid, gets killed.

    This episode wasn't quite as bad compared to the first two episodes. The main problem with this episode is when the undercover cop gets shot and the SWAT team decides to wait to act until the kid is supposedly out of the way. The SWAT leader guy tells the other agency guy that if the SWAT people are allowed to do their jobs that people will come out alive. The last I checked there were only 3 people in the room: a wounded undercover cop, a drug lord, and an innocent bystander. So there is really only one person in the room that they needed to protect. Waiting was a dumb option because the undercover cop loses more blood, the drug lord has more time to booby trap the place, hide drugs, load weapons, etc.

    Where were the officers going down the outside of the building like in the last episode? They used them one episode too early!!