Season 3 Episode 1

Unconditional Love

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2010 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When SRU removes the downed officer from the walkway of the seedy motel they break two rules of First Aid. 1. When approaching any patient, the 3 things a first responder checks for are Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Bleeding would be the last thing to be treated, because if the heart isn't beating then the patient is dead. Ed treated the bleeding first and then directed Jules to check for a pulse. He should have checked for the pulse first and had Jules apply the bandage. 2. When treating bleeding, the area should be cleared of any clothing or obstruction before bandaging. Ed put the pad directly over the officer's bloody coat and then Wordy told Roy that it was a coagulant pad that would stop the bleeding. The pad wouldn't have been able to work when applied in this manner. The pad needs to be applied directly on the wound for the coagulant medication to work on the damaged vessels. In this same scene, Sgt Parker calls for the medics and they walk right up behind Jules and Ed. If the the medics were truly that close to the scene, there would have been no need for the SRU team to start any type of aide to the downed officer. In real life, SRU would have carried the officer out of the hot zone to a more secure location and turned over care to the medics.