Season 5 Episode 8

We Take Care of Our Own

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on CTV

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  • We Take Care Of Our Own

    This seemed like one of the moral issues that plagued the early seasons of the show, with the ex-soldier trying to help his comrades, but it was a little bit mishandled, unlike the early days.

    Stronger episode than usual for the most part, but a little poorly-written at times.
  • Strong episode on many levels

    The Good:

    - The 'bad' guy was really well written: An ex-military sergeant who was trying to help his comrades as way to deal with his inconsolable grief

    - The growing relationship between Sam and Jules regarding Jule's pregnancy. I especially liked the last scenes of the episode when Jule realizes that her pregnancy changes everything

    - Learning more about Sam's past and what happened to his sister

    - A potential relationship between Spike and Winnie?

    - I also like how the writer's didn't decide to kill off the guy with the cane. I was worried that guy wasn't going to survive the episode

    The Bad:

    - Amazingly for a flashpoint, there weren't too many glaring faults. If there was one, maybe the unnecessary tension that existed within the small group of soldier's regarding their plans? It didn't really add much to the episode


    An amazingly well written episode of Flashpoint that featured strong and sympathetic guest characters and continues to build the relationship between Sam and Jules. The storyline of a group of soldiers trying to help other veterans was well written and the characterization of their leader, with the recent loss of his wife and unborn child was quite heartbreaking. I liked how the team were able to figure out that there was more motivating the Sergeant than pure altruism and they figured out the tragedy that was motivating his life.

    As well, the episodes put more pillars down in the strong relationship between Sam and Jules. In "No Kind of Life", Sam wondered about bringing a child in their world of violence, and now they have to deal with those issues given that Jules is now pregnant. This relationship is one of the strengths of this show. It's never really in the spotlight, but when asked, it's quite obvious how much they care for one another. It's also refreshing it's no longer a "will they or won't they relationship" and that the writers are able to explore issues that would come up in a complicated situation that they're both in.

    All in all, a strong episode that builds on the core characters of the show. I wonder how Jules' pregnancy will play out in the future and whether it'll affect how often she'll be in the field.
  • love this episode. i give it a 10 out of 10

    I really love this episode. i am so happy for Sam and Jules. They will make great parents. Since they got back together i've always wanted them to raise a family together. I'm extremely extremely happy. Please do not ruin this for us Sam and Jules fans. Thank you for giving us a sam and jules pregnancy and hopefully a wedding between the two as a series finale. Happy wedding and happy family. hope we see the baby in the finale.
  • 5x08 - We Take Care of Our Own

    This episode was brilliant! I was so invested in the ex-soldiers' plight that even when the episode ended I wanted to more information on what would happen to them. And I still feel like I could have happily watched another hour of them. Now that's a way to create characters that catch at your heart.
  • The many levels of family (spoilers)

    As sad as I am that this is flashpoint's last season, they have the unique opportunity to end the show on their terms and boy its made for a fantastic season thus far. This epsiode centered on an ex Sargent who is dealing with some major guilt and inturn lived to help army vets who were falling through the cracks of the system and Sam & jules who are pregnant! yay :). Especially since this tied in well with the episode a while back where Sam did wonder if it was okay to bring a kind into their kind of life. This episode really addressed that fear that comes with being a new parent but how lucky that kid was going to be with a whole slew of uncles and an aunt to get their back. Also... I lovvvved the little hint of romance between Winnie and Spike. True she turned him down http://www.tv.com/shows/flashpoint/we-take-care-of-our-own-2603630/#reviewsbefore but its little hints like this that tell me by seasons end, they're so gonna be an item. :)