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The Nine Network (ended 2001)


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  • I LOVE THE SHOW "REBA",I am the biggest fan of it...my favorite is Melissa Peterman AKA Barbra Jean.LOVE HER! I really hate the show ended.Does anyone know why the show ended? I heard Reba was ready to move on did not renue her contract Is that tru

    The best show ever,it keeps me laughing it is all about real life..you can really relate to all of them...I live in Houston,TX so it is really awesome when things take place and you know what or where they are and what's it about.I one day just turned the show on not ever have heard about it since then can't get enough of it...I also have always been a huge fan of Reba and her music..Love country music..I really would love it if they were on more than twice a day...All day would be great.A CLASSIC!!!!