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Flavor of Love

VH1 (ended 2008)


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Flavor of Love
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The fact of the matter is, Flavor Flav's "romantical" experiment, "The Flavor of Love", didn't quite work. It seems once the show ended, Hoopz (the finalist) started getting a lot of attention, from magazines and men. And now she doesn't have time for her man Flavor Flav.

After the taping of The Flavor of Love wrapped, Flavor took Hoopz to London to spend some time with him while he completed a small tour with Public Enemy. While there, Flavor asked her to accompany him on a trip to Hawaii. Hoopz informed him that she wouldn't be going. It seems her newfound career was more important than Flavor. You see, Hoopz was an aspiring model/actress just like all the rest. She only went on the show for fame.

Flavor then called his producers, furious that he had been duped. "Get me 20 more!" He screamed into the phone. "I went through all that and I ended up with nothin'! Get me 20 more!"

Now Flavor, undaunted by this failure, is going to try again, but this time he's doing it right.

This season Flavor has chosen 20 new unique girls of all different races, ages and body types and brought them to his mansion. This time the entire show will be focused on truth; No lies, no fakery. This time Flavor is hoping to find real girls who really want to love Flavor Flav. Every challenge Flavor poses, from running a soul food restaurant to competing in a hip hop dance off, will be engineered to weed out the gold diggers, fame chasers, fakes and chicken heads. Whether it's meeting Flavor's celebrity friends from the world of hip hop or accompanying him on a trip to some exotic local, these girls will constantly be put to the test.

In the end, Flavor will pick his favorite girl and present her with a shiny new gold grill. And this time, hopefully, she won't be a lying gold digger.moreless


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    Fan Reviews (112)

    • Better Than Most I've Seen.

      So Public Enemy rapper, Flava Flav, invites 20 girls to his 'mansion' and they have to compete to win his heart. For one, Flav is not the least bit attractive. 99% of the girls who came on that show only came for the fame. I think the first season winner, Hoopz or something, is dating Shaq now. Not important... Anyway, this house is filled with all sorts of girls: porn stars, game show contestants, mothers, strippers, mothers that were strippers, gym teachers, white girls that think they're black, you name it. May I add some of these girls were COMPLETE idiots? I remember this one episode where they had to cook a chicken dinner for his mom, and this one girl, can't remember her name, stuffs the raw chicken in the microwave and has the audacity to try and feed it to that woman. This must've been staged or something. No one can be THAT stupid. LOL. I'm surprised she didn't get eliminated. She wasn't even that pretty. There was another fat girl that pooed on the floor during elimination cause she could hold it. What are you 5?! Real or fake, if I were Flav, I would've kicked that nasty girl out of my house. Disgusting.... :S My favorite though was New York. She and her mother were straight up harpies (I felt bad for her dad in that one episode, LMAO), but she WAS funny. I remember when she beat up that ugly blonde girl after she spit on her. Nasty...

      Anyway, it was great fun to watch, but a few other shows stemmed from this one, and those were a little less appealing...moreless
    • ...

      Okay--what's this show about, anyway? I looked at the promotional images, and I hate it. It leaves me speechless how reality TV has taken over television, especially in this day and age. I wonder why Dweeba Dweeb hasn't been filed for abuse charges by the women on his show--especially on another dating show like this? MTV has disappointed me in these days, with craptacular shows like I Heart Money or something stupid like that...just shut up, you reality-challenged morons, and play Daria or Beavis or something GOOD again. I hated reality when it came on, and I hate it still today-this is why.moreless
    • This is one of the many reasons why people are turning away from "reality TV"

      I have seen a lot of bad reality shows, but this is by far in my top 5 worst reality shows ever made. The Flavor of Love is about former rapper Flava Flav, who invites 20 girls into his house and chooses which one of the girls he thinks loves him the most. Idea wise, the show sounds like another The Bachelor, but it's nowhere near that show and seems to mock it (I don't care about that show). All the girls on this show are completely stereotypical and uninteresting with no personalities at all. They also love to be exploited by Flava like as if he thinks they are from the street or the hood. IF not being with Flava, all they do is bicker on and on and on. Besides, most of them were probably on there for the fame only, not for Flava. Flava himself is an idiot who is unappealing and way too old for these girls. He's in his 40s and dates girls that are half his age. He also gives the girls what he thinks are cute nicknames, but are disturbing. Basically an episode of this show goes like this: Flava talks to girls, get to know them, chooses one to sleep with, and if he doesn't like a girl, they are eliminated. Flava also loves to get the girls together and have them fight over stupid and meaningless things. There were also some attempts at humor, but fails miserably. All in all, I believe that giving this show a 1 is WAY too generous and is one of the few shows in my book that deserves a big fat zero. I feel sorry for women for seeing their gender being exploited like that and give women a bad name. If Flava wants to find love, he should just go out and meet women instead. I implore you to not waste any amount of your time on this show.moreless
    • This is not a flavor of love,this is a flavor of loser.

      It's a very terrible show.It's not even better than that so terrible I Love Money.VH1 made another bad show.Especillaly when it has to do with another date show.It's not a good show,it's a terrible one.I would say that VH1 should stop making these reality shows and stick with the music.It is really a bad show and it's a very boring show.I would say that Flavor Flave has been doing a bad acting of this show.I would say that it's not better than The World Series Of Pop Culture.I say that it's a very terrible show.My grade of this show is a F.moreless
    • What was that?

      I don't know if I have evr seen a more awkward show than this one. Flavor Flave is really spaced out in this show. To be honest, The girls don't make up for the creepiness, and if the girls can't turn things around, then I am not watching it. I can only recall three or four girls that were actually hot. The other 300 were basically an ignore for me. I don't know how the show was so popular or how it lasted this long. My wish is that the show would just go away and fly off into the spaceship that it came from. Thank you.moreless

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    sex sells, steamy situations, blatant misogyny, low brow humor, love triangle